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  1. 128. Use first-person in your dragon description essay
  2. *pops out of tank* Hey, nice hill! Can I have it? (My hill)
  3. Granted, but you time travel to 3:30 PM five centuries ago. (AND YOU CAN NEVAR GO BAKK!!!!) I wish I could life
  4. There are no words that begin with Yx, so... Gelato
  5. Granted, but the faces are actually fEces. I wish it would be 3:30 PM already.
  6. Granted, but you get arrested for murder. I wish my back didn't hurt...
  7. Granted, but you remember all those things you did in fourth grade. I wish Team Callie will win Splatfest.
  8. *puts on a red hat, blue overalls, and fake mustache and rides your green dino away*
  9. Granted, but your parents are killed. I wish it was November 18th, 2016
  10. Whoops, sorry. I was playing Splatoon. Waiter, there's a soup in my fly!
  11. that feel, it feels like a feel. You feel me? Why can't I find a...
  12. Dunkin Donuts abbreviation (When I said "___ LMAO", that meant "AYY LMAO", like "A")
  13. At ---------- Xylophone
  14. http://www.chiragkulkarni.com/wp-content/u...s/2014/01/C.png
  15. Keep: Red Abandon: Sapphire Kill: Candelabra Sunsong, Sunrise, Sunset
  16. Why did you lick my tiny goose IT WAS AN ACCIDENT