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  1. No you're not, I do that too. Maybe we're both weird. Anyways, recently I've been using a calligraphy pen and I've ONLY been writing calligraphy instead of actual words, but I love it and I've drained a lot of ink.
  2. I haven't been on here that long, compared to other users. But I just remember always being so excited for shiny new toys, and there was chatter and now it's just so... sleepy, I guess. I miss it. I feel like adding the stores would definitely up the number of people. I've tried to get some of my friends to join, and it's like Christmas. They are excited, but it dulls down until they're not even interested anymore. I know I was hugely disappointed when there was no raffle. I've only been around for one, and then I didn't know what I was doing. The fact that there was no notice really bugged me. I'm not sure what else we can do to draw people in. It's not like it's going to be like *FIZZ* the forum's alive again! I just think we should work together and do more cool fun things on the forum, as a user-based movement, which would also maybe get people back, as well as adding more fun for new users.
  3. I have Jacksepticeye's autograph! Unfortunatly I can't find the brochure it was on in the black hole that is my room, but it's around here somewhere! My favorites areeee ummm oh there's a lot... Dan and Phil, Superfruit, (they're so funny, I'm always surprised at how many people don't watch them. I'd strongly recommend them, they make new videos every tuesday! I personally love the Try Not to Laugh challenge, Fanfiction, 50 Terrible Celebrity Impressions, and 75 Amazing Pick Up Lines. Go go go!) Good Mythical Morning, Markiplier, (almost met him I'm still salty about that) and IISuperwomanII
  4. Anything I can get my hands on! My brother is constantly kidnapping the pencils though, so a lot of the time I end up with a pen.
  5. Okay I have no idea which pokemon I'm going to choose for my team if they're all this amazing! I'm either going will Rowlett or Popplio, whatever my cousin doesn't choose, but I'm hoping he goes with Popplio cause I've been a diehard Rowlett fan since the beginning.
  6. Just returned after a bit, and decided to go hunt in the coast. Surprised to see a chicken, And much more surprised that I got it. Woohoo! Edit: My luck did not carry on to the Summon I thought i'd try, but hey! It's still a chicken!
  7. I want to get the music heart tattoo when I get old enough. Small, but I DO want color. I mean, if it's on me forever, then I want it to be pretty. I want it on one of my shoulder blades, I think it would be best on my left. I was originally planning on getting a tattoo of f-holes on my left wrist, but that would be A: super painful, and B: very hard to hide. If I stick with my plan of being a teacher, I don't want a super prominent tattoo. I'm experimenting with henna and sharpie to see if I like it or get tired of it before I decide, but I have a few years
  8. Meet me Far by I actually have no idea but here's the link because it's amazing and the animation for the video is beautiful.
  9. You have opened my eyes! Now I feel dumb.
  10. I am actually incredibly hyped for this and I want to buy it RIGHT NOW but i have to waiiiit. but all the starters are adorable!
  11. Mehhhh... Sunday night I fricked up my wrist pretty bad, and then I had a big audition the next day, for orchestra, so I had to play my violin. So that was painful, and I feel like I could have done way better if I hadn't screwed up my bow hand. And then I hit it on a door today, and that made it worse, and I'm super stressed about the audition. So it has not been a great day!
  12. My friend just got me obsessed with them, and I know I'm like SUPER LATE but I think my favorite is Nicotine, and then Miss Jackson. I love Brendon! He is so amazing.
  13. I'm not old enough to drive a car, but when I can I want either a red or a black jeep. possibly black with red details or something. Fun!
  14. When you're so bored you draw yourself.
  15. Nasal vocals. SOOOO annoying, I know some people like the sound of it. And I know it's easier to be a bit louder in your head voice if it's nasally but it does not sound good to me. I dislike country music, but I'm totally chill with anyone who does. I hate it when people look down on others for liking a genre. I don't like all rappers, but Eminem, I had an obsession with for like, a few months. I like his style. SUPERFICIAL MUSIC. Incredibly annoying. When it's completely about how how a girl is and how much you want her... it's just, AHHHH!
  16. broadway_fiend


    I went to a Jingle Jam, and my FAVORITE HUMANS PERFORMED THERE! Most of them, anyway. I only have, like, six. *cough* Pentatonix and Tori Kelly *cough* I would love to go to a concert where they were the FEATURE. I know both of them are going on WORLD TOUR but of course nowhere near me . Unfortunately I did not like the other groups preforming there very much (Max, Becky G) Rachel Platten was good. I also went to a moody blues concert when I was younger. It was great.
  17. It's a medley, of Rihanna, by my two favorite singers. .
  18. I got my braces off today! AAHHHHH! Super happy! But everything feels slimy in my mouth.
  19. Tabstabstabstabs I missed out on a lot of art during my hiatus and I died laughing while scrolling through the pages. Can ya draw me an antarean and a sapphire dragon being flirty <3
  20. I really hope this Description mod thing is implemented, it would be so cool to see.
  21. But what's cool about the birthdays is that you can get the eggs year round, so they aren't just a one-time thing. The people with slower connections can still get them after the hype has died down, but with this single thing found in the biomes, there would still be the "AHHH CLICKY CLICKY" thing, and they would be in massive demand, making it nearly impossible to catch them with slow computers. I don't know if that's what you meant, but I kind of like the idea of a box. Just not that you'd hunt for.
  22. Crackers, cheese, lunchmeat, gatorade, grapes, and some oatmeal raisin cookies masquerading as chocolate chip cookies.
  23. I wanted to be a racecar. Then I was informed that I couldn't be a racecar, so I wanted to be a racecar driver. Then I wanted to be a vet. Then I wanted to be a teacher. Then a dolphin trainer.