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  1. Please, always double-check the codes you add on the site. There's a lot of invalid dragon codes lately. If you can't see an image of your egg/hatchling (as shown in the image below), you've most likely entered a non-existing dragon.


    user posted image

  2. Blast it, I can't recall my password for here - how the heck do I reset it, pretty-please?


    I registered from my laptop but apparently I mistyped my password which prevents me from signing an anywhere else. How do I reset it?


    I am able to delete your accounts, so you can create them again with a new password, however, I can't reset your current passwords.


    You'd lose your total clicks stat. If you're okay with that, send a message. Otherwise contact pinkgothic to reset your password. She SHOULD be able to do that wink.gif

  3. Decided to try DDF today for the first time and OMG it is so awesome!


    DDF is definitely THE nicest hatchery to use for giving clicks - so easy and fast!


    Not so convinced about having to add by entering codes individually, but I can see it will slow down anyone trying to do anything naughty with someone else's scroll.


    The DDF icon is in my sig and I'll be staying around for the near future.





    Awesome! tongue.gif

  4. I would like to ask for Hope egg.


    Unfortunately, I don't meet rule number five:

    5. To be put on the list to receive a Hope egg you must at least have 7 adult dragons, and less than 2 dead anything on your scroll.


    I have some dead eggs on my scroll, that's because I've killed them personaly. I didn't want them. Of course I wouldn't kill Hope egg.