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  1. I saw a guardian of nature. I have literally no idea how. Don't believe me? Here:
  2. I'd like to request a banner! Dragon: Storm Rider Dragon Text (if any): Scroll Background color: Glow color:
  3. The fastest way to make a zombie is to kill a guardian of nature dragon! are the Guardian Dragons and the Guardian of Nature dragons two different types? Or are they the same?
  4. Granted, but you never are able to get it to properly work and it can only help 3 people of your choosing. I wish I wasn't sick
  5. One time I saw an alt black. I was super surprised anyone would release that
  6. The best luck I've ever had was getting a GoN literally first try.
  7. A lot of times if I am scroll locked I'll breed some of my rares and let the eggs be auto-abandoned just so someone could have the chance to get a rare. I like to follow them and see if they get to grow up and what their names are and if they ever get bred
  8. Before you can trade with someone you need to send them 130 total pms. The faster you spam, the faster you get to trade! I went to go find eggs in a biome but it said that I couldn't find any! What happened?
  9. Granted, but each time you're reborn you lose your memories and have to start new I wish for more fabric
  10. TurquoiseLiddell Fuse with Lapis
  11. Happy (belated) Birthday! What an amazing update
  12. Because AP stands for "Advanced Placement" and everyone knows dragons are extremely intelligent, so therefore it is always full. What is a spriter alt?