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Scroll || Any dead eggs are failed Vampires; I do not otherwise kill eggs. || I am willing to breed most things on my scroll || WishlistI will accept and honor IOUs; feel free to PM me. Priority in trades will be given to Valentine's IOUs.

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    I repay all my IOUs, even though it might take some time.


    Repaid IOUs:
    1x CB Alpine Pyralspite to Seiti
    1x 2G Moonstone x Solstice to PonyTales
    1x 2G Almadine x Lumina hatchie to ZzelaBusya
    1x Blue Nebula (from Silver x Blue Nebula) to herk
    1x Hatchie from Blue/Purple Nebula to Dreulchen
    1x Hatchie from Red/Green Nebula to Dreulchen
    3x CB Golden Wyvern hatchies to beautifuldragon5000
    4x 2G Soulpeace to Pixel.G
    5x CB Balloon to Belisar
    6x Purple hatchies to djengis
    6x PB Red hatchies to OtomeKristinOtaku
    6x PB Pink hatchie to OtomeKristinOtaku

    Owed to me:
    1x 3rd gen Tinsel from beautifuldragon5000
    1x 2nd gen Radiant Angel x Solstice from DragonLove234

    Repaid to me:
    1x 2nd gen Heartseeker x Solstice from AnanoKimi


    Many thanks to the people who have gifted to me!