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  1. Yuck... The stomach ache... Green tea with honey?
  2. He won't notice it. He thinks every dragon is exactly same size as he is.
  3. I will wait quite a while before posting. Until they start gathering food or something like that. Forum name: Vrivian Character name: Chirp Age: 34 in human years Gender: Male Breed: Ochredrake Appearance: He is around the size of a horse. Personality: Chirp is pretty simple drake. He often replies with only one word, four at max. He is very trusting, and believes that every dragon can come along. He is cheerful and often loves to be part of the happenings on hand. Chirp is good at copying others' doings, and therefore he often proves to be very helpful. Despite his kind nature, Chirp is talented hunter specialised at sneaking upon to prey. His eyes are pretty sharp, and the sudden changes on the moods of other dragons never go by without him noticing it. Special abilities: Chirp can mimic the songs of birds almost perfectly, and uses this talent when he hunts. What they eat: Usually rabbits, deer and other mammals. Chirp prefers birds. Other: Chirp got his name because he could only chirp for most of his life. Chirp doesn't understand the size difference between dragons, drakes and pygmies.
  4. Bacteria-KH, Write that description! Is this tiny creature victim of mysterious illness or part of scientific research? ---- Open to suggestions! None of my dragons have descriptions yet.
  5. Difficult one... You could be a friend, but I say Foe, because I believe we might get irritating each other a lot. or you are the coolest person ever. Both options are equal.
  6. You seem like friend to me, but you might think me as a foe. Complicated.
  7. Banned for obsession with thunders.
  8. Banned for not calling me Dear/Doctor/Lady Vrivian.
  9. Banned for being much more active forum member than me. Hmp!
  10. Banned for sending ~1702 posts per year in the forum.
  11. Yuck! Noodles and chicken?
  12. Banned for too cute avatar, which has caused several victims.