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  1. The pairing itself looks nice, but it's interesting thematically, too. A dragon that lives in the deep earth to protect other dragons from its mana-draining, a dragon that lives high in the sky to protect their mana from being stolen. There's a nice contrast there.
  2. So many lovely dragons this release. ❤️ I absolutely adore the Amaltheans, and I'm so happy they're hybrids; a perfect excuse to create more deadlines. I was doing mockups of potential checkers with dragons I already have 2g deadlines of, and Carina/Amaltheans look absolutely gorgeous with either gender combo: Both the poses and colors look fantastic together imo. Really looking forward to doing these. Blunas, Setsongs, and Avatars of Change/Creation are really pretty too; there's so much potential with these guys!
  3. Just had a red/brown hatchling from a blue spotted egg. It was at 4 days 14 hours pre-incubate, so that would be... about 8 AM-ish, when it was stolen?
  4. I'm so hoping it's intentional but I'm worried it's too good to be true, haha. I'm into deadlines because they're the closest thing to checkers with hybrids, and I'd be super excited if they now look like the real thing.
  5. I have a few lineages with an all-deceased first generation of dragons (Example 1, Example 2) and the tombstones are no longer showing up (interestingly, the lineages with dragons that were killed a long time ago, like the dragon here, still have them). Non-even generation dragons (like this one) are still having the tombstones show up, but as (Deceased) instead of with the code (previously, it was only older dead dragons that would show up that way, and dragons that were killed more recently would display their code). Is this an intentional change or a glitch? Screenshots (dragon lineages in the order linked above):
  6. This pair has been extremely productive since I started breeding them back in March. Hopefully I'll have a Soulpeace x Silver checker before long!
  7. My growing dragons when I logged on this morning. The colors look so nice with each other, and against the skin I use.
  8. Going to be using the sunset variant for all of these, both because it's the one currently available and because it seems like it'd be the hardest to match mates to. Stratos x Garland; the poses and belly scaling compliment each other very well. I think it looks okay with the sunset colors, but would be much better with any other color. Stratos x Daydream, would probably look best with the day sprite. Stratos x Hellfire, another one that would probably look better with the day/night sprites. Stratos x Thunder; I think this is a pretty safe choice for every color. Stratos x Purple Ridgewing, I really like this one. I think it looks fine with the orange, but would look even better with the other colors.
  9. Have: CB Thalassa CB Astrapi with "Bat" code Want: CB Silver Lunar Heralds
  10. Have: CB Red Copper CB Royal Blue with code "ssboa" Want: CB Fell, Spirit Ward, or Luminox hatchlings (either gender) CB Male Ash or Black hatchlings Incuhatchable eggs of those breeds are okay too. Feel free to try other offers.
  11. Have: CB Brown Copper Want: Best offer of CB Indigo Lunar Heralds (female if offering hatchlings)
  12. Have: CB Brown Copper Want: 2g Aeon from Heartstealing Something else from the wishlist in my profile. Sorry to whoever didn't get it, I ended up with two offers before I checked the trade.
  13. Have: 3g PB Pink with "Vday7" code, incuhatchable Trade Link Want: Something from the wishlist at the bottom of my profile.
  14. Have: 3g PB Pink with "Vday7" code, incuhatchable Trade Link Want: Something from the wishlist at the bottom of my profile.
  15. First some pre- and post-Valentine's finds: 4g Silver Tinsel x Witchlight- Thank you, breeder! 2g Celestial from Bronze Shimmer- Thank you, breeder! 4g Hellfire from RA- I caught this last night; thank you, breeder! Somehow it's unrelated to all of mine; she'll be mated with this, and with a little luck, it looks like I could very well get this line to 6g. 3g Royal Blue x GW Thuwed Checker- From the post-holiday wall, and it precogged correctly. Thank you, 5Five5! Maybe I'll breed her with this And thanks to the people who drop CBs in the AP, especially whoever dropped a CB Ice right when Valentine's breeding started. I thought this Valentine's would consist mostly of dragons I bred myself, but that didn't stop me from amassing an AP haul. (Especially Arsanis, apparently. I didn't even realize how much I like them until I typed out this list!) Arsanis: 2g x Winter- Thank you @Snowwall! 2g x Green Nebula- Also from Snowall, thank you! 2g x Tercorn- Thank you @Kigyptnee! 2g x Striped River- Thank you breeder! 2g x Blue Gemshard- Thank you, breeder! The dragons share the names of American racehorses; is that intentional? It's one of the reasons I kept it. 2g x Spring- Thank you, @purplehaze! I'll be able to breed this to 4g, because my next catch was a... 3g x Spring- Thank you, breeder! 2g x Terrae- Thank you, TheDragonTrainer! This will be able to go to 4g, too, because of another catch this year. 3g x Terrae- Thank you, breeder! 2g x Silver- Thank you, @animatedrose! I have a pair 3g and caught a 4g this year, so I can bring this to 5g (after many miserable attempts to breed silvers, I'm sure). 4g x Silver- Thank you, breeder! It'll have a mate eventually. 3g x Gray- Thank you, @Iside! I don't have a mate for this yet, but I absolutely love gray and pink combinations. 4g x Daydream- I was looking for this; I was very happy to a 4g of this pairing that's unrelated to mine, and so early into the breeding season, too. Thank you @lolahighwind! 4g with CB Alts and HM Hollies in the base- Thank you, breeder! This will go nicely with one of my 4g Spriter's Alts. 3g Stairstep with Alt Caligenes- Thank you, @Infinis! I'll have to get creative with this one. Radiant Angels: 3g x Grave with Spriter's Alt- Also from Infinis, thank you! I already have a mate ready for this one, come Halloween. 2g x Astrapi Xeno- Thank you, breeder! I don't normally keep 2gs from the first few days of holiday breeding, but I liked this one (and the parent names) too much to pass up. 2g x Gold Floret- Thank you, breeder! 2g x Tercorn- Thank you, breeder, I love this one. 2g x Sunset- Thank you, @Micalana! Heartseekers: 2g x Aeria Gloris- This is actually what I went with (but didn't keep) for one of my own CB Heartseekers. Thank you, breeder! 3g Heartseeker x Silver Tinsel- Well... I guess I really need to try and find a mate for this guy, now. Thank you, breeder! Sweetlings: 2g x Moonstone- Thank you, breeder! 3g x Moonstone- Aaand I should be able to bring the pairing to 4g. Thank you, @Astreya! 2g x Silver- Thank you, Mlox! 2g x Falconiform- Thank you, @zombiehunter! I was considering breeding this pairing myself, actually, when I was going through my CBs. Heartstealing: 2g x Aqualis- Thank you, Babibio! 2g x Blusang- Thank you, @Razalin! 3g x Kingcrowne- Thank you, @Tish! I'll have to find a 3g Kingcrowne, then I'll finally be able to breed a mate for her. Rosebuds: 5g x Purple- I couldn't believe it when I found this, I dropped another egg that I very much wanted so I could go after this. It's unrelated to my 4gs that I'm about to breed, so I'll actually be able to get this pairing to 6g now. Thank you GatesOfPegasus! 2g x Ash- I was seriously considering breeding and keeping this pair myself; I think Ash dragons look fantastic with the pink colors of some of the Valentine's dragons. Thank you again, ZombieHunter! 2g x Blue Floret- A beautiful, colorful pairing. Thank you, breeder!
  16. I just realized I hit 2000 dragons, yay! Interestingly, zombies don't seem to be counted in the "Grown Dragons" part on the top of the scroll; it took me a while to figure out why those numbers didn't match.
  17. Have: 2g Silver from Winter Magi Want: Messy Silver 2g Ash from Arsani 2g Aeon from Heartstealing Other offers.
  18. I may have had a little too much fun with this. I especially like them with Blue Nebulas, Frostbites, and Undines.
  19. The only Valentine's CBs I was missing were 2 Val 09s (just didn't need them, I don't like them with many dragons) and one CB Mutamore (the year they came out, I used my last incubate on one of the eggs... and proceeded to forget about Dragon Cave for 6 days). I caught all 3 of those CBs in the AP within three minutes, so now I have a full set of CB Valentine dragons, and without them taking up an eggslot for 2 days.
  20. Messy-ish Sakuhana (CB x 3g) Enjoy!
  21. I'm willing to breed any of my remaining Valentine's dragons up until 10 PM DC time tonight. PM me if there's something you want, and please be able to provude a teleport link with a dummy egg (I have precious few magi!). Check this post for my checkers. Remaining CBs: 1x Sweetling 1x Rosebud 2x Heartseeker 2x Arsani 2x Heartstealing 2x Soulstone 1x Floral-Crowned
  22. 2g Arsani x Silver (Hatchling) Somehow I failed to realize that I'd already picked up one of these.
  23. 2g Alt Sweetling x Red Dorsal Gorgeous pairing, but I can't do anything with it.
  24. I ended up breeding mine with a Luminox, which a few other people have posted, and a Sapphire, which I love.