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  1. ((Yeah, it would be great if Seliss could join the ADR. How should she find out about it?)) As the other dragons flew off, Salvo retreated to his cave, lost in thought. He knew the disaster dragon was right, human technology was evolving quickly. His clan wouldn't be safe forever. But he was afraid to trust the outsiders, and he knew his kin wouldn't either. And yet… Salvo shook his head and lied down on the stone floor of his den, exhausted after the day's activities.
  2. ((Maybe Seliss ends up joining Ronan's business? Or Minerva's?)) Salvo grumbled when the pygmy introduced herself as Baltia and asked about the hoard. "If your looking for trouble, my clan is the wrong place to be." He turned towards the dragon named Aeolus. "As for wether or not I'll join your 'hoard', I'll consider it. For now, you can go back to where you came from and wait. If you don't hear from me by night fall, then I'm not coming." He glanced at the small crowd of dragons. I need to tell my patrols to keep a better lookout at the border. We can't have any more strangers wandering in.
  3. ((Oh, okay.)) Salvo glared back at the Cassare as he explained. "Most of my clan is out hunting. That's probably why nobody noticed you." He looked up when someone dashed out from behind a bush, swooping down to nip at the female's ear. She roared in annoyance and thrashed her tail, attempting to knock the pygmy out of the air. Suddenly, Salvo saw a rock flying towards his head. He dodged and the stone hit the ground with a thud. The female began to chase after the little dragon, but Salvo raised his tail to stop her. "Don't worry. It's not worth our time." She nodded and flew down to her den. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ ((Anyone wanna interact with Seliss? I have nothing to do with her…)) Seliss walked for a few minutes before realizing the Mint dragon was still following her. She stopped and crossed her arms, wondering what she should do with it. "Please stop following me." That might be the stupidest thing I've ever said! The little dragon blinked once and, to her surprise, scurried off in the direction she had come from. Seliss sighed and continued on her job search.
  4. ((What kind of dragon is Baltia?)) Salvo listened as the two dragons explained, fascinated. Their offer to eliminate the human race was tempting, but the Cassare wasn't completely sure he could trust them yet. "Is that so? Well then, where is this Vulture hoard you speak of? And how did you manage to get into my camp unnoticed?" Meanwhile, the female had flown off in search of the trespasser in the trees. Realizing nobody was there, she began to search the ground. Movement by the disaster dragon caught her eye as something dashed behind a bush. The female jumped down quickly, swatting at the bush with a huge paw.
  5. ((How did Baltia even get NEAR the camp? Wouldn't they have noticed her? I get that Aeolus and Yopple teleported, but there still is a magic-deadening barrier...)) Salvo turned at the sound of a voice behind him, teeth bared. "Who are you? Why are you on my territory?" As the disaster dragon explained, something about a hoard that was bent on eliminating the human race, a second dragon appeared, this time a Cassare. Although the newcomer was part of his species, Salvos felt strangely uncomfortable around him. The dragon was just slightly taller that him, and his scales shone orange. He and the disaster dragon engaged in a conversation, and the clan leader realized that the stranger was part Magi. But how is that even possible? Cassares and Magis are polar opposites!! To add to the confusing, a rock fell from the branched of a tree and onto the head of the new Cassare. Frustrated and confused, Salvo reared up on his hind legs and roared, slashing at the air. "ENOUGH! You are all trespassers on MY territory, and I have the right to know why you are here! That goes for you as well!" The last statement was addressed to the dragon in the trees. The leader called to one of the females below. "There's someone up there. Stop them." As the female flew off, Salvo turned to the two other dragons. "Start explaining. And don't try anything funny. Your magic won't work here." He glared at the other Cassare.
  6. ((I think I'm going to make a character form for Salvo, the leader of the Cassare clan)) Since it was midday, much of the Cassare camp was deserted, with most dragons out hunting. Minus the leader, the only dragons in the camp where a few females that had stayed behind to care for the eggs and hatchlings. Unless a dragon came back early from his hunting trip, there was almost no way Aeolus could be noticed. The leader's name was Salvo Elduth. Like the rest of his clan, he could be hot-headed and arrogant, but he was intelligent and wise beyond his years. He rarely left the sanctuary of his den at the very top of the cliff, but now he stood at the edge, scanning his camp with intelligent ice blue eyes.
  7. ((Aaaand another late reply… I really need to manage my time better >.<)) ((Also, I decided to make an account on the wiki. I'll edit Jupiter and Sparks' pages a bit. I think I'm going to give Sparks an actual name, "Sparks" will just be her nickname.)) Pyro nodded when Aeolus asked him where his clan lived. "Not too far away, a few miles South from here. They live in a series of caves on the side of a cliff." He sent him a mental image of the steep rock face, dotted with dozens of caverns. "But if you're going to meet my kin, don't take me with you. We don't exactly see eye to eye…" He looked down at his claws. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Seliss yawned and rolled over in her bed. What time was it? She sat up and looked at the clock through half-closed eyes. She had slept through half the day! Groaning, she heaved herself up to her feet and shuffled to the bathroom. After getting dressed and attempting to tame the mop of tangles that was her hair, Seliss pulled on her boots and left her fancy hotel room, still half asleep. After a quick breakfast of bread and fruit, she began wandering the streets of Wind fall, looking for work. She had spent most of her money on the hotel room, and that was only temporary. If she didn't find a job soon, it would be over for her. Lost in thought, Seliss didn't even notice the mint dragon from last night trailing behind her, like a loyal dog.
  8. Pyro shifted uncomfortably. "Well, my clan is rather arrogant and very defensive. They are also pretty hot-headed and will take the smallest comment as a challenge. But they have a deep hatred for humans, so they will probably be quick to joining the hoard." He shrugged. (Sorry for not replying sooner, Red. I have limited computer time, and writing on my phone is nearly impossible)
  9. ((Um, Sparks cut open the ropes before she left: "Quickly, Sparks cut the ropes holding him down and jumped to her feet." Could you please edit your post?))
  10. (Happy new year, everyone! ) Craning her neck to see past Jupiter's wings, Sparks noticed a stray arrow flying toward the hybrid and... Was that a mouse on his back? Sparks watched in wonder as the rodent somehow deflected the arrow and jumped to the ground, turning into a man. A mage! As the man joined the battle, so did the hybrid, flying at the men in the trees. With the hunters occupied, Sparks crawled over to where the Cassare was lying on the ground, a spear sticking out of his side. With a grunt, the girl yanked it out and tossed it away before inspecting the wound. The gash wasn't too deep, but it was obvious the dragon was in pain. She felt a feeling of hopelessness wash through her. There wasn't anything she could do for him now. Quickly, Sparks cut the ropes holding him down and jumped to her feet. "Go! Quickly!" Running back to where Jupiter was waiting, the girl turned to gaze at the fight longingly. "Should we help them?" The Brute dragon nudged her friend's arm. "They're stronger than us, little one. We can't help them, now. Let's get you home." Reluctantly, Sparks climbed on the dragon's back and they disappeared into the forest.
  11. (Oops, sorry. I'll edit my post) Jupiter jumped back as water was poured over her face. She shook her head, spraying droplets everywhere before pouncing on one of the hunters. She knocked him over and flicked her tail, tripping the others. Sparks slashed wildly at the hunters with her dagger, managing to strike one of them in the face. Infuriated, he lashed out with his fist, and pain seared through the girls side. She lost her balance and fell over, the man towering above her. "Foolish girl," He hissed, "Maybe next time you won't stick your nose in other people's business!" He pulled his foot back to kick her, only to be swept of his feet by Jupiter, who tossed him at the nearest tree. The Brute dragon turned to Sparks, her eyes filled with worry. "Are you all right?" "I'm fine." The girl winced as she tried to stand, clutching her side. "You better stay here." Jupiter gently pushed her back down before raising her wing to stop the shower of arrows. "There's too many of them!" Jupiter stood on her hind legs, roaring and slashing at the air in a poor attempt to scare the hunters away.
  12. Argh. I'm sorry guys, but I'll have to leave this RP. I've been really busy with life, and I don't have time for anything anymore. It was really fun to RP with you all, though. Happy Holidays!
  13. (Oh god this is so late… Happy holidays, everyone! I will try to post more often) "Well, Cassares are usually hunted by humans because of our abilities, which would explain why we're so weary of them. But dragons choose to avoid us, so we don't really have good relationships outside of our clans." Pyro explained. "I guess we're just used to being left alone. Besides, we're pretty territorial." Finished, the Cassare waited for a reply from Aeolus. Although he knew that his clan would be a great addition to the Hoard, he didn't want to see them. He had left because he wasn't welcome, and he didn't planning on returning. ~~~~~ A deer grazed in the forest meadow, oblivious to the danger it was in. In the shadows, a young girl sat and waited, gripping a bow in her hand. The deer wandered closer to nibble on a patch of green, and Sparks nocked an arrow, taking aim. A sudden boom echoed through the forest and the deer jumped, dashing into the underbrush. Cursing as her prey ran off, Sparks scrambled to her feet and sprinted towards the noise. "Jupiter!" The Brute dragon appeared in the trees overhead, diving down to soar next to the girl. They reached the edge of the woods, where a Cassare dragon was lying helplessly on the ground, surrounded by hunters who were marveling over their catch. Nearby stood a hybrid, but he made no effort to help the dragon. Anger bubbled inside of her as she readied her bow, aiming at the nearest man. Jupiter roared and jumped at one of the other hunters, and Sparks released her arrow, hitting the man in the leg. He roared in pain and she unsheathed her dagger. "Leave him alone!!!"
  14. Pyro pondered Aeolus's question. Of course he had kin a little farther West, but he wasn't sure if he should bring Aeolus and the Vulture Hoard to them. They were rather territorial and aggressive towards strangers, which was why Pyro had left them. He never understood why they were so cruel to outsiders. "Well... Yes. My clan lives a little farther West, but I'm not sure if it would be a good idea to go talk to them. They... Don't trust outsiders."
  15. (Oh. Well, then I better not keep Aeolus waiting!) Pyro had settled down by the lake and was happily munching on his prey when he heard Aeolus calling him. "Ok. I'll be right there." Leaving his breakfast, the Cassare spread his wings and soared over to the cave where Aeolus was waiting for him. He landed, sending a cloud of dust in the air. "You wanted to see me?"[/color=orange]
  16. (argh. So that happened again...) Maple turned, surprised that Artemis had noticed her "invisibility". She was just about to reply when more rocks fell on top of Galletian, and she screeched. "Oh no!" She flew up to the hole and looked down at her friend, who seemed unharmed. "D-don't worry! We'll get you out!" (short, sorry)
  17. (Hello... Remember me? Sorry for disappearing, I've had a busy life. Could anyone tell me what's been going on so far?)
  18. (page 666 huuuuu) (Ok, I read the past few pages so I get what's going on. :]) Maple followed Galletian and Artemis across the clearing, running to keep up. Suddenly, the Sunstone hatchling disappeared from her view, as if swallowed by the earth. "Galletian?" The Canopy called, panic rising in her voice. She ran forward, relieved when it turned out he had only fallen into a tunnel. She watched as he conversed with Artemis, feeling to shy to join the conversation. Suddenly, the tunnel collapsed, and she jumped, turning invisible for a moment. "Woah…" Maple gaped at the place where the rock wall had caved in. It was a long, narrow tunnel, like that of a mineshaft, with old wooden pillars supporting the roof. The hatchling cringed when she noticed that most of the pillars were broken, and she wondered how long they had stood there. Her thoughts returned to Galletian. "Galletian! Are you okay?" She yelled, flying down to him. (When I say she turned invisible for a moment, that mean that the image of her body flickered. She can bend light to make things appear invisible, and it happens when she's scared, so she turns invisible for a moment…)
  19. ((How do you get the different colors???)) Maple shrieked as the tree fell over and sprang to her feet, alarmed. There were gray scorch marks on the trunk. She turned to see Galletian growling, the ground under his feet turning black. The Canopy could feel the heat radiating from him, warming her face. Suddenly, the Sunstone hatchling collapsed, the fire in his eyes slowly dying. Recovering from her shock, Maple ran forward, her eyes wide with worry. "Galletian? Galletian! What's wrong?" The hatchling prodded him with her paw. She looked up at Artemis and the other dragons. "What do we do?"
  20. (Blah. I disappeared yet again.) Maple watched what was happening with wide eyes, not from fear, but curiosity. First, the scarred Magi had appeared, followed by a pretty Shimmer Scale who had introduced herself as Artemis. She seemed nice enough, and fussed over Galletian's injury, ignoring the Canopy hatchling. Maple didn't mind, she didn't like being the center of attention, anyway. She began inspecting the Black Tea egg, tracing its beautiful pattern with her tail. She felt a strong emotion tugging at her heart - envy. This egg was just like her, abandoned, with no mother to guard it. But it would hatch to a loving family, not a cruel world where nobody wanted anything to do with it. Maple shook the thought out of her mind, and curled around the egg. It smelled nice, sweet, like nectar. Of course, the scent was intended to attract butterflies, the main part of the Black Tea's diet. The Canopy frowned. Who had taught her that?
  21. (Hey guys! Sorry for dissapearing... I read through the last few pages, so I kinda get what's going on) Pyro's eyelids flickered and he groaned. He didn't remember falling asleep, but now it was midmorning and last night's events seemed like a distant memory. He forced his eyes open and scanned his surroundings, reassuring himself that he was still in the cave. Scrambling to his feet, the Cassare stretched and padded outside, suddenly hungry. He caught a deer in no time and dragged it over to the lake to eat it.
  22. ((What do you mean? It's totally normal for a dragon to crash in front of you with and egg on his back!)) Maple glanced up at Quorran, who was speaking to the Skywing before turning back to Galletian. "Um, well that's Quorran." She motioned to the BBW. "We just met not long ago. I'm not really sure who the others are, though."
  23. (Argh, I'm SOOOOO sorry for disappearing! Life got in the way... =^=) Maple jumped back as a small sunstone hatchling appeared in front of her. She squeaked and curled her wings protectively around herself, which didn't do much except hide the sunstone from her view. The hatchling didn't seem threatening, and Maple lifted her wings to gaze curiously at him. Soon, more dragons appeared and the canopy hatchling caught snippets of their conversation. Apparently, the sunstone' name was Galletian, and he was a prince. His kingdom had been destroyed by a dragon, but who? Maple watched as Galletian looked at the ground, obviously mourning his lost kingdom, and her fear disappeared. "H-hi. I'm Maple." She sat down next to him, gazing at him curiously.
  24. (I'm just waiting for something to happen...)