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  1. I wish there were ways for the person who kept their silence to play again... I feel kinda bad that I got an upside-down mint and the other person didn’t get anything.
  2. I was all excited because I caught my pair of eggs late from Desert and Jungle with absolutely no trouble, but man the alpine and forest are absolutely packed. This is going to be rough.
  3. I was always the nice player and chose to keep quiet. I’m so sad that I didn’t get any upside down mints though. hopefully something else great happens this year.
  4. Congratulations, LadyLyzar and purpledragonclaw! (Not gonna tag y’all as I feel you probably have enough notifications) And best of luck to all who apply!
  5. Is it possible to review a precognition? I “peered into the future” of a dragon but I don’t remember what result I got. Action log doesn’t say it. Is there a way to find out?
  6. I've sent about 3x more cards than I've gotten. I'm wondering if it sent to users who aren't active anymore? And if an inactive user gets a card, does the badge show up on their scroll even if they didn't actively participate in the event? How does that work?
  7. No, I’m typing it in directly. Guess I’ll just deal with it, it’s just a little on the annoying side.
  8. @angelicdragonpuppy yeah I am. Well that’s more than slightly frustrating
  9. Why does it keep saying that an apostrophe is an invalid character? It turns my “doesn’t” into doesnt and my you’res into youre. but it allows parenthesis? I don’t understand
  10. So this isn’t a question about the site per se, but I have this app called Sandbox that’s a paint-by-number pixel art thing. So I picked a little dragon and the more of it I colored in, the more I recognized it. I was like “hey that looks pretty familiar. Is that a... royal blue hatchling?” And sort of disregarded it because the coloring was different but I looked it up today and it is almost an EXACT replica of the royal blue s2 hatchling, just flipped and recolored. is this even legal? If not, how do I report it? Even the leg markings match
  11. Oh my gosh that might have been me, I’m so sorry. It’s the name of a song by the J Geils Band that I listen to on Valentine’s Day a lot because I’m super single. I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to make you sad, I meant it as a joke! I’m so sorry!! I sent it with the “feels bad man” flower, and to a random user. I definitely wouldn’t have sent it to someone who’s name means love intentionally. There was no malicious intent and I’m so sorry I made you upset.
  12. Gosh no I don’t want to go through all of them again, I still have 24 dragons left!
  13. I think I relate most to the shipping Sunsong Amphiptere. What a mood. What a wingman. *ba da pssshhh*
  14. Flower, Flora, Floral, Or if you wanna get specific (the anagallis, for instance...) Freesia, Forget-me-nots, Something flowery! I'm so ready to see the adults UUUUUUGH!
  15. Do some of them take longer than others? For instance, the Almandine says "I'll be back soon" or something to the like, and the pillow says "please be patient, perfection cannot be rushed." Does this mean anything about the return speed of the dergs?
  16. Judging by the hatchie's description, it looks like our dreams of a blossom-ish dragon are coming true! I'm so excited to see the adults! and I just saw the almerald's one, now I'm all sad. why??
  17. Which ones are sad? The only one's I've come across are either cute or funny.
  18. The card won’t let me put an apostrophe? also is it just me or do the eggs look a little like red azure glacewings? I’m so excited for the event, thank you everyone! the omen (I think it’s an omen) makes lovely puns
  19. I’m so excited for the new release oh my goodness! meanwhile real live me has consumed nine cupcakes in the past 2 days I don’t know how I’m still thin my New Years resolution has gone out the freakin window
  20. I’m looking for at least one of these auto-abandon babies. They should be floating around in the AP, could someone shoot me a PM if they find them? IVG8s or 8Z4IZ PM me, if you want to work out an IOU that would be great!