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  1. Aster: Everything was wet, except for the slime. The oil it had applied to itself earlier was still there, preventing the falling up-wets from reaching the surface of its body, but there had been so much wet that large droplets of wet still clung to the oil. Aster flapped its large wings a few times and shook its body to try to rid itself of the clinging wet. The slime looked down at the mass of green below it, hoping to spot Small before it headed towards the far-off cluster of lights, but it couldn't see the friendly slime anywhere, or the other elusive slime, for that matter. Letting out a loud cry, Aster jumped off of the beam it had been sitting on, her former perch vibrating from the force. Spreading its wings, Aster rose into the air, circling the giant organic organism it had been inhabiting until just then, seeing it in its entirety for the first time, checking for one last time to see if it could see Small. Not finding any trace of the slime, Aster turned in midair and made a straight line for the cluster of bright lights on the horizon that it had spotted before. Vulpine: Vulpine was very upset when it realized it was trapped inside the container, and tried to get it off of itself, but besides the fact that the slime was beginning to have trouble moving, the fact that the slime had coiled itself neatly around the container upon entering it made it very difficult to get out now that it had flipped upside down. Vulpine flapped its half-working wings feebly to try to dislodge the container, but no luck. The slime was still in a lot of pain from the sharp pointy driven into its neck. At least the feeling of air inside its body made Vulpine feel like it was hurting less. As all its ideas ended in failure, the slime's tiny forelegs scratched at the ground in frustration, making little grooves beneath it. Eventually, realization slowly set in. Vulpine could dig its way out! The ground was sandy and loose here, so it would be easy. The slime quickly got to work, and soon had hollowed out an opening below the canister large enough for it to fit its head through.
  2. Kierra: Enjoying an evening stroll in the park. The park was nice this time of day; there were only a few people there so late, but that suited me. After a long day spent in a noisy city full of people, I could think of few better ways to relax and unwind than by taking a quiet walk by myself to observe the sights and sounds of nature. That was probably why I was so annoyed when the cell phone in my pocket started vibrating. My frustration only grew when I saw that the call was from my parents. They had been calling me two or more times a day ever since I'd arrived in Spain. You might say I couldn't complain since they paid for my network coverage, but I'd really been looking forward to getting out on my own for the first time and this attempt to nursemaid me from a distance was casting a shroud over the trip. I didn't expect things would get any better once I was off to college, either. I would dodge the calls, but that would make everything worse once I eventually did pick up. When I reluctantly pressed the "talk" button and held the phone up to my ear, I was surprised to hear my mother's voice frantically yelling at me, her voice too loud and her words too fast for me to fully comprehend. "Calm down, Mom, I can't understand what you're saying," I said, trying to keep my patience. In response to a query amounting to "hadn't I seen the news," I replied, "No, I haven't, I've been taking a nature walk in one of the city's park for the past hour or so, and I didn't bring my laptop." There was a brief pause, and I could tell my mother was relaying everything I'd said to my father, who was likely just behind her, listening intently. I could hear a faint noise as if someone was putting their hand on the receiver, and then I heard my father's voice on the other end of the line, his voice grim as he explained to me that there had been news of a man, likely a Polish refugee, succumbing to the mysterious Warsaw syndrome in the very city I was currently staying in earlier this afternoon. My parents had wanted me to return home as soon as the Three Days' War and news of the initial transformations had broken out, but I had managed to placate them by reassuring them that all that was all the way over in Poland and I had no plans to leave Spain. Plus, I had to admit, part of me was a little intrigued at the idea of being able to become an animal, something that had always been one of my favorite fantasies as a child. It wasn't worth the chaos that seemed to have fallen over Poland during the last week, though, although I had only seen clips of the destruction inside the country on the news, and refugees gathered together in the public squares of the city when I went out. If Warsaw syndrome really had come to Barcelona, than this was serious. I could not count on this being an isolated incident. "Dad," I told him, "look, I can't talk right now, it's almost night here and I'm outside. I'll call you as soon as I'm back in my room and we'll talk about everything there, okay? Promise." I was taking the situation seriously now and I could tell that my father realized it from the change in the tone of my voice. He agreed to let me go for now, not wanting me to be ambushed by some phantom attacker any more than he wanted me to succumb to a mysterious virus, and after a short series of farewells from both him and my mother I hung up the phone. I knew that in a situation like this, my parents would only wait so long before they called me back, so, hitching the strap of the small backpack I was wearing, I turned around and started heading back towards the entrance of the park. In fairness, I would have needed to leave soon anyway as I really did need to get back before night fell, but the stress of the day that I had tried to chase away by coming here had returned in full force. It was always like this with my parents, and even though I knew they were genuinely trying to look out for my safety this time I couldn't help feeling a bit resentful for it. As I headed down the cobblestone path I used my phone to catch up on the news about Warsaw syndrome in the city, looking at grainy photos taken from cell phone video of a man shrinking and changing into a reddish . . . thing - what it was exactly couldn't be made out with the phone's poor resolution. An article below in several languages said an unidentified man had grabbed the vicitm and run off, and there was currently a search underway for them both. If you saw either individual, do not engage them, but immediately leave and alert the authorities. I sighed to myself. If more people changed, this place really was going to turn into another Poland. Could I even get a flight out of the country in time?
  3. OOC: Well, I believe Aster was eating grapes, since she unlocked grape skin during that post, except grapes aren't usually bitter . . . Do you think it might have been bitter rot, the fungus? It can affect both grapes and pears, which she found nearby. That's the best idea I can come up with, anyway. Aster: The slime continued to jump up through the side beams, using its long tail and its forelimbs to balance itself as it tried to locate Small, continuing to call out sporadically. Smaller whiplets of leafy organic smacked Aster in the side as the creature ascended, although not hard enough do the slime any real damage. Despite the darkening sky, Aster remained able to see well enough, thanks to the gift of flesh given from another friendly slime, who unfortunately she and Small had had to leave behind as well. (I'm fairly sure I added in the night vision capabilities from the Eurasian eagle-owl back when I got it . . . if not, I'm doing it now) Remembering that friendly creature only made Aster more determined to find Small. But soon the side beams Aster was jumping up to grew narrower again, enough so that they began to bend with the slime's weight, and the shelter the organic canopy provided began to thin and Aster began to feel the pressure from the up-wets. Much more and the slime would be forced to take to the skies again, which it did not want to do at the moment. Aster would wait here until the storm was over, and hope Small showed up, and then . . . well. Folding its wings tightly against its body, Aster crouched tightly into the smaller sprigs of green organic, hoping to be shielded from the up-wets as much as possible, and looked around for Small, or in the other slime's absence, anything tasty to eat. Vulpine: The slime didn't like the hot at all. It had come here hoping to get away from the hot, after all! Having the hot pokey thing go into the slime like that hurt so much, more due to its heat than the pokeyness of it, to the point where Vulpine had trouble focusing enough to even tell if what was going in it was organic. Vulpine's forelimbs scratched against the edge of the container, its coils flexed against the inside, and its wings even feebly beat in panic, though the slime remained firmly stuck inside. All Vulpine's movement, though, did cause the container to slowly begin to tip over . . .
  4. OOC: Whew, just under a year since my last update! I'll try to be more active from now on. Aster: The new sweet organic tasted good enough that even when the slime accidentally ingested some small pieces of blander green and brown organic along with it, it didn't matter, because the sweet taste completely overrode the bland. That gave Aster an idea. When it had sampled the bitter-tasting food from earlier, the slime had detected a small hint of intriguing information just for a second as it had consumed it . . . not nearly enough for it to comprehend, though, and the intense bitter flavor had discouraged Aster from pursuing what it had detected any further. Now that the slime had learned that some flavors could overwhelm others, though, perhaps it could safely eat the bitter organic from before, and with that idea in mind, it headed back over to the bitter organic it had rejected earlier, the sweet organic held safely in a foreclaw. The slime's idea . . . sort of worked. As Aster ate the two organics it had mushed together, it found that the sweetness didn't overwhelm the bitterness but instead mixed together with it to form a very odd flavoring that the slime couldn't put a name to. The slime didn't really like it but at least it was better than pure bitterness. The slime swallowed the mushed-together organics and tried to absorb them as quickly as it could, hoping that it would learn the interesting secret that it had detected in the process. While Aster had been doing this, the drops of water from the up had increased in volume enough to almost completely douse the flame from below, and the sky had darkened considerably. The best course of action seemed to be to stay here and wait out the storm. It was then that Aster heard panicked chirping from Small from close by. Aster jumped up to the next couple sideways beams of the tall organic to try to find the other slime, letting out a few chirps itself, ending with a low hooting call to let the other slime know it was there. Vulpine: Vulpine definitely needed to go somewhere in a hurry, since its eyes couldn't stand being in this light for much longer, and since the wet-looking strange thing was the closest thing to the slime, that was the first place for it to start looking for some relief. Slithering over to the circular thin thing, Vulpine slowly curled around until his entire long body was inside of it, then began to test the sides of the hole on the top to see if it was edible or not. OOC: The "interesting" thing Aster picked up on was yeast, which grows on grape skins, in case anyone was curious. She doesn't have to unlock it this time around, I just wanted to make sure everyone knew what I was talking about.
  5. Following Avery's gaze, Isabella could now see that the other agents from the LGEC had done a better job than she'd thought. From where she'd been sitting on the grass behind the school, she'd thought that they'd only cleared the minimum debris necessary to let Meagan out, but now that she had a better view she could see that apparently they'd gotten just about everything. "All right then," she said, giving a brief shrug. When Meagan noticed the boys she'd seen earlier in the crowd of students Isabella couldn't help but follow her gaze, staring at where she pointed in disbelief. Isabella didn't know what the boys looked like so she had no way of telling if the boys Meagan was pointing out were the real deal or not, but she'd take her word for it. She couldn't believe that they were still here after all this time. Maybe they thought that the best thing for them to do was to blend in with the huge crowd gathering outside the school. Or they weren't thinking at all, probably. Isabella shook her head in disgust. "Unbelievable." She then turned her attention back to Avery and Meagan. "You said you were leaving? Maybe I should ride with you, since we probably won't be having school today." Or possibly for quite some time afterwards, if what she'd overheard was correct. Her being Gifted wasn't public knowledge, but someone in the school board had likely been notified, or would be in the near future at the very least.
  6. Isabella was not happy just sitting there in the grass next to the girl who she'd managed to guide away from the ruined entrance of the high school. The other girl was not really handling having been so close to the epicenter of the disaster well, and right now was sitting with her hand between her knees, sobbing. Before she'd completely broken down, she'd managed to give Isabella a somewhat more detailed account of what had happened to cause all this - she was a friend of Meagan's and had been waiting for her at the school entrance, when a group of boys had showed up and began to taunt Meagan about her powers, daring her to shapeshift. The amount of stress she had been under had apparently triggered all of this. When she had heard that part, Isabella had become so angry she had to concentrate for a long moment to avoid transforming herself - fortunately the other girl was too distraught to notice it. Those idiots! Did they want to die, provoking someone who could change into a fifteen-foot-tall superpredator at will? If anything, they were lucky Meagan was such a reserved example of a Were - things could have ended up much worse for them. Something then occurred to Isabella. When she'd arrived at school, she'd seen Meagan's friend, but no sign of the group of boys who'd been teasing her. They could have made their escape . . . or they could have gotten trapped under the rubble that was still laying around the remains of the school entrance. The friend had no idea what had happened to them, and Isabella honestly couldn't blame her for being more concerned with her own welfare. As far as Isabella was concerned, they deserved whatever had happened to them, but reasoned that someone should at least confirm whether they were alive or dead. She'd been keeping an eye on Meagan and Avery as the LGEC instructor talked the shifted T-rex down, and, seeing that the young girl had finally regained human form, Isabella started walking towards the two of them. As she neared their location, Isabella overheard a bit of conversation between Avery and one of the teachers at the school, but she would concentrate on that later. Reaching Avery's side as he turned to leave with Meagan, Isabella raised her voice slightly and said, "Excuse me, but I was talking to a girl who I believe is her - " she pointed to Meagan - "friend, and was right next to her when she transformed. According to her there was also a group of three or four boys there and she hasn't seen them since. I was wondering if anyone else has seen them, so we know if they're safe?"
  7. Isabella raised her eyebrows as Meagan told her that she thought that they went to the same school. Had the other girl seriously not gotten that she had been joking before? It wasn't like she had been trying to hide that fact. Was this just a side effect of the nervousness of having to introduce oneself to a bunch of new people in a new place, or was Meagan just not that bright? Shrugging to herself, Isabella decided it probably wasn't really important enough to matter. It wasn't like she had to make friends with the girl if she didn't really want to. She didn't necessarily even have to take classes with her if they didn't end up getting along. "Yeah. See you," she told Meagan's departing form, a slight edge to her tone, as the other girl rode off in her scooter. She gave no reply, nor did Isabella wait for one as she started pedaling her bicycle, and was soon out of sight. Although she took the shortest route to school that she could, the fact that Isabella was stuck on a bicycle meant that it was still a while before she arrived at school. It was at times like this that Isabella wished she knew how to handle her own ability better - the species of dinosaur she'd gained the ability to shapeshift into was fast, she wasn't sure how fast exactly, but definitely faster than her top speed even on a bicycle. If Isabella had made the journey here in that form she'd probably have cut a significant portion of time off her journey. It wasn't worth having to be naked once she got there though, so here she was. Isabella was able to piece together a rough idea of what had happened as soon as she came in sight of the school. The familiar long tail emerging from the back end of the wrecked entrance, swinging back and forth with visible agitation, was really all the information she needed. She knew very well from her own prior transformation that your own mental state remained intact while a Were was in their alternate form, so Isabella went to park her bike before she went to check the situation out more closely, and hoped very hard that Meagan wouldn't panic and do anything stupid. People were already evacuating around the edges of the building, but they seemed too scared to get close to the big T. rex. Isabella had spent her first transformation entirely indoors, so her status as a Gifted wasn't known to anybody but her family yet, and she hoped that she wouldn't be exposed by the fact that she couldn't help but be more afraid of the unsteady state of the school entrance than the transformed Meagan. Noticing a dazed-looking girl sitting on the pavement among the rubble in front of the school entrance, Isabella hurried up to her and shook her shoulder, the shadow of Meagan's tail next to them, dimly hearing low grunts and rumbles from the inside of the school. "Hey, are you okay?" she asked the unfamiliar girl. "It might be best if you backed up a little. I can help you if you'd like." Isabella tried to keep her voice calm and steady, hoping it would calm the girl down as well. She couldn't really help Meagan - Isabella had enough trouble changing back into human form on her own. Someone would have already called Avery if people were evacuating already, right?
  8. OOC: As I recall, Vulpine has skunk eyes, which do not have very good vision, especially at a distance. It's also night for Vulpine, but skunks are nocturnal, so that doesn't affect hir much. So Vulpine can see, but not well. ASTER As parts of the tall organic fell down and into the hot light, Aster half-opened its wings, ready to jump in to the air again if something happened to the tall organic it was in. These things could fall over. The slime suddenly was suddenly aware of that piece of information, dredged up from the memories of one of the organic creatures it had consumed. Aster saw Small land on a branch below it and chirped a greeting, but before it could decide anything further, the new slime nearly crashed into it. Aster almost grabbed the small slime with its flexible front claws to stop it from moving again, but unfortunately stop itself as it realized it needed them to keep its grip on the tall organic. It was strange, though. The new slime had definitely had trouble avoiding Aster that time. Was its vision just not good, or . . . Vision. Something clicked in the slime's brain, and, after concentrating for a second, Aster exhaled thick plumes of purple smoke towards the new slime, altered from the red it had been until just then to make it less threatening, hopefully anyway, until the new slime was completely engulfed by it. Hopefully without being able to see anything, the new slime wouldn't be able to use that incredible speed of its, and it didn't seem big enough to be threatening any other way. Aster was smart enough to realize that this tactic had a chance of backfiring on it, and it didn't really want make an enemy of any other slimes, but it simply couldn't have something darting around too fast to be seen. How could you trust something like that? Keeping a close eye on the puff of smoke to make sure the new slime didn't dart out of it, Aster edged over to one of the other things stuck on the limb of the organic, and, after making sure it was organic, began eating it. The slime didn't want any more of the other thing. Too bitter. VULPINE Vulpine tried to force the organic morsel further inside of itself so the slime could digest it faster, but it didn't seem to want to go. The creature had very small ends beneath it that scuttled hard against the bottom of the slime's mouth and teeth, pulling the organic creature backwards at the same time as Vulpine tried to pull it forwards, and at the same time creating a feeling that Vulpine found . . . very strange. In conjunction with the pain on top of its snout, this made Vulpine more uncomfortable than ever. The slime lashed its head and neck around in an effort to get the organic in its mouth to stop scuttling around without having to let it go, finally by sheer luck landing with the top of its head up against the ground, which finally seemed to stop it. Now that the organic that it had caught was still, Vulpine was able to swallow it before the slime became completely numb and motionless once again.
  9. "Maybe," Isabella told the other girl, her eyes still on the strange boy as he walked in the warehouse door. "Or his parents just let him take the day off from school or something." His being homeschooled was still a valid possibility, but Isabella saw no reason to rule anything out before she had proof. She nodded in agreement when the other girl - Meagan - said that they had better hurry, but when she said that her school didn't look kindly on people being late Isabella couldn't help but let out a puff of laughter. "Your school? Tell me, Meagan, where do you go, a private school in another town?" With Lightmist being as rural as it was, there was only one set of public schools for the corresponding age of children in the town, and even they weren't terribly large. Isabella walked her bike the rest of the way down to the street and hopped on. "But yeah, I'll see you here after school. Unless there's some sort of natural disaster, anyway." She knew there was absolutely nothing less that would get her mother to agree to her coming home without having a session today, at least. OOC: In a day or two I'll be going on vacation for about two weeks and won't have reliable internet access, so I likely won't be posting for that time. I'll be back after that, so please don't remove my character from the RP.
  10. "Hopefully I'll see you there then," Isabella told the other girl. She knew about the retired instructor; her mother had complained daily when she'd heard that the Center's old instructor had retired just a few days before Isabella's Gift had first manifested and had checked compulsively until she'd learned when it would be reopening again. As a result, she'd never been here before, though that was something else she didn't feel the need to tell the other girl. She'd learned over the course of her life that it was generally better to keep information to yourself unless you had to. "Like I said earlier, I'm Isabella. What's your name?" The boy by the door yelled something in response to her greeting, and Isabella raised her voice accordingly to answer. "Yeah. Shouldn't you be heading there yourself?" Speaking of which, she should probably be on her way - she would probably need to hurry to avoid being late as it was.
  11. "That's right," Isabella told the other girl, deciding not to tell her about the part where her mother had told her she'd needed to come down here. She saw no reason to go around sharing her family drama with everyone she met. Noting how the other girl evaded the subject of the Youtube video, Isabella decided to steer the conversation away from that as well. She certainly wouldn't have wanted to be caught on camera changing back from her Were form, naked. "So, are you coming back here after school today for lessons?" Although Isabella knew next to nothing about this girl, she would feel better not having to train alone. Isabella then lifted her head suddenly as she heard footsteps. She turned her head towards the warehouse-shaped main building, thinking that one of the two adults might have gone back outside, but instead saw a boy about their age heading towards the door. "Hey there!" Isabella yelled, lifting one arm to wave at him.
  12. "All right," Isabella said to the instructor - Avery - as he told her to call her by his first name, and then as he agreed to call her Isabella, she added, "Yes, that's just fine," with visible relief. Turning herself and her bike around, she looked back at him and added, "Sorry to be leaving so soon, but I have to get to school now or I'll be late. Oh, and my mom is going to be calling here later today, so, you know, be expecting that. I'll probably be back after school." She nodded briefly in acknowledgement to the older woman who was now standing next to Avery as she wheeled her bike over to the road. Isabella still didn't know what the woman did here, but she figured she'd find that out later. Now that she was facing the other girl again Isabella's gaze drifted over to her. Looking at her face again, something clicked, and she suddenly remembered why she'd recognized her before. "That's where I know you from!" Isabella yelled suddenly, the words shooting out of her mouth before she could help herself. "You're the girl from those T-rex videos on Youtube!" The grainy cellphone footage had concentrated more on the gigantic dinosaur rather than on the face of the girl that it had turned into, so Isabella hadn't recognized her at first. Realizing that she might have embarrassed the other girl even as she said what she did, Isabella tried to ameliorate some of the damage. "Ah. That was cool."
  13. Isabella turned towards the man. Now that she was closer, she could see the network of scars that criscrossed his face. She was instinctively curious as to how he'd gotten them, but knew better than to ask, not wanting to broach what might be a sensitive subject. "Yes, I am. I'm Isabella DePalma," she told the instructor, "though it's possible I'm registered here under my legal name," she said with distaste. She had signed 'Isabella' on the forms like she always did, but her mother had, as always, refused to call her anything other than Bella, and it's possible that's what the receptionist had written down, even though Isabella had introduced herself by her preferred name. She hadn't been able to see what had been put into the computer. A student as well, the instructor had said. Isabella assumed by the "as well" he meant the other teenage girl present. Isabella studied her face for a moment; she looked familiar somehow, but for the life of her she couldn't place her at the moment. Shrugging the issue off mentally she turned her attention back to the adult man, "I'd assume you're the instructor we're going to be training under?" she asked, feeling that it was safe to assume that whoever the other teen was she was also Gifted from the way the man had spoken of her, and possibly even the other woman as well, though she could just as easily be another employee here, but Isabella didn't want to rule anything out. Even so, the man had verified he was an instructor, and the from what Isabella had heard, the Lightmist Gifted Education Center was so small it had only had one of those for quite some time now. "If you are, we're probably going to be on close terms with each other for a while, so I'd like to know your name."
  14. Isabella grumbled to herself as she cycled down the old road to the LGEC, its pavement cracking and starting to be reclaimed by weeds. Her mother had made a point of waking her up early this morning because she'd heard that the center was open again so that she could go check in with the new instructor, even though it might make her late for school and she would be having her classes afterwards anyways. Ever since Isabella had changed the first time, her mother had acted like she might change again at any moment, and seemed unclear on whether her daughter retained her human reasoning while in animal form, though Isabella, having already experienced it once, had tried to tell her mother it wasn't the case so that she would calm down. Her mother rarely listened to her eldest daughter, however, so here she was. At least her family didn't live that far from the center of town, so as long as this didn't take too long hopefully Isabella could still make it to school on time. Not that she cared too much personally about being late for just one day, but she knew her mother would blame her about it even though this had been her idea. And it wasn't like she could just not come here, either, since her mother had told her she'd be calling the center later to make sure she came, since she was aware that Isabella wasn't fully onboard with the idea of attending classes there. Finally coming to the end of the road, Isabella turned into the driveway of the lone buiding at the end of the cul-de-sac, figuring this must be it. To her slight surprise, Isabella saw other people there -- a woman who looked to be about her mother's age or a little younger in an idling car, and a girl about her age talking to a man who looked to be in his mid to late twenties, with harsh scars on his face. Of course, Isabella had expected the instructor to be there, but not so many others. Getting off her bike, she walked it out of the way of the woman's car, and cleared her throat. "Excuse me," she said, in a voice she hoped would carry across to the others present, "which one of you is the instructor here?"
  15. OOC: Hi Viirin! Glad to see you're back, but take all the time you need to get better. Also, I'd like to move Vulpine over here from Magistream. I know I haven't posted there in a while, but I'll be able to be more active with the character from here. The up-wet was coming down hard and fast, quickly covering Aster as thoroughly as if the slime had submerged itself. Fortunately the preen oil that the slime had covered its feathers in some time ago did its job, preventing Aster from actually getting wet, but all the cold wet hitting the slime was still uncomfortable, and did chill it somewhat. The temperature did seem to be getting lower overall too. The third slime, the unallied one, was . . . confusing, with the way it would appear and disappear. It was really really fast, or . . . something . . . ? Aster, who was fairly swift itself, had trouble tracking it. The slime had even thought it had left for a while. Aster wanted to get out of the wet. As it searched the area around it for other slimes, and waited for Small to join it in the air, it saw that the wet would slide off the thick green tops of the tall organics, like it did to its own body. Did the green parts of the tall organics know how to make oil too? If Aster went there, it might not have to deal with the wet falling on it. The slime dove slightly in midair and landed in the middle of one the tall organics, where the brown began to fork into the green. The slime could still feel a few drops of wet, but over all it was much drier there. After making sure its coat of oil was intact, Aster called out to Small to make sure the friendly slime would know its location, and then began chewing on some sprigs of food growing on the tree. ***** Vulpine's last few updates @Vulpine: (unlocked: skin tannin) The slime's injuries were still hurting, and they were taking a surprisingly long time to heal. The slime felt as though maybe it might be... too internally dry to be able to heal itself properly. Had that happened before? No. There didn't seem to be much of any wet anywhere around either, and as the slime waited in its coil for the pain to go away, the air got colder and colder and the everywhere else got darker and darker. Eventually it was almost impossible to see, and felt frigid! The slime was starting to worry for its survival it was so cold. @Vulpine: The slime's injuries had more-or-less healed, though grit was stuck in some of its wounds and its external slime had incorporated it into the outermost slime-shell for the most part. It was uncomfortable, but at least the ground itself didn't hurt as much. Then again, maybe it was because it was colder...? It wasn't as easy to flex or move that part of itself though. Looking around, the slime could see that the reason it was able to see as well as it could is because there were tiny glowing things up in the up. There did seem to be one or two things that might be glowing far off, though. The same direction the slime had come from, unfortunately. Well, mostly. Kind of off to a side. @Vulpine: The wings were complete after all, but it didn't seem to make a difference in terms of getting to the lights- they were up, and around- all over in the dark- but no matter how much faster the slime moved, or how high up it went, it didn't seem to get any closer at all. There was something else though- something small, moving below. It reacted to the light in an interesting way.. no. That wasn't it at all. But the slime did see something small with lots and lots of limbs coming out from below a heavy inorganic not unlike the one the slime had hidden under. It wasn't the same one, that one was far enough behind it now. @Vulpine: The slime's bulk wasn't as... effective at encapsulating the creature as it had thought it would. It felt strange, pulling itself along the slime's underside in its escape attempt. The slime's own mouth had caught the creature's front end, but it didn't seem to make much difference. It still writhed and squirmed, and it was really uncomfortable now being where it was. It wiggled even more, its hardened outside scratching the interior of the slime's mouth.
  16. ASTER The slime lifted its bloody snout up from the creature it had been feasting on, its sharply curved claws still digging deeply into the injured animal's flesh, preventing its escape despite its continued struggles. It wasn't completely full by a long shot, but it had eaten enough to not be bothered by hunger until the slime could outfly the reach of the hot light - hopefully, anyway. Aster didn't know how much the hot light would eat before it died out this time. It wasn't safe for the slime to stay around to try and sate its hunger any further, however - it could hear the creature's companions from before approaching with its sensitive ears through the smoke, and the hot light was slowly approaching all the time Aster was eating. More than that, the slime wasn't sure it liked the taste and the information it was getting from the creature. A lot of what it had just gained didn't make sense, and some even contradicted each other. It kind of seemed like something was wrong with it - not wrong as in injured, Aster was very familiar with that, but wrong inherently. Was that possible? Before the slime could ponder the matter any further, Aster heard a loud thump coupled with a greeting call and the loud rattling it had come to associate with Small. Looking in the direction of the noise, Aster called out in response as it spotted the other slime. The slime saw Small eyeing its prey hungrily. Aster wanted to warn Small about the issues with the animal and the danger, but then realized that after their separation, it had no idea of when the last time Small had eaten was either. The other slime might be as hungry as Aster was before it had fed on this creature. Loosing the injured organic from its hold, Aster pushed it towards Small and then jumped into the air, circling over Small as it waited for the other slime to finish eating so it could join Aster and the two of them could leave this place.
  17. ASTER As it circled around above the smoke, Aster stared down at the creature it had injured before curiously, trying to figure out what was going on with it. The slime must not have injured it as badly as it had thought, what with the amount of movement that it was making; yet it had definitely felt its talons rip into it. It didn't seem to be afraid of the hot light that much, either, which was even stranger, with how dangerous Aster knew it to be. Instead it was focused on the sky above it, perhaps on the smoke or . . .? Most of the other creatures that had been around it before seemed to have left the immediate area; Aster wasn't sure exactly how far they had retreated due to the smoke getting in the way of its senses, but the slime wouldn't have blamed them if they had gotten as far away from here as they could. Even if the crowd of creatures had only thinned out because of the dangerous surroundings, however, it still meant an opportunity for the slime; with most of its friends gone, Aster could hopefully feed off of the one that it had injured before without having to worry about being attacked. It would still be dangerous for the slime, and Aster would have to be quick to be able to get away from the smoke and hot light unharmed, but the slime was already very hungry and it knew that the hot light would likely eat everything it came across like last time, and that it could move very fast. Anything to fill the slime's stomach while it fled to a safe distance would be welcome. Aster folded its wings and dove, landing on top of the loud running creature and holding it down with its curved front talons as well as the oversized talons on its feet, gulping down large chunks of organic matter as fast as it could, not bothering to chew at all. The slime held its wings half open so it could take off in a hurry if it needed to, but hopefully not get them caught in any stray flames. The creature Aster had caught continued to struggle in its grip and make loud noises while smoke filled the slime's nostrils. Underneath the loud cries of the injured creature Aster could hear the soft chirping of Small, though the smoke prevented it from seeing the other slime.
  18. ASTER The slime swallowed what little sustenance it had been able to get, licking its claws clean as best it could without cutting the inside of its mouth. The paltry amount of flesh wasn't nearly enough to sate its hunger, but Aster must have managed to seriously injure the organic when it had grabbed ahold of it, right? Certainly enough so it would have trouble running away and fighting back. It would be much easier for Aster to feed on it now. The problem was the other organics of the same kind that were around. Would they defend the one that Aster had injured? Try to feed on it as well? Either one would be bad for the slime, preventing it from eating. The slime was beginning to feel warmth below it, and when it looked down, it saw the same bright hot that had eaten everything before beginning to spread over the ground again. It had come back?!? How had that happened? Would it eat everything in this place like it had where Aster had been? As a small spurt of the hot jumped up toward Aster, the slime pumped its wings to gain altitude, and rapidly rose into the sky. For some strange reason flying had suddenly gotten a lot easier for it, but at least it didn't seem like the hot could fly, although it could move very fast. The slime then heard a call from below. Small! The other slime was still nearby! Aster let out the loud hooting call from before, weaving it in with a chirping noise at the end, trying to encourage the other slime. It sounded like the other slime was still on the ground, but if it took to the air, it should be safe.
  19. The museum was much too crowded for Jace's liking, with not only all the people milling about leaving her constantly on edge, but the numerous young children who apparently hadn't learned the definition of 'inside voices' yet who seemed to be all yelling and screaming nonstop. Jace was tempted to leave, but she had already paid good money for this tour. And at least it was cool in here. That was the main reason she had come here, for the air conditioning, since her ancient air conditioning unit had finally broken down earlier in the week and Jace hadn't gotten the money together to get it fixed yet. During the day, her small apartment was uncomfortable enough without it for her to need to find someplace else to go, and she could while away the entire day here without looking out of place, even if she had no interest in the exhibits. Seeing that the tour guide was leading the group into the next room, Jace quickly hurried after her, almost bumping into a dark-haired young woman who had been closely inspecting the exhibits. This new room was significantly less crowded than the one they'd just been in, which had been full of parents corralling young children who wanted to see the dinosaur skeletons; finally, Jace felt like she could relax somewhat. It was just then that the room went completely silent, the chattering of the tour guide as well as the quiet conversations among the rest of the museum guests coming to a very abrupt halt. Quickly looking around the room, Jace saw to her immense shock that everyone else there had become frozen where they stood as if by some otherworldly force. No, wait, not quite everyone -- the dark-haired girl from earlier was still slowly walking around studying the exhibits, apparently too engrossed in what she was doing to notice what had happened, and Jace could hear two other people nearby still talking as well. But if more people had been spared that made even less sense. If it was just her, Jace could believe she might have been overlooked, but now she had no idea what might be happening. She almost had a heart attack when the hologram . . . ? Was that it? No, she couldn't think of any reason the museum would put on a show for only six or so people, and no one could act as well as the motionless museum patrons anyway. Some of them were still frozen mid-movement - appeared and called her name. Jace had only the vaguest idea of what the - woman, she was going to assume for now the apparition was a woman as she appeared to be - was talking about and no idea whatsoever why she would need their help since, after all, she at least appeared to be able to incapacitate so many people at once, but never let it be said that Jace Bates would walk away from a challenge. Clenching her hands into fists at her sides and trying not to look intimidated by what was going on, whatever it was, Jace walked forward the third time the hieroglyphics woman said her name, took the key that had suddenly appeared from around her neck, inserted it into the lock of the chest, and turned it, keeping an eye on the translucent woman the whole time.
  20. Rita tried, but was unable to stop herself from yawning as the tour guide droned on from the front of the line; the young woman had already stopped paying attention to the far too perky blond, especially since the woman who had been assigned to them didn't seem to be the most studious of people; Rita could already tell she probably knew more about most of the exhibits than their so-called guide did. That being said, Rita hadn't yawned because she was bored, but because she had only gotten up about forty-five minutes before now. She had never been a morning person, but her schedule was erratic at the best of times and ever since classes had gotten out for the summer, she pretty much just ate and slept when she felt like it. After realizing that she had actually gotten up at more or less the appropriate time of day for once, Rita had noticed that it was a beautiful day outside, realized she hadn't gone outside for anything besides a basic supply run since classes let out, found this place online, threw on a clean set of clothes and grabbed a quick bite to eat, and here we were. Rita wished that she was nearer to the back of the group, but she seemed to have gotten stuck near the front somehow, and there wasn't enough room to move - apparently the museum was crowded today. Rita wasn't a huge fan of personal contact, and she couldn't help fidgeting uncomfortably while secretly hoping that the crowds would thin out later on.
  21. Okay, here's the submission for the Sekhmet character. I'll make the post for Rita soon. Username: Avialae Name: Jace Bates Age: 26 Gender: Female Appearance: She is unusually tall for a woman, over six feet tall in height, with long blond hair, tan skin, and hazel eyes. She has a naturally sturdy build covered in muscle from long hours spent working out, as she used to be an amateur boxer after she left her parents' house, and although she quit several years ago still keeps up her training. Jace is currently wearing a pair of dark green shorts, a white sleeveless top under a black jacket, and a pair of sneakers. Personality: Jace was abused by her parents as a child, and she still carries the emotional scars from that ordeal to this day. Although she tries to hide it with a facade of bold confidence, she has a deep sense of self-loathing, and finds it difficult to believe anyone could ever accept her. Jace is always emotionally on guard to the point she doesn't know how to back down, and tends to lash out unpredictably whenever she perceives a possible threat, at times surprising even herself. The combination of all these personality traits adds up to a somewhat hostile attitude, meaning she has few friends, but when someone does manage to earn her trust, rare though that is, she is incredibly loyal to them. God/Goddess: Sekhmet Animal: Lioness Relic: Sekhem scepter - a long staff ending in the shape of a flat paddle Abilities: Other: N/A
  22. I did realize that, but I didn't want to take up any more well-known gods in case anyone else wanted to join in. I also wasn't sure if we could still make characters once the RP actually started. If there's still time, maybe I could make a second character sheet for Sekhmet? If not, it's fine, I understand.
  23. Username: Avialae Name: Rita DeLuca Age: 20 Gender: Female Appearance: She's fairly tall, about 5'10 or 11'', with jet black hair that falls to the middle of her back. Her light brown eyes are hidden behind a pair of metal-framed glasses, and she doesn't usually bother wearing makeup as it's too much of a hassle. Her outfit usually consists of a T-shirt or long-sleeved shirt, depending on the weather, a pair of blue jeans, and some old, scuffed-up sneakers. Personality: Maggie is a sophmore at a nearby college, living on her own in the dorms. She has a wide variety of eclectic interests, ranging from various TV shows to music to video games to science fiction and fantasy novels to anime to biology to world history to paleontology to whatever happens to catch her interest. She spends her free time inbetween studying for classes increasing her knowledge in these subjects. The one drawback with this way of life is that it gives her little time to make friends in the real world. Maggie has never been one to be very dependent on social interaction, however, so that's fine with her. It's not like she doesn't have more than enough to keep her occupied as it is. God/Goddess: Isis, also known as Aset Animal: Isis always has the head of a human as far as I'm aware, but she is often depicted with the body and/or wings of a black kite . . . does that count? Relic: Tyet or Knot of Isis (magical amulet resembling an ankh; considered her symbol) Abilities: For now, characters can only shapeshift into their animal. More abilities will be revealed later. Other: N/A
  24. Avialae


    Micah didn't usually like accepting help from women, but this time he really needed it. Trying to prop himself up with one weak, shaky arm he just managed to grasp Ez's outstretched palm with the other. He needed to lean completely on the other person's weight to hoist himself up, and tried to be careful not to pull her over as he did so since regardless of the status of the sexes there was a significant difference in their builds, not to mention he weighed a good amount more than she did. "Arwen? What's she doing here?" he coughed out, his voice still raspy. There was no way that anyone could have thought bringing a child here was a good idea, right? He could understand that she would want to see her parents but she should have known to wait until everyone else came back. Hm. Mak, Erin, Wisperlee . . . "Did everyone who come make it?" His mind was still hazy at the moment. Finally having eased himself into a sitting position, Micah wiped his mouth and looked around, managing to spot Mak, Erin and Arwen, at least. He waved weakly at them, not feeling well enough to really care if they noticed but feeling obligated to do it anyway.
  25. OOC: Ugh, sorry for the long absence. I wish I had a better excuse but I just really had a bad writer's block. I managed to recharge my batteries, so hopefully I'll be more active now. ASTER The creatures were big enough that the slime didn't think it could carry one away and still be able to fly, even if it chose a small one, besides which, there were no handy perches nearby for it to feed safely. The creatures would easily be able to climb onto the big dead organic, so that was no good. The slime was fairly certain that these creatures weren't slimes, There were so many all grouped together out of nowhere. Aster had had to go through so much just to meet the slimes that it had, and they had all been on their own at first. So the slime thought that it was safe to consider these creatures not-slimes, and thus safe for consumption. As for how to get some nutrients from one without incurring the wrath of the others, Aster decided to try the technique that it had used in its first encounter with Two-heads again. Tucking its wings in, it chose one of the milling creatures on the ground, largely at random, and dove towards it as fast as it could. Once the slime was near its chosen prey it took as much of it as it could in its mouth, and the two biggest chunks of flesh with its grasping forefeet that it could, and began to ascend back in the air where the slime intended to eat, safely out of reach of its angry comrades. Unfortunately the slime's wings weren't as good at rapidly ascending as they were descending, especially when it was holding something relatively large, and Aster desperately tried to gain altitude as it braced itself for an attack. It might have been a better idea to look for another source of food, but the slime was very hungry, and couldn't really wait.