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  1. Eggs have appeared, they have a description and no more "ghost eggs" on the scroll! Thought everything broke for a second. Happy Halloween!
  2. If you claim this egg I would appreciate if you would include "Lore" somewhere in the name. Thanks! 4th Gen Seasonal PRIZEKIN!
  3. Flamesong

    Prize Central

    HAVE: 2G Gold Tinsel - https://dragcave.net/lineage/3sEEk WANT: Neglected. GONE! If your offer is selected and I transfer you the egg, please include "Lore" in the Gold Tinsel's name. Thank you!
  4. Looks like a nice release. Still seriously frustrating as a long-time player to have essentially missed the last two drops because the initial egg flood seems to get shorter and shorter. I'll just have to add these guys to my list of eggs to try and get from the abandoned page in a few weeks, and to keep checking the cave!
  5. Seeking these flowers! Sending randomly throughout the thread. Please excuse the extremely patchwork flower images! EDIT: I hate to be picky, but please only send one or two flowers! I love seeing messages from many different users. Thanks to those of you who have flower-bombed me
  6. Seeking these flowers! Sending randomly throughout the thread.
  7. Would love some more flowers! Blue ones are my favourite. Also seeking the adorable snek. Woah, I just got a flood of blue flowers! Thanks everyone, feel free to send me anything <3
  8. Been waiting for this to start for a few days now! Does anyone know how often the eggs are appearing, on average?
  9. DragonLady86, I can definitely see it having a confirmation page where you need to input your password or click another button to truly erase it. Very difficult to accidentally erase the whole thing that way.
  10. Erithan, I love that idea. I'm super excited to have the Encylopedia, but seeing all the shadowed sprites and the adult counts at zero is a little disheartening. When it was first announced I was hoping it could be used as a "tracker" of sorts, so I could see how many of each breed are on my scroll without having to manually count or use other sites. An erase encyclopedia button would be an interesting feature to add. Although I am still enjoying clicking on all sorts of sprites, it's going to be too much effort for me to manually fill out the whole thing so I will likely not use it.
  11. 33/55! Looks like I might actually get them all, although it has been a very long day of hunting. Every time I see a new egg I'm amazed at the skill of all the artists. Great work!
  12. Thanks for this! Unfortunately I totally forgot about this event this year, with school finals this week and all. I've estimated I have 9 hours today to collect eggs... I definitely won't get them all. But however many I do get, all the eggs look beautiful!
  13. Love the new eggs, and the Valentine's day event looks like fun!
  14. This has been one of my most successful Halloweens yet! Got my 5 eggs (I like having 2 pairs and one frozen hatchie) and leaving a spot to snag a nice AP egg tonight. PLUS I zombiefied an inbred split I've had hanging around. Thanks TJ and spriters, this is super exciting.
  15. I have the same issue with this year's banner not appearing... All my treats from this year are under last year's banner and the few treats I collected last year seem to have disappeared. O.o I don't think I'm remembering wrong about collecting treats last year; I'm pretty sure I did collect at least 3 or 4 of the treats, despite being busy. Does anybody know if it's possible to get this year's banner as well, or are my banners now "shifted" a year and I'd get this year's banner over top of next year's treats? (I hope that makes sense.)
  16. Somehow I've gotten a pair of desert eggs and one coast egg. One more coast for me before I'll call it a night. Good luck to everyone!
  17. Thanks TJ and spriters! These look great. Now to catch them...
  18. Finally got two of the undecideds, one blue opal, and one green opal. Best of luck to those still catching! Thanks TJ and spriters, this release was a challenge for me but it was lots of fun.
  19. These are a tough bunch! I've had one misclick so far, picked up a paper, and got a blue opal. I'm hoping for a green opal and an undecided once I can get rid of the misclick. Hope everyone else is having good luck egg-hunting!
  20. Thanks so much for the exciting new release, TJ and spriters! The eggs were pretty easy to catch this time around.
  21. car340, I bred an egg for you and sent you the teleport link, if you'd still like a 3rd gen egg
  22. Congrats, Dimar! What a nice lineage.
  23. Got my first one and now I'm locked again. All I need to do is wait a few more hours, then I could pick up another 2 or 3 of these. Thanks for a great birthday celebration, TJ and spriters! It's been fantastic.