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Wishlist || My Scroll || Prize+Holiday project (cannot access so stop updating) || List for my Male and Female Silver Shimmer is open now

My Timezone: UTC+8 || I accept IOUs || Sorry for any potential (spelling and grammar) mistakes :)

If there is something you interest, feel free to PM me :)

180140.png I am now looking for: 4g/5g Gold from Radiant Angel x Gold perfect checker || 2g Stone from Stone x Mistletoe.

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    ╰✿゚Looking for CB dragons
    collecting all types of dragons

    ╰✿ Wishlist ✿╯

    *Any CB rare
    *Blusangs particularly~!(CB or PB or any clean lineage) (*/ω\*)

    *If your want to offer me CB Common & Uncommon, please ask me for the preference.

    (current priority):

    Aeon Wyvern, and others

    Stop Collecting:
    Albino; Almerald; Anagallis Dragon; Antarean; Aria;
    Black; Black Capped Teimarr; Black Tea;

    For Holiday:
    2g Radiant Angel from Radiant Angel x Moonstone
    2g Moonstone from Radiant Angel x Moonstone

    For Prize:
    Mate for her http://dragcave.net/lineage/7kY31
    Mate for her http://dragcave.net/lineage/jOfCZ
    Mate for him http://dragcave.net/lineage/kgpei