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  1. I caught black screen at the end of day six on the Alun path (I love him!!!!) but are we playing as a person or a dragon? I can’t quite figure it out.
  2. I caught my eggs, huzzah!!! I’m thrilled for another event!
  3. I’m really loving all these beautiful checker rosebuds in the AP, they’re such wonderful colors!
  4. So since you can’t hatch a sunrise/sunset egg during certain hours of the day, if you were to earthquake your eggs during that time period and they probably had the amount of views to hatch, would they automatically die? I’m curious about the mechanics of it.
  5. Why can’t i view the completed requests? I think I used to be able to, and I know that people who have a concept in CL can see it, but I don’t know why I suddenly can’t.
  6. Gift Received!  Name of Donator: Aalbiel Name of Recipient: broadway_frenzied Gift Received: Black Truffle egg
  7. I Want a New Release Egg! Forum Name: broadway_frenzied New Release List: Black Truffle Any Dead Eggs/Hatchies? If so, why? Nope! Information: EmmaD333 - I can’t figure out how to do a PM link on Mobile? PM?
  8. yuuuuugh I missed the release AGAIN! The pyrovals were easy to get but I haven’t even SEEN the truffles and they are so cute! I can’t wait to put them in a lineage with spirit wards! EDIT: Wow okay so apparently the truffles are super rare according to their descriptions, ugh. Well, there’s some inspiration to hunt more!
  9. What’s the reason behind the pricing in the marketplace? For instance, I believe all of the trios cost more shards that Golds and Silvers. I guess that’s cool but just from the forums gold and silver eggs are much more highly valued than trios.
  10. I’m missing just purple Dino eggs for the trading hub, does anyone have any of those that can help me unlock it?
  11. As a proud GryffaHuffleSlytherClaw (thanks for never giving me a definitive answer POTTERMORE) I adore this release! I think the Laculas are my favorite!
  12. So I checked out the arrow lineage (awesome job, btw.) and the offspring is always male. The issue with the dusks is that in order to continue them into the next generation, you have to have the offspring be the mother. So instead of following a pattern of going male + female = male consistently, it goes male + female = female and then back to the pattern you usually follow. I think you’d have to put them at the bottom for it to work properly EDIT: Whoops, looks like you beat me to the conclusion several hours ago.
  13. As a fan of twenty one pilots, I am delighted to be the owner of the code “PTyjo” on one of my hatchlings I also have “Ldyfz” (a silver who crushed my hopes and dreams by gendering male instead of being a fuzzy lady) and “vwPun” on a male pink. Lastly, I also have “B8ST3” on a Tatterdrake. I know it’s not that cool, but whenever I see I think “Beastie!” And it makes me giggle a bit.
  14. Beautiful pygmies! and the drake is cool... but what’s up with the tail? It looks a little short. Am I missing something?
  15. I meant like it would fit between red finned tidals and ridgewings. Also, since they’re so small and have no wings or legs (yet) maybe they’d be described as “red streaks” in the air or something. Maybe “red frilled pygmy.” It was just an idea.
  16. So the red streaks sort between Red-finned tidals and Ridgewings, and the rough shells sort between Tarantula Hawk drakes and Terrae. Any name guesses?? Red Streak Pygmy would actually fit, but I feel that’s way too on the nose, and I’ve no idea about the rough shells.
  17. Since the beginning of my time here on DC I have somehow drilled into my head that “shiny=rare” this leads me to believe that almost any and all descriptions that include shiny are definitely worth clicking on. I see the word shiny and I click it. So I was hunting for a purple Floret (which I still don’t have any of >:( ) and I see TWO eggs with Shiny descriptions. A Kingcrowne, and a Zyumorph. Wild guess as to which one I clicked?
  18. Why do Zyumorphs seem so especially prone to sickness? I treated my new guy the same as I do all the other eggs I hatch, but he got sick anyways.
  19. Finally hit my platinum trophy! Also caught two incuhatchable CB eggs from the AP!
  20. Name: I'd rather just go by my forum name. Gender: Female Sexuality: straight Height: 5'8" (I was supposed to be 5'10"!) Hair: Somewhere between brown and blonde in the cold months, but shimmery like gold in the sunny ones! Eyes: Blue, but I have sectoral heterochromea in my right eye, so that one's half green. Skin: The fairest of them alll Animals: Birds, dogs (german shepherds!) Horses! Color: Purple. I dyed a streak of my hair purple for about a year and a half, but it is now fully dirty blonde again. Element: Iodine Season: Summer because it makes my hair pretty Time of day: Midday Prize Possession: My collection of instruments. (Violin, acoustic guitar, acoustic-electric guitar, ukulele, flying v acoustic electric ukulele, piano, mandolin) MBTI (unreliable but still interesting): ENTP+T Hogwarts House: SlytherHuffaGryffnClaw. I've taken the test multiple times and haven't gotten a consistent answer. Subjects: Orchestra!! Artsy stuff mostly. Music: Alternative (I'm not emo though) rock, pop. Food: I could always go for a good old-fashioned burger. Fish: Grouper, but I've always wanted to try Lionfish. Meat: Beef Fruit: Strawberries, blueberries, apples Plants and vegetables: Potatoes, corn, broccoli. Drink: Soda pop, apple juice Dessert: Ice cream, chocolate Hobbies: Music, reading, creative writing, dungeons and dragons, Fortnite (I'm not ashamed) Article of clothing: A friend of mine bought me a very flattering, very expensive faux leather jacket that I adore. Something fun(ny)/free space: Once I got pushed into a very cold lake by an angry goose.
  21. I did it!!! I got them all! I love the animal themed ones best of all, I think. And with my nice upside-down mint and full Easter basket, I can finally recline. thank you for a great event, to all who helped make it happen!
  22. Ah man, I don’t think I’m going to make it! It’ll take about 6 more hours if I don’t forget to check every 15 minutes, which I know that I will. I got stuff to do!! I’m gonna try, but I doubt I’ll get them.
  23. Midwestern weather is so stupid, it's APRIL and we're still getting snow. It was like, 70 degrees outside less than a month ago. I went to Colorado last week and it was literally warmer thousands of feet in the air than it was in my hometown. On the upside, this was the first year in YEARS we got a white Christmas, but I don't want a white Easter! I'm tired of snow!
  24. so i think i'm doing a little better this year