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  1. That doesn't let you do the story over
  2. I can't redo the graveyard story at all, there are no new options..
  3. Those are the same two that I don't have. ;-;
  4. No the only link I have left in graveyard is "Follow the pathway into the forest" which just ends up leading me back to my scroll, or the "Too scary for you. Return to the carnival"
  5. That I know of ;-; I can't do the graveyard one again since I went through everyone. So I guess I missed something. :c
  6. If you don't get anything in the first round of going to the oddities booth and storyteller's booth does that mean you're never getting anything from them? 'cause I've only got 22 carnival items while others are saying they have gotten 24
  7. So pretty I got three so far. One from each biome.
  8. Taking: Nothing right this second. Leaving: CB Tsunami Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  9. Because I loved the scene in Thor and so I made an icon/avatar out of the gif
  10. Nothing is native kin, no no. oguaolj
  11. Cool and I hope it stays that way lol.
  12. Cooling off but still ehh. *looks at weather* 78 degrees.
  13. Be a dragon, 'cause owning a dragon in RL just wouldn't turn out well.
  14. I'm 27, going to 28 on August 5th lol so yeah not young
  15. I was surprised my friend didn't text me asking to hang out today because she's basically been begging for the last two weeks and I told her this weekend.