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  1. I'll join, everybody! My scroll: My Scroll Dorsal Count: 1 (Laid Jul. 11, 2014) All (except the one laid before the Holly Contest) will be named "Skits' >name here< Dorsal Dorkface" My Dorsals will also be in the back (even the one before the Holly Contest started) will be behind the vampires.
  2. Avora, a user tried a female Magma and a male Spessie, but I think my female Spessies and my hopefully male Magma could look better. x Also, the Skywings look nice! A Skywing was my first dragon, too.
  3. Taking: Nothing ATM This Thunder dragon egg. I will love and name it, too! Leaving: The same two rare hatchlings, but as a transfer instead. Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  4. Taking: Nothing at the moment. (Sorry for the Glaucus Drake mistake! I never realized they were commons, since it took so long to get one. As an apology...) Leaving: I have two rare hatchies! I would like one or two rares in return, but a dummy is fine, too. Make an offer on my eggs/hatchlings! Also, please leave something for the thread! You must love these hatchlings.
  5. Taking: This pink egg Leaving: CB Glaucus Drake Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Please leave something for the thread!
  6. Good! I'm usually not a person who focuses on the color most, it's the details that count. Also, I think ideas exploded right now. Spessies x Undines (Regular) x x Spessies x Moonstones x x Then again, those were only two of my ideas. I definitely have more, and I didn't really want to test Alt Undines right now. Also, I'm trying tomake these unique.
  7. Ooh, now I'm glad I got a Spessartine. SockPuppet kind of knows that Spessartines look the best with other dragons. I also heard about the orange and blue "conspiracy". Then I thought, "Why not pair them with Royal Blues?" x x I did an example of both genders to see which you liked better. Also, I'm especially liking the Graves and Tangars with the Spessies right now. I just like calling the Spessartines Spessies. I'm not a breeder for design, I'm a breeder to give many varieties out, so I probably won't be using this. Thanks for looking at my opinion about this! I won't be doing anything with the Almandines and Pyropes, since I only have a female Spessy. (Non-plural for Spessies)
  8. Taking: (EDIT: Took this Ultraviolet egg. I will promise to love, cherish, whatever is good, and name this little one.) Leaving: 10g Avatar of Creation Claim my eggs/hatchlings! Rule: You must LOVE, no abandoning, experimenting, or killing, or anything too harmful! A nice name would also be appreciated.
  9. Taking: This AoC Leaving: Purebred giant lineage Two-Headed dragon - Claim my eggs/hatchlings!
  10. Skitties


    Ooh... I've been a member for a while... Over 2 years, in fact! Just returned yesterday, and I'm kind of starting over. Here is my party: Also, although you can't click him, I'll show you my shiny Emolga. (Hatched him shiny by random!) Please do not mind bad grammar, because that was 2 years ago. And yes, Cue is OLD. Also, I'm not doing anything about the shiny hunt. I'll do October's one, okay?
  11. Q... (I really wanted to post an MLP picture, but this is a good streak.)
  12. But Golurk is Ground/Ghost, the Pachi would barely do anything to it, if not any damage. And oh, "Pachi" is for Pachirisu. Also, Golurk's highest stats aren't for its defenses, but for its physical attack. It's base 124, and with Iron Fist, it can do some hefty damage if the move is supported by Iron Fist.
  13. You know that you've been playing Pokémon too much when you can remember every single Pokémon off the top of your head.
  14. Yes, and Shell Armor doesn't help the fact either. Off-topic, Mega Audino's ability will be SOOOOOOOOO useful in Singles. JK, it's going to be useless in Singles.