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  1. Black from alt lineage EDIT: Shimmer from alt lineage Would appreciate a post if you take
  2. I obviously don't know anything about this, but I suspect that if it was art theft, we wouldn't have a similar replacement like we do. If it was stolen, the original artist presumably did not give DC permission to use the concept, and even if that's not illegal, I imagine the site would want to refrain from making a similar sprite out of respect. That's just an assumption, of course.
  3. Honestly, at this point, it seems like the best option might be to just replace it with a completely different Valentines dragon. It doesn't seem like there's really any good resolution at this point (assuming that the sprite was changed for a very good reason), and at least with a new dragon it would kind of feel like a fresh start, but I of course don't know what goes into running dragon cave. Granted, there's already the replacement sprites, and it's just a sticky situation no matter how you look at it.
  4. Admittedly I'm not a huge fan of the new hatchlings (S1 especially- I don't know enough about art to figure it out, but something just looks off). The adult is very pretty though, although I didn't realize that that white thing was a pearl at first, I thought maybe it was some kind of flowered tail. I was really excited to get another deer-based dragon and I don't see that at all in the new sprite, apart from maybe the antlers. I'd be lying if I didn't say I was curious about why this happened, but I doubt we'll get any sort of explanation except off-site rumors. That being said, if this was indeed a rush job, it's very good considering how little time they had to do this. Even if I'm a little disappointed, the adult is probably my favorite Valentines dragon so far, and it looks like it'll look fantastic in lineages. Hopefully we might get some little tweaks a little later on, but in my opinion, the adult, at least, is very pretty.
  5. Forgot to put my eggs in a hatchery... Lost the Mutamore I incubated to breed sooner. x_x At least I caught the rest of the eggs in time.
  6. Heartseeker x Silver Tinsel Thank you breeder! I was just hoping for a second gen Heartseeker- man, was I surprised.
  7. My Goals: -Finish my current deadline projects -Come up with more deadline projects -Get pairs with different colors for my tinsel deadline checker -Find mates for all my single valentines -Create checkers with my CB holidays -Find mates for all my new Christmas dragons -Try to make a neglected
  8. Forgot to finish that Valkmerian tales game... I really wanted to see the party.
  9. Ooh, I've snagged a few that I love. Demoness Nikkita Battlemaiden Concordat Christmas Crasher (Has such a nice ring to it!) Heraldess The Reaperess Fell From Grace Starcarved Aeolistic Spiritualism Basics Found a few especially nice ones these past few holidays.
  10. I can't find the third gen Winter Magi x Gold I need for my checker, been stalking the AP for one pretty much all week.
  11. I finally got a pink-winged solstice (at least, I'm pretty sure it is). I was so disappointed last year when all mine ended up blue.
  12. Bred my Mistletoe to my blue Lunar Herald, went to go look at the lineage... It was my second gen Lunar Herald. Would've been so pretty too.
  13. Finished a Christmas trade that was organized a year ago.
  14. That's mine, glad you like it! Dorkwed- I've never seen one that close to the CB pairs before. Thank you TheEndling82! Falconiform from Xenowyrm- Thank you breeder!
  15. Ooh, I've found some of these. Brightsung (Parents named Nightsong and Brightdawn) Nitedawn (Parents named Nightsong and Brightdawn) OUTTA MY WAY KIDS (Sharknado-themed parents) SHARKNADO 2- THE SECOND ONE (Sharknado-themed parents) B GRADE MOVIE (Sharknado-theme) SHARKNADO 2 (Sharknado-theme) Thank you guys! Also, I found this (I owned the dead grandparents). I figured that "Killfodder" and "Caught to Die" would be enough indicate that the grandparents would be killed, but just in case, I named my next pair for my deadline project with names that specifically state that they'll be deadline'd.
  16. Got 19 avatars and a GoN (plus a possible summon tomorrow and a GoN breeding)- will totally be doing this.
  17. Finally got enough soulpeaces for my deadline project, so now once the hatchling genders (don't want to have to have the hatchling gender wrong so I have to catch new CBs) I can kill the parents. Just hoping that the people with the fail offspring realized that with names like "Killfodder" the parents would be killed.
  18. Green Gem x Gold Green Gem x Hellfire Wyvern Red Gem x Pink Green Gem x Undine Blue Gem x Moonstone My personal favorites are the red x pink and green x undine.
  19. The gemshards look just like the azure, crimson, and jade cloud serpents from World of Warcraft. I want a hundred. I'm just wondering if they're going to be a pain to breed/build lineages with. Also, the puddles look amazing, too. And I love the female gem pose. Also, the whole "tough guys" thing with the colossi.
  20. (AxPwr)- Got my first CB gold and a cool code at the same time. (rDEad)- I see you r dead.
  21. Four refusals later... Thanks to whoever abandoned the mother, the old lady was so picky. x.x
  22. Bred these two. I'm really loving the contrast, especially with the first one. Spotted Greenwing Gold-Horned Tangar
  23. I think I'm a little concerned for my boy with the mate he ended up with. (Totally going to breed that pairing though, I actually have a coast desipis without children that I'm gonna try out!) http://dragcave.net/valentines15/XPatchX
  24. Really love the Heartstealers, especially the poses. They look like they're flying/curled/hovering in almost a heart shape.
  25. Gen 2 RA x Gold- thank you breeder! Gen 2 RA x GoN- thank you StarLaDragon! Gen 2 Alt Sweetling x Black Marrow- thank you breeder! Gen 2 Arsani x Sunrise- thank you Demoonica!