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  1. One thing I will never understand is when people (who are, let's be blunt, pro-abortion) compare a fetus to an intruder or parasite. To answer your question, a guest someone whose arrival is prepared for. And intruder is someone whose entrance was not prepared for. If someone breaks into my house, they are an intruder. If someone comes and I have at least an inkling of an idea that they will arrive, they are a guest. The female body, whether the mother is in tune with her menstrual cycle or not, knows when a baby has the chance to come. The body prepares for it (ovulation, thickeni
  2. I was thinking the exact same thing. I thought the choices would be more along the lines of continents, not specific countries. Africa and Australia are completely ignored here.
  3. Hm. Maybe she doesn't want a job in the private sector because the perks or pay is better in the public sector? That and/or she likes stirring the pot and getting reactions. Even though I am anti-abortion myself, her actions are irrational. It's apparent that she will never win a case because the job she wants requires her to take part in activities her beliefs won't allow her to take part in. She should move on and seek the other options available to her that allow her to practice without compromise.
  4. First Article Hm, well thanks for the article, but please, sincerely forgive me for taking what the author says with a grain of salt. The article's content oozes with pro-choice rhetoric, obviously given that it's a Feminist website. So I expect such an article to demonize organizations like StS without much proof about all of their alleged wrongdoings. And the whole part about StS suggesting that babies come from storks as part of their mission just sounded... out of the blue to me. It feels like the author is seriously grasping at straws there. Why the heck? Next, the article use
  5. Those other organizations seem fine enough, and I wouldn't mind donating to some of those. You seem to have first-hand experience with Save the Storks. What happened to you or someone you know concerning them? You had a bad experience?
  6. First and foremost, I don't support the act of aborting a child. This mainly stems from my beliefs that an unborn child is indeed a human, no matter what stage of development he or she is in. This means that abortion is murder in my eyes. I do believe that God created each and every one of us for a reason, and that it's not someone else's job or place to say who can live or die. That being said: I absolutely hate it when people are only pro-life until the child is born. What do I mean? A lot of people who claim to be pro-life only care whether the mother aborts her child or not. They
  7. In my opinion, there we were all losers in this election from the moment the candidates were finalized. This election was sad. The outcome was sad. But I think the people that will suffer the most are the people who voted for Trump. They actually expect things from him, expect him to uphold his promises and grand ideas of "making America great again," and when he does not deliver they will be disillusioned. He's already stepping back from some of his promises, and he's not even the POTUS yet. This nasty election has severely tainted 2016 for many Americans, myself included, and I won
  8. Okay. Just a little note, bestiality isn't the best example to use. If something like bestiality becomes "normal" and "moral" in the future, then humanity definitely deserves to slowly die in the hole its dug for itself. You have a point with the oppressors being hurt by racism. The officers are a good example. Those slain officers were just doing their jobs, and they were killed because of their jobs. But your convenience store example does not have much ground. First, we have to mention white privilege, and yes it exists. As SockPuppet said, there is a difference in po
  9. Correct. People think that there are no setbacks to being pegged as "successful" due to your race, but that's not true. I have met Asian peers that have experienced the disappointment of their teachers and peers towards them because they weren't as smart as they were expected to be, meaning that they were Asian, but were not above average in their performance. I can understand being disappointed in someone who is very intelligent/gifted, but the lack motivation, or did poorer than they usually do. But it sucks if you have not shown any indication of being extraordinary, but people ass
  10. My favorite events to watch are gymnastics, swimming, diving, and track (no cross country), in that order. I'm rooting for Team USA, of course, but I love watching everyone compete in those events. I especially want the Women's Team USA in gymnastics to win, and I want Phelps to have a good run too.
  11. This exactly. And yes, I say that, especially in this election, if you vote for a third-party candidate, you throw your vote away just as much as someone who doesn't vote at all. This country needs to make sure Trump does not win, and I had to get over myself and what special grievances I had against Hillary and decide that I wanted to help do what's best for this country, because that's my duty as a citizen. I won't vote for a candidate that obviously has no chance against the big candidates, and I refuse to just let Trump win without doing my part to make sure that doesn't happen.
  12. Speaking as an Independent voter here. What's really worrying me the most is this apparent divide among the Dems. There are people who are so die-hard over who they wanted that they now either won't vote at all, or will vote for a third-party candidate. All the while, by the looks of it, Republicans and Trump supporters/Hillary haters will unite and vote for the Rep candidate, Trump. And Trump will win due to this split in voting. Bernie's supporters, myself included, are a fickle age group. Peoples don't seem to realize that Trump has a legit chance of winning if we keep bickering a
  13. That's the best analogy I have seen used in explaining the Black Lives Matter movement. Kudos. No one is saying "Only black lives matter." What is meant is "Black lives matter too."
  14. Exactly. Actions and leading by example is what brings change. Saying a poorly-understood phrase over and over does nothing but desensitize people.
  15. It's all well and good to repeat opinions like this, but we have to face reality: People WILL Judge and be judged by others. Bottom line. No matter how many times people tell each other not to judge, judgement will always be present wherever humanity is present. So we need to move on from thinking and saying "Don't Judge," and think about how to best handle judgement when it does come. I'm in no way saying racism and sexism are good things, because they are not. But we need to come to terms with the fact that they exist and we can't with them away just by calling foul on them. Judgement i
  16. Does anyone have/know where I can find a list of all the ingredients and the potions they make? This is the first time I've done this event, and I would like to know if I missed anything.
  17. Can someone please explain to me how all of this actually works? This is my first time dealing with this event. I think I collected all the the Trick or Treat objects because I can't find anymore and thus can't get back to the Trick or Treat page... Is that all there is to it? And what's all this stuff about hatching eggs?
  18. Starting school next Wednesday. I'll be looking for a job on campus as well, and taking an extra class. I'm kinda looking forward to it though. I'll miss mama's cooking though.
  19. Well that rose and fell quickly...
  20. I hope Germany wins. There. I said it.