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    seriously....call me Kit.
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    internets. Always the internets.
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    I'm a roleplaying and procrastinating artist.

    If you're interested in seeing my art, you can find it here:: www.hawaiianbabidoll.deviantart.com

    My DC Needs list: (UG = ungendered)
    Alt Black – PB 2nd gen male/female, male/female sitting hatchling, male/female/ug curled hatchling
    Alt Dark Green – PB 2nd gen female, male/female/ug hatchling
    Duotone –ug hatchling
    Gilded bloodscale – male/ug hatchling
    Imperial Fleshcrown - female/ug hatchling
    Tan Ridgewing – male/ug hatchling
    Seasonal – Autumn male hatchling
    Seragamma Wyvern - male/female/ug hatchling
    Stripe - blue ug hatchling, red male/ug hatchling, green male/female/ug hatchling, black male/female/ug hatchling
    Geode – male hatchling
    Ice - male/female/ug hatchling
    Thunder - ug hatchling
    Copper – Orange (alpine forest) male/female/ug hatchling, Brown (desert volcano) female/ug hatchling, Green (coastal jungle) male/female/ug hatchling
    Gold – CB female, female/ug hatchling
    Silver – CB male
    Gold Tinsel - male
    Silver Tinsel – female
    Bronze Tinsel – female/ug hatchling
    Gold Shimmer – female, male/female/ug hatchling
    Silver Shimmer - female/ug hatchling
    Bronze Shimmer – female, male /ug hatchling
    Guardian of Nature – hatchling
    Neglected – CB male/female, male/female/ug hatchling
    Zombie – ug hatchling
    Holly –mature hatchling, ug hatchling
    Blue Dino - baby hatchling
    Green Dino - mature/baby hatchling
    Red Dino - mature/baby hatchling

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