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  1. Rune factory a fantasy harvest moon. They have 4 games for the ds system, and one for the PS3
  2. Moral of the story, Ive been absolutely stressed, frustrated, depressed, and down right feeling miserable sometimes. I had a baby with my husband, she is now 4 months. My husband won't lift a finger to help me around the house and stresses over that nothing gets done. I explain to him why, that I have to take care of our daughter, "but that is no excuse". Yesterday we got into an argument before he left for work.. I got mad at him for going through my personal privacy when I never do that to him. I have explained to him several times that he has to ask me first so I know, that it's "having respect for your wife". I have nothing to hide from him any way but it hurts me feelings that he has to feel as if he needs to snoop. He was mad at me and lied to me about what he said he "discovered". I had a friendly coversation with a guy I went to school with... And he gets but hurt because it was s guy and not a girl. I did nothing wrong but he tries to control whom I talk to. I have told him over an over, I don't care if he talks do girls. Just as long as it's not sexual and he comes home loving me and me alone at the end of the day. But for some reason I can't talk to someone I went to school with because ge doesnt know him... Him an I sould be getting the OK to move into an apartment by the end of the week but honestly.. I don't know if I really want to. He won't pick up after himself, he doesnt respect me, or even appreciate the small things I do for him. he won't even help me take care of our child! I'm literally at my wits end here.. Ive asked him to help me before he goes to work, that it would give me a few how break every day and time to get things done. His response was "I have to work and I want to relax before I go". Honestly who in earth has to relax BEFORE they go to work! And when he gets home I can't even ask him to watch our daughter for 10 minutes because he is on the damned xbox.. I'm ready to toss that thing in the road and run over it with a steam roller. He pays more attention to that game than he does me or our daughter. He is addicted, he won't even go to bed with me. I have told him time and time again if he doesn't start going to bed with his wife (I stay up till 2-5am waiting on him, then having to wake up at 8-9am with the baby) I'm going to toss him a pillow and blanket and lock his a** out of the bedroom with the xbox or start sleeping in my own room. I think it's ridiculous that he is a grown man and acts like a 10 year old kid. I have to be his damn alarm clock every morning for work! And it takes me an hour of going back to the bedroom every 5 minutes and having to take care of a crying baby imbetween to get his ass out of bed.. It feels really nice to be able to vent.. Maybe I won't be as frustrated today with him.. I love my husband to pieces because he can be a real sweetheart but I just wish he had more respect for me and didn't treat me the way he does.. :/
  3. You know you have played pokemon for too long when you start hearing back ground town music when your not even thinking or playing the game. (true story, it's like elevator music... Never have to think about it, it's just there.)
  4. I have both x and y, I play x and my husband restarted my y and began playing it. Honestly at first I want too impressed with x and y. The pokemon look stupid (not really a surprise anymore) and all of the starters are pretty weak if you want my opinion. I chose feniken thinking it would have been a good choice, it kinda is but honestly I think Chespin is the best choice for this generation. Froakie.. It's final Evo is alright but in all honesty this pokemon is just sad. I can't even bring myself to evolve the darn thing I dislike it that much. Plus when I first sarted my game and discovered the oh so wonderful wonder trade I was soaked with them for weeks on end and I now hate them even more. The grafics I like but I hate the camera views in lumios city, I got completely frustrated on my first play through because the stupid thing wouldnt look where I wanted it too until about 30min-1hr of frustration later I figured it out. As for leveling pokemon it's just way too easy with the exp.share distributing all exp to every party member.. I liked it better when the pokemon main series was actually a challenge to lvl up and reach the E4. It pretty much stopped once DPPT came to the ds. All in all it's not a bad game, but they could have done a bit better and added a fee more extra features. I hope I'm not disappointed in the remakes of ruby and sapphire when they arrive. Emerald was my favorite and I don't want to be disappointed by the pokemon company again like I was with black and white 1 & 2 and some of x and y. It makes me wonder what will they try to come out with next or are they going to quit and do remakes for a while. I honestly think red/blue (fire red/ leaf green) need to be remade once again leave of the game play the same and add x and y graphics. The same for gold/silver/crystal (HG/SS) oh and another thing I want to see is an actual remake of crystal and emerald, granted they are 3rd wheels but seriously show some love pokemon comp >.<
  5. I enjoy playing minecraft in my spare time on the xbox, it's very relaxing especially when I'm on creative or peaceful. I own it on pc also but don't own one anymore atm... >.<