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  1. I have accidentally removed four fogged dragons that were supposed to be protected from removals. I apologise to anyone affected.
  2. Nice job you're doing here, Pink! All those new things are a great improvement.
  3. Please, always double-check the codes you add on the site. There's a lot of invalid dragon codes lately. If you can't see an image of your egg/hatchling (as shown in the image below), you've most likely entered a non-existing dragon.
  4. I am able to delete your accounts, so you can create them again with a new password, however, I can't reset your current passwords. You'd lose your total clicks stat. If you're okay with that, send a message. Otherwise contact pinkgothic to reset your password. She SHOULD be able to do that
  5. I would like to ask for Hope egg. Unfortunately, I don't meet rule number five: I have some dead eggs on my scroll, that's because I've killed them personaly. I didn't want them. Of course I wouldn't kill Hope egg.
  6. I'm using only Daily Dragon Fix. Dragons always raise without problems.
  7. I'm glad I can be a part of DDF team