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  1. Finally got a male pink and caught a CB silver while hunting for seasonals.
  2. How many CB summers could I get for a chicken?
  3. Just saw a CB silver and a CB copper in the same drop.
  4. Brown Copper x Silver Pretty, and I thought I was locked at the time. I hope I can breed a mate.
  5. This white Longest even gen I've seen, made up of mostly whites. Has maybe three thuwed pairs and Dorkface in there, too. Thank you, breeder.
  6. Bronze Shimmer x Red Nebula Stairstep I think it was apart of a mass-breeding of rares, I saw several other prizes and rares. Very glad that I caught this one. Beautiful stairstep, and I can make a pretty mate for another shimmer of mine by continuing it for a bit. Thank you, breeder!
  7. Thunders are the most common for me- I've seen 4-6 in less than a week (so many I've lost count, basically, but I think it's I'm that ballgame) and caught two. Granted, I stalk the desert the most, and was actually look for a thunder specifically a few days ago. I don't see magmas very often, but I don't like volcano very much anyways. I'd say that ice is rarest because I'm often in alpine, and I rarely see their eggs. I haven't actually bred my trios, so I can't comment on their rarity when it comes to breeding.
  8. Lovely red dorsal. Thank you, breeder!
  9. I caught a CB black (I've wanted another), went back to the biome, saw the paper egg that replaced it, and got the paper, too. Edit: Just went to volcano and got a CB magma. I've seen all trios today in the cave (happy about just seeing them), but only caught that one.
  10. GEATH One letter off from "DEATH", and it's in all caps, too.
  11. Blue Nebula x Silver checker. Colored right! Older but still lovely. EDIT: 7th gen black (substituted once for a sweetling alt) x silver tinsel from Penk. Caught as a hatchling, too. Probably abandoned because they didn't alt.
  12. I personally love the Cassare x Falconiform pairing. I'm going to be doing that one for sure at some point. What about red nebulas x cassares? Granted, nebulas are a nightmare to breed if you require a specific color.
  13. Influencing Subject: This Hellfire Wyvern (need female) and this Horse (need male). Both will become ERs upon an incubate- they have five days left. Payment Offered: Anything requested that I can breed from my scroll. PM Link: Click Scroll Link: Click I hate asking again, especially so soon. Females are on cooldown and I don't have any males. Update: Influence Report! littleironhorse influenced a Horse and Hellfire Wyvern to be male and female (respectively) for Capricornus!
  14. Influence Report! MissNoShame influenced a Royal Blue to be female for Capricornus!
  15. Influencing Subject: Need female Payment Offered: I can see if some of pairs will give me an egg if needed. PM Link: Click Scroll Link: Click Egg has a little less than 5 days left, so an incubate will ER it.
  16. I found this nice Royal Blue. I didn't even want it at first (just wanted to look at the lineage, I've seen some lovely royal blues), but once I saw it I couldn't throw it back.