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  1. I guess I do have them all. I didnt do last years so I wasnt really sure if the amount was always the same. Thanks for the reply.
  2. Why is the scavenger hunt done now? I had 2 more to go and now its over I thought they were going til the 31st?
  3. Great eggs!! So pretty Thanks so much TJ!!! Happy Valentines Day everybody! I am having an issue with the cards though... it keeps saying that it cant send them more than once every ten minutes but I have waited 30minutes and its still not letting me??
  4. has anybody successfully bred a Valentines day dragon yet?
  5. I am having a really hard time with these eggs. My computer it taking a million years to load the pages. Its not like I even have an old computer or slow internet, lol. Would anybody be willing to help catch for me? I could really use the help. Let me know, I am ready to go with a temporary password and everything.
  6. is it possible to get eggs between the 11-12 mins or is it just every that 11-12 mins.
  7. Well the scroll is supposed to be a written record of the dragons you have stolen. However that leads to another question.. if it is just a written record, where are your dragons really? If you have stolen them from the cave obviously you arent just keeping them there so there has to be somewhere else to keep the dragons. I have like 250 dragons on my scroll so where would someone put 250 dragons that is not in the cave
  8. I just bred a gold whos code is iGor lol I havent decided on the name yet but it might just be Igor.
  9. I have wanted to freeze eggs for a very long time and have considered making a post about it as well. I think it is an excellent idea because the eggs are gorgeous (especially the autumn egg in my opinion). I think that there should be a limit on how many of each breed should be allowed to be frozen. I also liked the "peice it back together" idea that was suggested on the first page. I am defiantly for this!!!
  10. I just wanted to say that I used this site for the first time today. I like how simple it is to add your scroll.. the all in one step feature is nice and simple. It needs to not add dead eggs/hatchies though. the inbred checker is the most awesome feature! I love it! Overall I quite like the site and fully intend to use it again. thankyou