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TydiriumDR.pngI will accept any Marvel dragon pairing request from my scroll. Just PM me. See my profile for more info.My Scroll > http://dragcave.net/user/TydiriumDr <

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    The SHEILD Helicarrier
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    I love Monster Hunter!
    I love movies. I am a big Marvel fan. Many of my dragons are named after these guys. PM me if you want an egg from your favorite pairing.
    Im also in to Pacific Rim, Godzilla (2014), Star Wars, Indiana Jones and an a Yu-Gi-Oh fan.

    About Pairing requests:
    -I am cool with almost any request for a pairing from my scroll.
    -If there is a Marvel dragon you want me to have for a pairing PM me.
    -I do not accept a certain requested breed from some pairing (unless its pure) you get what they want to create.
    -I will accept crossover pairs (like MarvelXStar Wars) or non Marvel pairing if you wish.
    -I wont ask for anything in return for most of the time.
    -If you receive a requested pair egg/hatchy I hope you will name it.

    Examples of my Marvel Dragons and Pairings:
    EMH Hawkeye X EMH Black Widow
    WXM Cyclops X WXM Jean Grey
    EMH Thor X EMH Sif

    *My scroll has many different dragons with many different 'markers' in front of their names. These include;
    EMH(Earth Mightiest Heros), WXM(Wolverine and the X-Men), XME(X-Men evolutions), MCU(Marvel Cinematic Universe), YGO(Yu-Gi-Oh), PR(Pacific Rim), OC(Original Character)