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ScrollMy scroll is hidden until further notice.I am in the process of renaming my dragons.Patience is greatlyappreciated.Tombstone.gif

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    I always reply to PMs. If you haven't gotten a reply from me, I likely haven't received/read your message.

    Note: Jazz57 and I scroll-sit for one another often. We are best friends, not the same person. Thanks.

    ★★★Breeding/Catching Requests★★★
    ✰trekwriter --- 2G Silver from F GoN
    ✰Lady Aracne --- short, clean lineage Gold Tinsel
    ✰bouken --- CB Blusang Lindwurm

    ★★★IOU List (Contributor)★★★
    ✰littleblackdog --- every chicken I ever catch because she is always super nice and helpful
    ✰Zzelabusya --- 6 2G PB Marrow hatchies

    ★★★IOU List (Recipient)★★★
    ✰(Gift) Kojayo55 --- Blusang 3G Silver Shimmerfail from "Breaking Benjamin"
    ✰snakehands --- 4G Silver Shimmer (Silver Tinsel x Sunsong) /// Poked. Received reply March 6, 2015. Offspring have been shimmerkin.

    ✰CB Verdigris Copper

    ✰CB CB Trios
    ✰CB common hatchies

    ★★★NOTES TO SELF★★★
    ✰shovedtbh --- prizefails
    ✰dragonpuck --- 2G Avatars of Destruction (list in profile)
    ✰Jazz57 --- "Mission Apollo" 4G Gold Tinsel
    ✰djengis --- C6UX5 (3g F Silver Tinsel x F GoN)
    ✰Areous --- Spriters' Alts
    ✰Hotonfire --- vOR7

    ★★★GIFT LIST★★★
    Thanks so much!
    ✰(Vl84R) --- Raistlin24
    ✰(wuToi) --- angelicdragonpuppy
    ✰(GRIPa), (ZAx1O), (ewMdr) --- littleblackdog
    ✰(0uEd9) --- artiuslove
    ✰(3Qyeo) --- Melosk

    ★★★ET CETERA★★★

    Beauty of the Deceased (C34MW)
    Booty of the Deceased (6Olsq)
    Mercy of the Deceased (K37ka)
    Mina of the Deceased (deTQr)
    Silence of the Deceased (vkPGb)
    Threat of the Deceased (34IET)
    Treasure of the Deceased (WWZK7)
    Wrath of the Deceased (1pcZf)

    Ameliorate (ithg7)
    Construction (QmRWh)
    Fabricated (nfO9b)
    Handmade (q1ECT)