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  1. @Alrexwolf I didn't notice any of that myself, but now that you mention it I can see it. To me, the sprite just looks like one of those clunky monster costumes in the old 1950s horror movies. Which I suppose isn't actually a testament to its quality, but I still can't help but enjoy the similarities. To each his own, I guess. Thanks! Edit: I guess that seemed a little harsh. What I meant was that I like the Pyrovars in spite of their shortcomings.
  2. Just curious here, but to what faults are you referring? My untrained eye can't seem to find anything wrong with the Pyrovars.
  3. @cbussiere Yup, that's my point. There can be other circumstances not elaborated on in the description.
  4. On the topic of "rare" being in the description, I'd like to point out some other dragons' descriptions. Carina Dragon: "Carina Dragons, though a rare sight, are quite brilliant to behold." Guardian of Nature: "Seen very rarely, it is thought that they only become active when something is threatening the territory they have chosen to guard." Ridgewing Dragon: "Occasionally different-colored individuals can be found, but they are rare because their striking coloring offers little protection." Soulpeace Dragon: "Soulpeace Dragons aren’t easy to spot in the wild, but t
  5. I appear to be a bit late for this party, but I would also like to report an inconsistency with my account. My market tells me that I have unlocked the Cheese and Falconiform dragons. They are available for purchase. However, they are not listed in the Trading Hub, and my encyclopaedia shows that the eggs for those species are not unlocked. I believe that it's a bug in my favour -- and I certainly don't mind it -- but I thought that I would mention it in case it turns out to be important in the grander scheme.
  6. No, it had the whole "epilogue will unlock when the meter fills up" thing at the bottom.
  7. I just saw these posts and wanted to say something before the thread got locked. I've noticed that when it comes to percentages, Dragon Cave likes to round its numbers. I've seen a 50/50 blue bar previously, so in this case, I think that fire may have been winning by an infinitesimal amount. Or perhaps the bar was just the colour that was winning previously. Either way, though, we can't be certain from that instance alone that a 50/50 bar is red by default.
  8. Nah, I think it's set. Especially since
  9. For anyone curious, here's what the the empty fire bar looks like.
  10. Well, since there might be some serious health consequence for losing a pearl (in the same way that a person might begin to relapse if he or she no longer takes a placebo for a certain illness), it might be a necessary occupation. You might have just as much demand for a pearl lost-and-found job as we do for pediatricians. Plus, I do think the occasional shedding and regrowth of a pearl might be necessary. It would be just as risky as a hermit crab abandoning its shell for a larger one, but for the same purpose. If the dragon grows up to a point then stops, and the pearl never stops growing
  11. ~Removed; replying to spam is still spam, please just wait until a moderator can take care of it~
  12. I think, with regards to the pearl and the paw and the antlers, that the dragon really is holding a CD. The dragons that are shown on scrolls are actually just supposed to be sketches of the dragons as we see them, so the sketched dragon just must have shed its pearl and hasn't grown another yet.
  13. ~Removed~ Here's the old adult sprite.
  14. An interesting point. But I think that the dragons wouldn't necessarily need to know the exact makeup of the pearl it's carrying. Think about it like this: My toes have been different sizes during different stages of my life. I never really knew the percentage of calcium and iron and all that, and I couldn't tell you an approximate weight of all of my toes, but I still carry them around with the proper amount of expended energy. I imagine it would be instinctive. Plus, I can look at a football and know just how hard I needed to kick it. If it were a baseball, then I'd treat it differently be
  15. See, but this is Dragon Cave. Can't these dragons just make the pearls hover with the same magic that they used to conjure them?
  16. I'm also gonna interject here that if I had taken those photographs or drawn that picture, then I don't think I would have noticed that the legs of my work were nearly identical to someone else's, especially if they were applied to a dragon.
  17. In the first image, the right leg match up and the left leg almost does. In the second, the front right and the back left. In the third, some of the legs. I'm not saying that it's a perfect match. What I'm saying is that they're close, and I could go and look at some other horse and deer images and insert them without stretching so that they'd look just the way the original examples by TJ09 did.
  18. I've been neutral up to now. I think the idea that the images were traced is entirely subjective, and it would not have arised if there was not a history of tracing. To illustrate, I have aligned the images of the female Hellhorse adult and hatchling to the same images used here. They, too, appear very similar, but Hellhorse dragons are obviously integrated into the site. The images are listed as links to avoid clogging up the forum. Exhibit A Exhibit B Exhibit C Don't mind the little peeping dragon on the second example. As you can see, these could have been concluded t
  19. I did notice that their pose and appearance were quite similar to that of the female Hellhorse dragon: and ~Removed~
  20. Yeah, it probably learned that spell in its book Spellcasting for Dunces.
  21. Huh. Unfortunately, it seems that if I love a spider, then I cannot stay with my date. Too bad. I was hoping for some kind of a message telling me that we got married but ultimately ended up with a divorce due to my attraction to spiders.
  22. > ATTACK SPIDER WITH SWORD What spider? Did you know that, as you sit here reading this text, a spider is probably no more than a few yards away? > WELL, ATTACK THAT SPIDER, THEN Unknown command.