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  1. I don't like Earthquake (I often keep have eggs that I'd like to trade or keep) but I will use the kill command to try and force it if it's not something that I'd be sad if I lost.
  2. Haven't seen a coast or an alpine in a while, but there's still some in the Volcano (although they're going fast).
  3. You're making this speculation so fun! Huh... So it's in the very end of the "P" range and very beginning of the "R" range for the beginning of the name (what it sorts by anyways). Since it's not "Pyratine", I'm gonna guess that it's something completely made up.
  4. Quite a bit of mixing now, but a quite a few of older eggs I've seen are rares or rarer alts. I've seen a tan ridgewing and green copper, to name a few.
  5. They don't, you're right. But we haven't seen the adults yet and some rubies come in orange-ish tones. It's more wishful thinking than anything. I think a gemstone dragon would be amaaazing.
  6. Sorry to hear about the lag. I would totally try to catch eggs for people if I weren't locked. I think that ruby dragons would make a lot of sense. Here is a chart showing different ruby colors. And they sort between reds and seawyrms. However, I couldn't find any information supporting that there's any difference in color based on location, so maybe not. I've never seen these before so I have no clue. Also, I saw quite a few commons mixed in with the drop at the Alpine. They were snapped up pretty quickly, though- probably mistaken for the stones- so I couldn't count exactly how many. I saw a golden wyvern, brute, and something else (I don't quite remember what it was).
  7. Looks like these can be vamp'd. Didn't actually try, just saw that the option was there on the bite screen. Also, I hope that they're rares. I really love hunting CBs and it'd be nice to have another challenging breed.
  8. Doesn't look like they've started mixing yet. How long does it usually take for that to happen?
  9. I've got a few recent ones. Third gen shimmerkin Thanks mayuhito! Royal Crimson x Yulebuck checker Didn't gender right, unfortunately. Still gorgeous. Thanks breeder! Third gen tinselkin Thanks djengis! Gold x Vine checker Gorgeous, I'm gonna try to continue this! Thank you breeder!
  10. Got one right at the refresh. Can't wait to see what these are! EDIT: So far I've observed this: Purple: Alpine Orange: Coast Red: Volcano
  11. Taking: Nothing. Leaving: This blusang. It doesn't have a super nice lineage, sorry. Leave something for the thread and send me a dummy trade (I don't have any magis avaliable). Enjoy.
  12. The one day I see a caveborn gold is the day that my internet is terrible. And I catch it! *hugs gold* I now have a CB of every catchable rare.
  13. I used a female thunder to get mine. (She gendered wrong, but hey, she wasn't a failure in all ways.) After three tries, I think.
  14. Third gen with three spriters' alts! GORGEOUS pink x red checker. Valentine 09 x Nocturne! I adore this lineage, especially at night. 2nd gen avatar from solstice. 2nd gen cassare from GoN. 2nd gen frostbite from GoN. Thank you breeders, they're all gorgeous! Gonna be a pain to get mates for a few of them.
  15. 1. Messy-ish Tinsel 2. Messy Deep Sea 3. Messy Magma 4. Sunstone
  16. Found a few pretty ones in the past few days! Super pretty, love the use of tinsel/metal fails. Purple Ridgewing from Tan Ridgewing and GoN. Caught as a hatchling! And I can breed it a mate, too. Pretty summer with a few different types of seasonals. Got a few different shimmer lines in there. Golden Wyvern x Red checker May have posted these already but I'm not sure... Nhiostrife x Hellhorse checker Silver x Water... Actually don't remember picking this one up. Water x Shinies Thank you breeders!
  17. Browsing this thread when I decided to hop into the AP, only to be greeted by this shiny. Thank you breeder! Just hoping it genders right, I used my single male pink on a project.
  18. Second try! Now I just need to get the other tan and the other silver to make a silver... If only she'll stop rejecting all the mates I keep throwing at her.
  19. My leetle tree has the code Laugh with different caps. lAUGh
  20. Undine from Winter Magi Perfect mate for this boy of mine.
  21. Gold from Gold x Pillow Nhiostrife from Hellhorse x Nhiostrife Thank you, breeders! Also caught a CB nebula from the mountains in the AP.
  22. My first 2nd gen avatar from my first GoN.
  23. Got my first GoN on the third try. Unfortunately, this also means that it's taking up one less egg spot for summers. At least I have one!
  24. Influence Report! Snowie influenced a Summer to be female for Capricornus!