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    alex || nb || they/them
    i collect mints, deeps seas, pillows, balloons and terraes. lineaged ones are frozen for now. i’m also always in need of reds, pinks, whites, magis and purples. :)
    i’ll love you forever if you trade me codes with any variation of owl/0wl or rat in them. <3 (i also like naughty codes and LGBTQ+ codes <3<3)
    i’m also trying to collect twenty CB adults (ten of each gender) and 12 frozen hatchlings (four of each stage; preferably lineaged) of each breed.
    i’m interested in trading for CB “second bite” vampires, so if you’re able to make one, PM me i guess. (they don't need to be original Vampires either, i just want ones without big bite lineages) ¯\_(ツ)_/¯