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  1. Caught my last CB!!!! Got some cute codes too. So excited for the new release!
  2. @HeatherMarieI’m locked until one of my Arsanis and my other Radiant Angel get enough views, I incubated them and they should hatch soon as they’re both under 4 days, if that works for you!
  3. I still need a rosebud, an ‘09, and two sweetlings. I hate being egglocked :/
  4. Is the valentine biome broken? There was no big hour drop, and there was no 5 minute drop, I’ve been nonstop refreshing for a little over 7 minutes hoping to get something, but nothing? Edit: ‘d Edit 2: Aaaand nothing at 12:10 either. Darn it!
  5. *angrily pokes prize egg* HATCH, darn you! You’re locking me! not that I can catch anything anyways, wowie they’re difficult to grab Radiant Angels are my favorite, so I’m happy I have two CBs of those, although I adore Rosebuds and Heartstealers This is almost harder than catching stuff over Christmas Darn, although I’m super greatful the holiday biome is still back! Thank you for the event, and the festivities still to come! also, what would DC be without drama? Not as bad as last years though.
  6. @Dragon_Arbock @LibbyLishlyThank you!
  7. I checked on the wiki for sunrise and sunset dragons. It says that an egg has to be hatched between 6 AM and 12 PM cave-time to be a sunrise, and 6 PM and 12 AM to be a sunset. What about the extra 6 hours in between each of those? Is the wiki just wrong? If so, what are the real times?
  8. @Fuzzbucket I changed my forum name, should work
  9. Is there a website that I can put my scroll name in to see the dragon breeds I don’t have yet? I have 177 unique breeds, I’d really like to know the ones I’m missing without having to look up every last breed.
  10. I’m an “okay” digital artist, I consider myself decent. There’s probably someone around who’s better than me, but I’d love to help if I can!
  11. I wanted to read the epilogue, darn it!
  12. I’ve submitted a few hard ones to ice, no good apparently. I reaaaally don’t want to get the “hot” end to the story, given as it’s WARM ENOUGH ALREADY here in Nulhora.
  13. Jacksfilms never fails to make me laugh, so I think he’s probably my favorite at the moment!
  14. I’m on team ice because as much as I dislike cold weather and being cold, the state I live in almost never gets a White Christmas. This year was like the first one in four years, so I always wish for snow to come. Although I’d rather it not come alongside a windchill of -7.
  15. It’s so cold where I live. We keep having to turn the thermostat down because the heater can’t keep up with the weather. We have to constantly feed the fire (no I will not vote for fire) or else it will die and suck the warm air out. I’m really excited to see the last of the story though. It’s been tough to read through all of it, but I’ve really enjoyed what I’ve read so far!
  16. Ahh, I love the garlands even more now! On another note, since EATW is still not working, what hatcheries do you people mostly put your critters on?
  17. I was with fire until I saw the bar turn red, and then I was happy with that. I don’t want a warm ending to the story, so I’m fully Team Ice now. Thank you Fiona and Odeen, for beautiful dragons!
  18. Good gracious what’s even happening anymore? I don’t understand why this is such a huge fight. The wall is gone now. You can get your eggs. I went to bed late last night, no wall. I woke up at like 10:30, no wall. Heck, I didn’t know there was a wall at all until I read through this thread. I understand that it’s frustrating to you that you weren’t able to get eggs for a few hours. What I don’t get is why people are saying there’s something that needs to be fixed. The wall was annoying for the people that wanted to AP hunt, yes. But it’s gone now. It moved, like every other wall does. Why are we still fighting about it?
  19. OHH, I just realized the second code was "Garland" with no vowels. This whole time I've been reading it as the word "Grind." Heh I feel really dumb, but a garland dragon sounds amazing! On another note, I cannot BELIEVE my luck. I'm somehow sitting here looking at a complete set of CB Christmas dragons, a holly descended from a Thuwed, and my third and final Guardian of Nature, which I randomly decided to summon. I didn't think it would work!!!
  20. Meet Makah Bear! He is the sweetest German Shepherd I’ve ever known and I love him so much. He’s not my dog, he’s my mom’s cousin’s dog but I wish he were mine. When I stand up (I’m a little over 5’8”) he’s as high as my hips. A gigantic fluff ball! I love him so much!
  21. Locked on my second CB Yulebuck with 10 minutes to spare! Thank y’all so much for your help! I can finally get some sleep. I wonder what happens if the bar is red this time through. I don’t want a warm Christmas holiday, but I also don’t want a blizzard.
  22. Hunting on mobile is MISERABLE. I have to touch the screen at the exact right place or else it won’t register I’ve clicked at all, and by the time I get it the egg is already claimed. I’ve only caught one holly and I haven’t gotten a single yulebuck! I’ve missed so many, ahhhh! Less than 45 minutes! I cannot solve the hard puzzles, only easy and medium, but hey we reached the goal! AHHHhhhhHhhhHH I just watched two hollies go by and my stupid phone didn’t register that I tapped on either one of them! This is useless.
  23. Okay, my CB holly just hatched so I got room to catch my second Christmas derg! They’re so pretty. I hope they’re candle dragons. But with that I am off to sleep as it is 1 AM. Goodnight, DC! Merry Christmas to all!
  24. Does the mana bar still increase if we play it more than once? I figure the contribution to ice or fire doesn’t but does the mana bar still go up?