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  1. just finished my little fort, right before that update. don't really feel like repairing stuff because it'll just get destroyed right after + i don't have enough resources.
  2. i’m joining! 👋 i really like eating broccoli with macaroni and cheese.
  3. @Looti (mentioning you because it’s hard to shorter quotes on mobile) You’re very welcome! Glad that fail went to someone that wanted it.
  4. Glassys are definitely easier to find than Muskys and it’s been that way for awhile as far as I’m aware. Don’t know why though. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
  5. The glassy ones are only in the volcano but the musky ones are in all the biomes. They’re just getting picked up really quickly.
  6. The stage 2 Summer and Autumn Seasonal hatchling images are broken.
  7. @Whirlaway @Chococat0815 @songwithnosoul, thank you, I’m done with Hellhorse/Lumina hatchlings now!
  8. I need Hellhorse/Lumina hatchlings and naked Luminas, does anybody have some that I can view? Also, I made a group with Florets, Freckleds, Red-Tailed Wyrms and Tatterdrakes for anyone who needs them. I also have a group for frozen hatchlings too!
  9. Does anyone have some adult neglected dragons for me to observe? I need a bunch.
  10. Thank you @The Dragoness for hosting this raffle and thanks to the donors for being so generous! ^.^
  11. Thank you to the donors! This was a great raffle. I'm so jealous of Rosa, I wanted that Mint.
  12. Managed to get my Garlands to breed something! I hope whoever gets them likes them.
  13. I agree, we should also destroy the forums as well.
  14. I went through my dragons to make a cool code group, and these three have to be my favorites! https://dragcave.net/lineage/MmcaT - Very fitting code. https://dragcave.net/lineage/n4N0X https://dragcave.net/lineage/ImSEF
  15. All of your other dragons are turned into mints.
  16. They eat any eggs they don't like.
  17. Adding onto this, if you pick them up without gloves your hands get burned and you're unable to pick up eggs for two weeks.
  18. Eggs cost $5.99 to pick them up. Hatchlings cost $10.99.
  19. If you breed your dragons there is a 90% chance of them killing the egg, if they produce at all.
  20. Every dragon is turned into a Mint.