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  1. Done! I'd also like to see the results.
  2. Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Please let me know where it goes!
  3. I encountered that too, I don't know why. I was seriously confused. But at least they're dropping a lot!
  4. I did it! I caught something! They're flooding again, guys! Now I wait until the next hour for my reds, and then the next one for greens, IF they're still flooding then. Thank you SO much TJ!
  5. I watched in sorrow as not one, not two, but THREE gem eggs whizzed past my nose. Please, please! NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Got a guardian. Great.
  6. I misclicked about a dozen time and am now locked with eggos for another hour. I'd be willing to breed any dragon for one of these Gems, as I can't seem to catch anything. HUGE HUGE shoutouts to CellyBean and Raptor of Dragons for all the help they've been giving in the whole thread. You're great people!
  7. Okay, I'm on a faster computer now. *takes deep breath* Perhaps I shall be able to get one. Also, I love the idea of the Red gem male smoking a pipe, cannot unsee. Another congrats and thank you again to all the spriters who helped, these are truly magnificent dergs!
  8. This hour drop locked up my whole computer for a good 2-3 minutes. I've seen maybe ONE on one five minute drop. Computer, why have you betrayed me? There's like no way I will be able to complete my set. *sighs deeply* I might stop as soon as I get a green one.
  9. WOW, those dragons are MAGNIFICENT! I particularly love the Blue Fire Gem ones, they're so pretty. I just. Can't. Catch. Them. I have two of the Tetras, and two Fire gems. One blue, one red, and no greens. I'd like a pair of both, but that doesn't seem like it's going to be anytime soon. I shall try.
  10. I haven't seen one crystal these past hours, and I've been on every five minute drop, every hour drop, and I cannot grab a single one. I hope that these pretties don't end up as rare as coppers.
  11. Thank you to @CellyBean Here's the link, since your inbox is full. Also thanks to @Raptor Of Dragons for letting me know.
  12. How the hecking diddly hizzle am I supposed to catch anything with THIS MANY PEOPLE in the biome.
  13. I have a very slow connection. I am having a seriously hard time catching these wonderful new dragons on a school chromebook. *sighs* I hope they don't end up too rare, so I still have a shot at catching a few.
  14. 5G EG Black, Descendant of 3 spriter's alts. Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  15. Can everyone just chill out? Good heavens, you guys. Yes, complaining is fine. go ahead and dislike them all you want, but do we really need to go so far as to call the new sprites a "joke?" Like, come on! The spriters must've been on the biggest time crunch ever, I'm surprised they scraped something together at all. Do you really think that unless there was no other choice, TJ and others would have swapped out the sprites? I highly doubt people were just sitting around thinking "ooooh, what can we do to anger as MANY DC users as possible?" Seriously! I think the old ones were really cute. I think the new ones are very pretty. Can we stop attacking the people who made them?
  16. "GO FORWARD" should work, If you can find Shokomon's guide, it'll help if you get stuck again.
  17. I'm actually really loving this event. I was always terrible at Zork, but this is manageable. Even for me! Also purple! Purple for Valentines day! I love these little dragons, I can't wait to see them growing up!
  18. Yaaaay! I have 1 from all biomes, and then an extra. I successfully revived 1 dragon, zombied 2, and lost 2. I'm happy with these results. Now to influence/incubate!
  19. Ha. Why not? 1. I have never been in a romantic relationship in all of my years on planet Earth. 2. I am 5'8" and way ~121 pounds 3. I love to spend my free time playing instruments, drawing, or learning new things. 4. I'm overly sarcastic if you meet me in person but I try to avoid it via internet, as inflection can be lost, and I don't want people to think I'm mean. 5. I dyed some of my hair a vibrant shade of indigo. 6. I speak English, some German, and a TINY and I mean miniscule amount of Spanish, as I have purged my Elementary school learning out of my brain. 7. I write poetry, and I love to write it. but I hate reading other people's poetry. I'm sorry. 8. I do not care if you're queer or straight. If you're nice to me, we're good. 9. I will never say no to a bar of milk chocolate. 10. My favorite musical is Alexander Hamilton.
  20. They'll be dropping in the biomes! I don't think I'll be able to get the other 28 little treats in the allotted time. I do kind of have a life, but maybe I can manage to snag them all? Maaaaybe?
  21. I'm very European. My father is English and French, My mother is Dutch, English, German, Irish, and Scottish I'm mostly German, then would come English and French.
  22. My hair is a frizzy mess of wilty dandelion and cow turd. I don't like it. I also dyed a streak of blue in it. Fun!
  23. Neurotic_Sn3k fell from a high place
  24. I think you should probably get a 3/4, if it's impeding on your ability to do certain things with the guitar. I feel like if it's actually humanly impossible, you should get something that's easier. If it's uncomfortable to reach, then it will get better when you practice, but if you actually can't reach it, then you'll just continue to give yourself grief.
  25. Why was the ocean salty? You would be too if someone didn't wave back.