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  1. I'm in the same situation as you :c I've only managed to play Awakening, and I'm trying to track down the other games. Since we're talking about the DLC, I'm very tempted to make swimsuit Marx or Ryouma as my avatar on this site CX Also, I may have spoiled the conversations in the Awakening DLC for my self, but the Joker/Frederick conversation is amusing. Speaking of Anna, I thought she was obtainable through the sidequests?
  2. May I join? I see some Touhou themes...
  3. "Don't worry we live here."She said excitedly as Arata sighed."I guess you can come..."He mumbled looking at him.
  4. "Hiya!"She waved to him excitedly while Arata tried to avoid getting into this.He wasn't really a social person and tried to get away from people Miyako meet.He never thought Miyako as a friend but more as a "acquaintance."
  5. Miyako followed by Arata walked near Brakebills until they noticed a young man in front of a coffee shop. ((Sorry for the very short post I have a lack of imagination right now ))
  6. Sorry for the inactiveness... Anyways how can I jump in?
  7. Back from a place called school... Anyways anyone open for interaction?
  8. ((I am back from a place called school and life.....)) Kaguya listened to the others and agreeing to what they are saying silently while thinking about her past as they were in space.
  9. Koishi found herself in a city full of humans and wandered around."Wow!This must be the outside world."She said as her green eyes looked around,"Never knew it would be so....big!"The satori walked around the busy streets and sidewalks as the humans never seem to mind her."Looks like I can learn more about humans here."She said smiling.
  10. *looks at Lucifer's picture*AMG it's America.
  11. I have that feeling occasionally...
  12. Miyako started to drag Arata towards the collage campus."Why are we going here?"He asked as they came closer."Well I want to check out the collage,"She explained,"And it's midnight everyone should be sleeping by now."The duo entered the campus and found a door that had ashes near it."Why are there ashes here?"He said as he knelt down and looked at them.
  13. Arata stood at the counter looking bored while Miyako was walking outside waiting for him,"When will this shift end..."He eyed the clock before taking several people's orders.Miyako was walking on the sidewalk humming a tune and looking around.