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  1. Oh my goodness! That's crazy! The dragons just have minds of their own, go figure
  2. One of my oldest dragons, a gold named Ladislas, has 33 progeny. He has only ever bred one gold. Hahahahaha what are the chances? One in 33 The mamas must just have strong genes
  3. Found napJr I love naps!!! napJr
  4. These eggs make me think of power rangers lol, can't wait for them to hatch!
  5. 8th egg slot!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yay! Happy Birthday Dragon Cave!!!! Edit: Hmmmm, I should have platinum trophy. but it is still displaying as gold. Anyone else having this? Maybe just because the site is having lots of traffic, I dunno.
  6. Mmmmm tastes like chicken! Gone! That was fast lol
  7. Thank you for the silver! I'll build a mate for it!
  8. BEAUTIFUL!! So pretty! 5th gen EG Gold x Holiday 2011 checker! Can't believe it was in the AP! Thank you herk! Edit: Oh and this one! 4th gen EG Heartstealer x Pillow. Thank you Pitaria!
  9. Took this one! Thank you!! To keep on the spirit of giving ---Cheesy Goodness! Edit:Gone
  10. My best ones are: Chickens: Hennifer Anniston, Le Peep, Foxbait and Coop D'etat. Cheeses: Easy Mac, Not-So-Grilled Cheese and Macaroni Delight. Gold: Z'Pot o' Gold Ribbon Dancers: Mistlefoot and Mistlefinger Howler Drake: Chattering Box Vampire: Be Careful I Bite Finns: Finn-igan and Grand Finnale.
  11. Very pretty even gen silver! Thank you Terces!
  12. Just caught a Z-coded CB gold! My second CB gold in a day and half!
  13. Taking nothing Leaving this egg that looks like it doesn't belong... Leave a dummy and something for the thread. First one I see who does both gets it. Gone to StormfireDestruction via DragonLove. Enjoy!
  14. Caught an even 3rd gen. Thuwed! Its a hatchling, has an all-caps code and is a faux-dorkface through its grandfather: Midas Dorkface II. I've named him Fauxdork Thuwed. Thanks Tawanda001!
  15. Way back in 2008, my first four dragons were: 1. Inbred Magi from the AP 2. CB Red 3. CB White 4. CB Gold (yes, really )
  16. Within the last week or so I've found five or six silvers in the AP, but this is definitely the best find of them: http://dragcave.net/lineage/80MdI. Even 3rd gen. Silver with two spriter's alternates in lineage! Thank you 42!
  17. Just caught my second AP silver this week! I can't believe people would abandon these?!?!
  18. Imperfection

    Z Project

    Found this z-code Guardian floating in the AP and though someone here might want it. One way transfer, cheers!
  19. Imperfection

    Z Project

    I've got three! Zdvg5: http://dragcave.net/view/Zdvg5 NAME: Z'Madame de Fluff GENDER: Female ORIGIN: Caught from the Cave LINEAGE: Caveborn (Pillow) ZvbP: http://dragcave.net/view/ZvbP NAME: Z'Tropical Robin GENDER: Female ORIGIN: Caught from the Cave LINEAGE: Caveborn (Bright-Breasted Wyvern) ZJlEa: http://dragcave.net/view/ZJlEa NAME: Z'Storm is Brewing GENDER: Female ORIGIN: Caught from the AP LINEAGE: Dam: CB Hals I x Sire: Virn ze Gris- (Grey x Gold Shimmer)
  20. Just found 2nd Generation Thunder x Solstice Yay! Thank you 7AI7!