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  1. Four refusals later... Thanks to whoever abandoned the mother, the old lady was so picky. x.x
  2. Bred these two. I'm really loving the contrast, especially with the first one. Spotted Greenwing Gold-Horned Tangar
  3. I think I'm a little concerned for my boy with the mate he ended up with. (Totally going to breed that pairing though, I actually have a coast desipis without children that I'm gonna try out!) http://dragcave.net/valentines15/XPatchX
  4. Really love the Heartstealers, especially the poses. They look like they're flying/curled/hovering in almost a heart shape.
  5. Gen 2 RA x Gold- thank you breeder! Gen 2 RA x GoN- thank you StarLaDragon! Gen 2 Alt Sweetling x Black Marrow- thank you breeder! Gen 2 Arsani x Sunrise- thank you Demoonica!
  6. Are people permitted to remove other people's sick eggs from hatcheries without permission, or is that forbidden under the rule about "helping" other users without permission?
  7. Everybody should make sure that their eggs, especially prize eggs, don't get sick. I've already seen some bred prizes that I don't think are going to make it.
  8. Congrats to the winners! I've been hunting for CBs in the hatcheries. Doesn't appear to be many tinsels in the hatcheries yet. Found 6 CB tinsels total so far compared to 14 CB shimmers.
  9. Dragons I need for a lineage grew up! Unfortunately, two of them needed to breed a gen 3 gray and they refused. That's gonna take extend the project by a few weeks to replace one of the gen 2s, then breed the gen 3, then breed it to its intended mate. Fun. At least the gen 3s with mates bred just fine.
  10. Ooh, I bred that. Glad you like it. I was really happy when I saw the name in the offspring list. (Love it when people name those babies after Sharknado.) Gen 5 EG Thuwed- thank you Iside! Already gave me an egg. Gen 5 Stairstep-ish Thuwed- thank you up4hunt! Gen 5 silver and vine checker- thank you breeder! Gonna be a pain to breed a mate for. Gen 2 Nebula from GoN- thank you breeder! If only it colored right. My scroll seems to be cursed to never give me blue nebulas. D:
  11. My first alt was actually a very lucky AP catch. It was a curled alt black abandoned as a hatchling, so I was pretty shocked. I'd caught blacks that hadn't alted before, but never one that had. My second was also an AP catch, but I caught it as an egg and was very happy when it hatched alt.
  12. Yeah! I'm working on some deadline "checkers" with prizes, but it'll be really nice to have more "true" checkers floating around. Always love looking at a nice prize checker.
  13. Not a winner but I wasn't holding my breath. Got some deadlines I'd rather work on than completing my scroll anyways. I'm so going to look forward to hunting through click sites for the CB prizes when the time comes.
  14. Just gonna throw out a few numbers here. Honorable mentions excluded- only metallic prizes are being counted. 2010 CB Prize Distribution (Tree Contest): 30 prizes (all tinsels). First year of prizes. 2011 CB Prize Distribution (Holiday Raffle): 30 prizes (all tinsels). Same amount as last year. 60 total CB prizes site-wide (excluding Penk). 2012 CB Prize Distribution (Holiday Raffle): 60 prizes (all shimmerscales). Release of shimmerscales. 200% as many prizes as previous years, putting shimmerscales equal in numbers to tinsels. 120 total CB prizes site-wide (excluding Penk and Jewel). 2013 CB Prize Distribution (Holiday Raffle): 120 prizes (60 tinsels and 60 shimmerscales). First year with both types of prizes. 400% as many prizes as the first two years of prizes (2010 and 2011). 200% as many as the previous year of prizes (2012). 240 total CB prizes site-wide (excluding Penk and Jewel). 2014 CB Prize Distribution (Holiday Raffle, ongoing): 600 prizes (300 tinsels and 300 shimmerscales). 2000% as many prizes (twenty times as many) as the first two years of prizes (2010 and 2011). 1000% as many (ten times as many) prizes as the third year of prizes (2012). 500% as many (five times as many) prizes as the previous year of prizes (2013). This will make 840 total CB prizes site-wide (excluding Penk and Jewel). 2014 numbers subject to change if TJ changes anything. Just thought it'd be interesting to put these all up together with the percentage and everything (tell me if I did anything wrong, I'm half-asleep). The amounts have changed a lot over the years, presumably as the site continues to grow and all.
  15. Third gen prizekin from Jewel- thank you, Imbecamiel, it's beautiful! Pretty black from prizekins- love lineages like this! And it alted! Thank you Dirtytabs! (Was actually tempted to influence this female in case it alted but I decided the odds were too slim. )
  16. Breeding my metals when I'm egglocked and I have a feeling they're going to breed true. They have never failed to do so, and as such are promptly auto-abandoned to the AP.
  17. Ooh, I bred that. Thanks for posting! CB but has a nice code.
  18. Just caught this in the AP as a hatchling. It's messy and a bit inbred but who would knowingly abandon an alt black? Also caught this gen 2 winter magi a few days ago as a very ER hatchling. Already bred him a mate.
  19. I have white. During my first Christmas on DC I didn't know that there was multiple. And I am fond of the white-winged ones.
  20. It almost seems like something's weird with the ratios. I have never gotten anything but a pyralspite from a breeding with a pyralspite (excluding holiday breedings) no matter what the color. However, the pyropes are just so common as CBs and the almandines/spessartines are so rare. Could just be my luck, don't know.
  21. Winter magis are my favorite. I have a soft spot for them since they're my first (and only, besides this year's) CB holidays. I love the way that they're predominantly golden in color and how the wings show off all their other colors. Wrapping wings are probably my least favorite- they're just not my cup of tea. I've never really liked red and green together, so it's an issue with Christmas colors themselves rather than the sprite. I actually love the pose they're in though.
  22. Ooh, I got some pretties. <3 Winter magis especially. Holly- thank you federal! Winter Magi x Rosebud checker- thank you so much breeder! Gen 2 Solstice- thank you flavalinda, super pretty! Gorgeous Winter Magi x White with spriter's alt base- thank you Jerusha! Was super excited about it. Gen 4 holly stair- thank you lilnekochan! EDIT: More! Winter Magi checker with two breeds. Really pretty, thank you milkaq! Gold x Gold Wing Snow Angel- My scroll produces white wings, but this was far too beautiful to pass up. Thank you breeder! Winter Magi x White- this is actually EXACTLY what I was looking for (to continue the winter magi x white linked above). Thank you so much breeder!