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  1. ooohghhhh I love them all so much!!! Such adorable hate filled rage pygmies!! Such beautiful alien space dragons!! What beauty! What grace! Also Lihnseyre and Leodon??? Maybe? I kind of like that as a potential pairing. The lihnseyres have such beautiful colors, they look like sunsets! Purple is my favorite color and I love the power stone boys! I absolutely LOVE the references in all of these dragons! The eye on the time stone one? AMAZING! The vision colors on the mind stone? THE BEST! Little Pygmy Ether? Freaking superb. Excellent work, spriters! This has been my favorite release in a long time!!
  2. Yay, I still got all mine! Plus 1 extra power and time stone. I am inevitable
  3. Ahhhh, that’s an awesome theory! I have to get up early tomorrow so I have to go to bed now, but they’re going so quickly I haven’t been able to get any thing, and I know as soon as I wake up the flood will be gone. Hopefully I can still grab some. happy catching everyone!
  4. Woohoo! I missed the initial flood and from reading the thread I was terrified it would take me a long time but I’ve almost reached my goal (2m 2f of each) and I’ve only been playing for 15 minutes! I just have to wait for my Blancblack egg to hatch, it’s ready to but it hasn’t yet, and then I can get the last one!
  5. I appear to have been miscounting, somehow I got all the eggs! I thought I had almost 20 left! I was getting pretty frustrated when they weren’t showing up anymore lol. I really enjoyed this event and seeing all these new faces chiming in with their art!
  6. I just got Totoro! My next goal is the fish bowl!!! 28 left to go, maybe I can make it?
  7. I’m at 30, and I’m busy today so I don’t think I’ll be able to collect all of them, but THANK you spriters for an especially beautiful batch of eggs this year! I hope I at least get the Totoro family one! It’s so cute!
  8. Finally done with this lineage!! It’s been many weeks and lots of waiting but I’m really happy with how it turned out!
  9. Ayy, well this is the fastest I’ve completed my pairs! Except I don’t have any speckles from the volcano, so I hope that there’s no biome differentiation because I’ll be locked for a while!
  10. Woohoo! Good thing I only had two random storm eggs, east to abandon to snatch up these guys! I’m excited!
  11. My point in mentioning those specific BSAs was to demonstrate that it’s not as though I make a habit of going on autopilot on options with irreversible effects. The reason I don’t often check the pop up box is not because I’m just used to releasing things. I also don’t quite get why removing protection on those would be a better idea than adding the option to add the password function to an already existing action-name verification system? Unless I’m totally misinterpreting what you’re saying, which I very well may be.
  12. All of the BSAs also have password verification, which is why I got into the “double tap” habit, after mass incubating or influencing, so although yes I could train myself out of it, it’s not just the big terrible irreversible actions that require it, because both influence and incubate can be reversed by teleport. And yes, I totally get what you’re saying about handholding. But I don’t truly get how combining the two options we already have would be handholding? It’s not really “adding” a new feature that would make it harder to mess up. The feature is already in place. Except instead of just the action being required, you’d also have to provide a password. How would that be more hand-holdy? Again, I’m in favor of not doing a ton of hand holding, but since the feature already exists, I guess I don’t understand why combining them would cross the hand holding boundary. I don’t know if changing the way you look at it would change your mind, I’d rather it be seen as adding extra account security to the name function, as opposed to adding a “safety net” to the password function. I would totally switch to the action name verification if I weren’t so worried about security.
  13. Thats true, but how I’ve interpreted it- and correct me if I’m way off, because that will really change this whole concept- is that one of the main reasons people go with the action name verification is so that hiccups like that don’t happen. It’s so easy, at least for me, to go on autopilot, which is why I’ve heavily considered switching to action name. But I’ve never been able to get past my “fear.” And if the pop up is enough, then why do we have the action name at all? If my thoughts on that are on-track, then the popups aren’t “enough” for some. But it really freaks me out to not put in my password for these things. Why wouldn’t it be possible to combine it for people like myself, who’d like that autopilot-proofer, but don’t like being unprotected? I would understand if it’s a nightmare to code, but I know absolutely nothing about coding so I couldn’t tell you. I just think it would be a nice feature to have.
  14. Ok, so I searched with the search bar and also went through the first several pages of this subforum and I didn’t see anything, but I apologize if I’m duplicating something on accident. I, personally, would like the option to combine the two methods of action verification. I do not like the idea of not having my actions being password-protected, in the event of a malicious “friend” somehow having access because I’m always logged in on my phone, it makes me feel very squirmy to have my dragons able to released or abandoned without the security of my password. BUT, from what I can at least tell, the “action name” verification option is helpful in preventing you from doing something you didn’t want to do. For instance, there have been several times when I’ve just unthinkingly typed in my password, only to realize that I was about to abandon my egg, rather than any other action. I’ve always caught it, but in the event that I didn’t, I just think it would be nice to also have to provide the action name to prevent my true dumb nature from prevailing in an ultimately regrettable way. I don’t really understand why at this particular juncture you have to choose one or the other, so why not an option for both? Type in the action name so that you’re sure you know what you’re doing to your egg, and then type in your password for that extra security boost. Thoughts?
  15. I’m off to start hoarding storms now oops
  16. I know I might be alone in this, but personally I really don’t want a holiday Pygmy, drake, or two headed. Holiday breeding is limited enough as-is, and I really don’t want to restrict them even further by making them unbreedable to most dragons. It would be nice to have more pygmies and drakes, but please don’t make them the holidays.
  17. Has anyone looked at the event today? The Sakuhara got one of those lovely avatars here at the beginning, instead of Tsoko as an introduction, and it’s absolutely gorgeous! edit: whoops lol I didn’t notice the replies above me were talking about the event haha
  18. I agree with that, but there’s a difference between “I’m not really a fan of this particular dragon, I don’t really like how...” and “here’s a list of things that make this sprite anatomically incorrect” obviously that’s not exactly what was said, but it’s still less of a discussion and more of criticism that won’t really help anything right now. In a regular DR thread, that kind of stuff is welcome, and in most cases encouraged! Here, well, it’s too late, and doesn’t really help or make anyone happy. What’s the point of that, specifically, is what I mean.
  19. True. What I guess I don’t get is what the goal is here. Nothing can really be done about this, and all critiques are doing at this point is drawing attention to some flaws that can’t really be changed at this juncture, which can in turn make the people that put so much time and effort into making it feel not so great, you know? I guess what I’m trying to say is, why are we perpetuating this despite the fact that it’s not accomplishing the goals of either side? Who is this making happy?
  20. At the end of the day multiple in cave spriters have mentioned that they don’t like what’s going on as far as “critiques.” So have your opinions on the dragons. Have your opinions on the spriters not wanting you to share those criticisms. No one’s telling anyone that they’re not allowed to have their personal thoughts. But the fact that people are clinging to their original statements despite being told it’s unwanted and/or unappreciated, and defending their claim by telling the artists that they shouldn’t be offended doesn’t even border on distasteful, it just is. You have been told that what you’re saying isn’t helpful, so why do you continue to say it?
  21. @Lagie He’s in the Tsoko storyline, I think! I’ve been enjoying the event, but I really wish you could optionally start at the select club thing, it’s kind of tedious going through the intros so many times. But it’s been fun! i liked in past years that the story kind of unfolded, and there was more to do each day, instead of doing it all at once. I’ve basically done all the stories I really want to and now there’s a lot of days left in the event and not much for me left to do. I did enjoy it, though.
  22. If you’re talking about Alice? I think she’s a Skywing, just because she looks very similar to Ace does in Alun’s storyline with a bit different coloring
  23. Oh these are such cute events! And I absolutely LOVE the details on Headmistress Matilda, massive shoutouts to everyone who worked on putting this event together, I’m really enjoying the spritzing and writing. so far I’ve played through Alun (my favorite <3), Tsuko, and Mordred, and I think next I’ll go through Ion’s Story. Then I have every intent of ending the game on Alun’s path, so I’m going to redo it, if not just for the awesome ending!
  24. Can’t believe Alun did me so dirty, I was so nice to him! Does anyone know how to change the story so I get him?