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  1. Speaking of best friends, me and my girlfriend maxed out our friendship in the game today. We got a sweet amount of xp, especially with the lucky egg activated.
  2. I'm pretty late and I don't have any eggs yet, but what pleasant colors! The bigger hatchlings are so fluffy.
  3. I mostly just use GIMP. It's free and I've got really used to drawing on it, not to mention it has those convenient settings that make my lineart smoother. I'm not sure how well I'd manage with other art programs though since I use a mouse for drawing and it seems like quite an inconvenient tool. I do have a tablet though, but it has no pen pressure and in general I've still just kept using the mouse instead.
  4. Animal Crossing: New Leaf. I hadn't played it properly for a while but yesterday felt like a good time to open the game again and do some stuff, so I've been continuing today. I started doing things like pulling weeds and cleaning excess flowers. Yesterday I also discovered that a new villager is moving in - I'll see her around tomorrow, once she's done with unpacking her stuff.
  5. (WJRGH) I picked up this egg since it has an all-caps code.
  6. What a pleasant face with bright eyes!
  7. It sure is pleasant that it's Friday today. I survived two days of having to wake up at 4:50am since the workdays started at 6am, and I think it was partly by the power of coffee. And I don't usually even drink coffee, but now I'm glad I did.
  8. Superb dragons once again! The Glowbacks look lovely for sure, what sweet little rainbow beauties. The Luminox wyverns are cool too, I like the concept that they're warm to be around. Thank you TJ and spriters!
  9. What a beautiful pygmy egg! All those colors are pleasant to look at. So far I've managed to catch two of each new breed, so enough to have a male and a female of both.
  10. It looks amazing! The colors and atmosphere are neat, you're really skilled with pixels.
  11. That'd be effective, I like the sound of that! I also agree that 10,000 shards would be too much, and I personally probably wouldn't get a username change if/when I reached that number of shards. A cooldown would work too.
  12. I just started up Animal Crossing: New Leaf after a while of not playing (again), and luckily my favorite villagers hadn't moved away. One villager had, but I actually didn't even realize until I saw her goodbye letter - her house was in a bad-ish place too so I don't mind.
  13. Mine is my partner Eevee from Let's Go Eevee, who I named Fennel. I really like the option to give the pokemon clothing and accessories! The flowers and bowties are probably my favorites.
  14. I bought a Switch and Let's Go Eevee today so I've been playing that! It's so cute.
  15. I see what you mean by the post quality thing - either way this page is great, the 4th panel especially so!
  16. A tiny triumph, but I randomly came across a Fire Gem just now and it ended up being the color I'd been looking for (a red female) even without checking the time.
  17. I would've had the chance to catch Rift wyrms during the release but I forgot and now I can't find them. I haven't been looking for long at all for now but still.
  18. Yesss! I was thinking of doing this pairing too since they both look quite alien, thus fitting together. I also like how they both have more than two eyes and a similar head structure.
  19. (iUqFO) - if only the q was out of the way, it'd have UFO in its code.
  20. Thank you! I also managed to get an apartment (a shared one) so now I don't have to worry about that either.
  21. I've been working at a local cemetery for a week now and the work also includes plucking and watering flowers and such. It's quite nice to do and I hope I'm doing a sufficient job with the plants.
  22. Oops, I kept forgetting to check out this release! Either way the adults look neat, and I'd imagine Rift wyrms would look cool paired with Aeria Gloris dragons. Their heads seem to be kind of similar in shape! Thanks to TJ and the spriters. I'll probably try to catch these eggs soon.
  23. Yesterday I got an email saying that I was accepted to university.
  24. I agree, Mr. Mime is one of my least favorite pokemon. Though some websites say that Lunatone is currently one of the exclusives that can be found in Europe in addition to a few other regions as well, so at least that is a pleasant one. I once saw a Lunatone on the nearby list but it didn't appear since I was just sitting indoors.
  25. The game looks really promising, it seems like it'll have all kinds of interesting things to do! I'm looking forward to seeing new items too, especially clothing. I also like that the animals' clothes also have sleeves now.