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  1. I appreciate you trying to help me out but I've been going thru a lot for the past couple years so the holiday spirit hasn't really been there for me. I have left DC before for other reasons and when something happens that I actually have fun with and it gets taken away, I lose interest fast. It is just something I have to deal with and I don't want to keep dragging the mood down so I'll stop talking about it. I just said what I wanted to so I could thank everyone.
  2. I had fun sending cookies too but it's too hard for me to decorate the cookies to begin with and since the duplication glitch got fixed, it took the fun away for me. There are some here who understand what I'm talking about. I don't have time to keep sitting here making cookies all day long, especially with the lag. I'm not on the computer much so I'm limited to using my mobile which is even harder to decorate cookies on. Being able to share multiple cookies of the few designs I was proud of, was the fun part. But now we can't do that.
  3. I just want to thank everyone for all the awesome and pretty cookies I have received. I will not be making anymore (unless it is just a simple design to give back one in return). The fun is gone for me and I can't really be bothered with any of the events now. It was fun while it lasted and I appreciate all the work that went into all the cookies, they will be cherished. Hopefully things will go better next year if I'm still around.
  4. I have one last Rick cookie left so last call before I get rid of it later.
  5. I was getting the errors too whenever I would save a cookie. That is more of a bug than having the cookie duplicates 😠 I think it is obvious that this topic isn't much of a concern to TJ. If he would at least just respond, then it would clear things up. When I posted that I was having problems with the tetris game, he replied back pretty quickly. So I'd say he likely won't allow the duplicates.
  6. Thank you! That's so adorable!! Reminds me of a cat I use to have that would run around all the time and run into things lol. Not sure I'll be able to make a cookie for you tonight as I'm feeling ill, but if so I'll try tomorrow.
  7. These are so cute. If you do a Flareon one, I'd love to give it a home. Flareon is the one of my favs. Would anyone be able to do an Entei cookie? Entei is my top fav pokemon and the 3rd movie has been my fav of them all since it came out in theaters. I can only give very simple cookies in return since I'm mostly stuck using my mobile still but I can at least send something. I still have 2 Ricks and a Minion in bath cookie left.
  8. May I have a Rapidash please? I only have a couple cookies left if you want either. I can't remember what I've sent you already but I have a Rick cookie or the Minion in the bath left.
  9. I'm not sure what you have left but I'd prefer one with a black snake, especially if it has purple somewhere, if you have any. Thanks
  10. I got 4 cookies left and then that's it. I just missed out on another cookie I liked so the spirit is dead. Unless the option to duplicate cookies comes back, I will no longer play the event when my cookies are gone. It was so much fun before so it's a shame.
  11. Sure, sent Sure I can send both once cooldown is done
  12. Thanks, it's pretty Sure, I can send both after cooldown
  13. Today may be the last day these will be available before I get rid of them. I have Ricks- 2 Pickle Rick- none left Minions in bath- 1
  14. That's what I did. I doubt it will make a difference considering everyone who posted so far is for duplicating, yet it was still removed. But maybe he'll consider it for next time? 😔
  15. Agreed. Now that we can't duplicate the cookies, I'm done. Once my current cookie are gone, that's it. I don't have time to make lots of different looking cookies (especially once back to work on Mon.) It is bad enough there is a lag and the brushes aren't small enough. But this just ruined it for me. I was having so much fun for once and now I'm not. Sometimes the rules in this game are ridiculious and I lose interest every so often. I was looking forward to making some more cookies but not anymore. I don't get why it matters if cookies are duplicated. It just means more to share, which is th
  16. I actually agree with you. I don't normally care so much for the events and usually don't interact with others. But it was fun being able to see so many liking the cookies I made. I'm not good at making the cookies but I managed to make a couple designs that I'm even shocked I pulled off. Being able to make duplicates made the hard work feel more worth it. I can't be on my computer much and that is the only place where I can make somewhat decent cookies. Mobile is a nightmare to use. So once my current cookies run out, that's it. If I can't copy what few designs I'm happy with, then I won't bo
  17. Sorry for the delay. It's Twinstar. Thanks
  18. May I have a Flareon please? Do you still have a painted eye one?
  19. Could I have one of the Haikyuu ones please? I also still have some Ricks, pickle Ricks and Minions left if anyone wants them.