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  1. I'm a Croat and have *plot twist* Croat ancestry. I don't know much about my ancestors, although back when the plague struck Ragusa, a noble family fled the town (a family whose surname I share) and then went to Tomislavgrad, Bosnia from where they spread back into Croatia. So I expect I have noble ancestry.
  2. I want to have a lot of money when I grow up. I attempt to achieve it by becoming a pharmacologist and inventing new types of medication.
  3. Lately I've been thinking, my life is pretty nice. I travel often and see cool places, get good grades in school and succeed in everything I put enough effort into. But then there's the bad stuff, every single time I'm going outside of the house, I get anxious just thinking what would happen if somebody I know saw me. I don't have many friends since it's hard for me to make new ones because I'm so scared of rejection and that they'll laugh at me. In school I'm awfully silent and I rarely answer any questions the teacher asks because I'm scared I might be wrong. I'm not sure if I need a hug, a