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  2. Hello I'm in a predicament. I am told that I will be placed in situations and with people that will try to rob me of my dreams and happiness at college Yesterday I went over to college and someone randomly came out of there while I was standing in line and started invading my space. I tried to move away but they kept coming closer and I told mysełf not to think about it because I'm probably being provoked and tested
  3. Hello it's me again. My solutions to my previous problem http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?showt...%20Diary&st=280'>Previous Post Right Here . I limited how much I talk to the person who shared my diary so I can slowly detach myself away . Started college again to keep myself occupied . Meeting new people opening myself up to others . Cut off all ties with the people involved in my issue When I started attending college again I entered with a positive mindset and I was enjoying the time and effort I put into it. But eventually I grew more and more depressed. I have started feeling a bit claustrophobic spending my nights and weekends at home alone. I have practically made an imaginary loved one to share all my thoughts to. I went to see a so called "shrink" and she told me that I don't have anything wrong with me it is the people that were involved in my case who she does not understand what kind of role they were playing. She even went as far to tell me to get their numbers traced by the cops. I know I may be criticized for such a simple scenario in maybe a few peoples minds but I just know that I'm struggling with myself to not loose my sanity. There are times I sit in my room alone and start hyperventilating/panicking thinking over what happened. I don't expect a positive response but I just really needed to let it out.
  4. Does anyone know of any good romantic novels out there. I love reading Nicholas Spark's books. But I would like to expand and find other authors and books with a realistic story line. Not really looking to read anything about fantasy and hybrid creatures.
  5. This lazy l---------------------------------------------------------------------------l
  6. 6 inch sub Italian bread toasted with mayonnaise chipotle ketchup onions lettuce tomatoes ...a bunch of stuff filled inside but the main ingredient is chipotle sauce
  7. A snake swallowing a colourful small bird and the bird then eats the snake from the inside of his stomach
  8. There are two guys one the guy who shared my diary and one that my friends kind of sent to take my attention away from the other one however I feel as if the two guys were kind of helping each other in a way so the first one wanted to come back and the 2nd one started acting different and sometimes would behave with me exactly in the ways I used to react with the first one when things got difficult.
  9. My avatar is a photo of myself for no reason at all. Actually I could not find an avatar that spoke to me
  10. It's much deeper then that. Emotions do exist in this world. Why do babies need to be hugged? You want your baby to be tough and strong. Don't hug your baby. Doesn't that sound rediculious. If I have been wallowing over a guy I obviously crave something <.<. I do not blame my friends for any hook up. Yet they still had A LOT to do with the advice the guy was giving me how he was reacting with me what he was trying to teach me. If anything went wrong between my relationship with them it affected my relationship with him. As for giving what's best that does not include cruelty. It's easier said then done. Had it happened to them then they themselves would be going mad. There are many different ways people get through something there is not just one way.
  11. You are absolutely right. They do care for me. They don't want to me to be harmed However the help they provide me with is quite cruel and not supportive it's almost like a punishment where I am deprived from things. So emotionally i'm driving back to the state I was in before. The most care, love, persistence, and support is coming from the guy who started all this. If I listen to my friends i'm still getting hurt because if anything goes wrong between the relationship of the people around me and myself...reactions get very cruel...It doesn't matter if the guy is gone....now I need to do more extra things to show that I have found my true self...So I still get ignored and ditched.
  12. Alright thank you for your advice you have been very helpful also I am 22 years old and the guy is 27
  13. The thing is even when the guy is gone I'm being hoarded by people who once supported me telling me I don't know my true self. I don't know anything about myself. Who knows more about you then yourself?! It's making it so difficult for me not to go back It's as if even if I make them happy and give them what they want they keep wanting and wanting...it seems so hypocritical to me..and frankly a big excuse
  14. I am in need of some emotional support and advice In the past I was in a rocky relationship that started online and then we decided to meet. After he asked my family and I if we could get married. However when we asked him if we could meet his family he started changing. He made excuses. Anyway what happened was I started a diary online where I would take out all the pain and what happened was the guy figured out my password and url to it. He shared it with my friends in hopes to help me. However I did not realize that at the beginning so when my friends read the stuff I wrote about him on there he started getting really aggressive towards me and basically would almost purposely try to hurt me emotionally. Eventually I ended up finding out because the people around me started giving me clues that connected to my diary. He would look for me wherever I was online and he would get his friends to steal my attention away from anyone else who could. Anyway what has happened now is that my friends have left because I am still in touch with this guy and MANY people are trying to give me lessons on life. They believe that I don't know my true self when I was just venting inside a diary online. They teamed up to find me a man who would steal my attention away and "help" me. Give me love but never actually love me. And whenever I mention anything now I am playing victim. Everyone has left my side besides the man who started this whole thing. I don't want to go back but sometimes it gets so depressing and lonesome. For no one else is there for me. They just say good luck and leave.
  15. I am 21 from Canada and I have a dragon cave account..I love dragons :3
  16. I was in an emotionally abusive relationship online for seven years. Does my problem count? Turns out he wanted to come to Canada more then anything.
  17. I could use a mentor I just joined and have MANY MANY questions muhahaha.