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  1. Don't worry....I had no clue either. Thought it was related to having grey hair or something. At my age, memory is the first to go.
  2. Okie dokie....Thought I was going crazier then I'm already going. Thanks for the heads up. (((HUGZ)))
  3. Ok, dumb question here....What in the hades is the secret egg thingy y'all are talking about?
  4. Actually, depends. If you use the Earthquake feature of the Green dragons, you can hatch all your eggs early. But the draw back to doing that is they all could very well run away, meaning you could lose them by using that feature.
  5. For me right now, playing it is an escape from my mind. What little time I can get to actually play. I don't expect to get them all. BUT would be nice if new releases lasted a bit longer, just so you had a chance to catch them in between real life and game life. Like during the holidays, where we get a couple of extra days to actually get some of the new and old ones, without having to fight the regular eggs being released too. My youngest son passed away Mother's Day. So having the diversion, from everything we've been dealing and coping with since, would be helpful. And right now, it's
  6. Or if someone works 12 hour shifts with an hour drive to work, another hour drive home from work....Then has their hands full taking care of a home and livestock (we're real life farmers), plus have to work mandatory weekends after working all the previous week..... Thing is, people have real lives off line too. And for many, that's crammed full with have-to-do things. So getting on-line is a treat and limited, because real life comes first. Catching new releases are fun if the timing is right. But for us burning our candles at both ends and/or have health issues? It can be daunting
  7. You got recipes for the grain? I've got a ton of grain, but not a single recipe for using it. And haven't gotten a recipe since the first day to be honest. My problem is getting sugar and flour. Got plenty of everything else, but either no recipes to use the ingredients or not enough sugar/flour to use the ingredients.
  8. Ohhh, brownies! You're my good luck charm....I went to check on my dragons, saw they just summoned the Guardian, and finally got to see him fight. All thanks to you Sis! ((((HUGZ))))) Now I can go to sleep, finally getting to see him in action. PMSL!
  9. Ahhh, nice to know. Just hoping I get to see that before the game is over for good. PMSL! Anywho….I'm off to bed. Got another long day tomorrow unfortunately at work. Got off on time today, only because I had a doctor's appointment for when regular shift hour ended. Good news is, finally got my flu shot. So I'm good now for being around the new grandchild, since he's too young to be vaccinated for yucky stuff. My doctor says my daughter-in-law needs to have a kid a year so I will keep getting my yearly flu shot. Told him not to hold his breath waiting on that. PMSL! Love ya bunches
  10. That's pretty much how I'm playing myself. With my work hours, don't have much time to sit and just play. So I set it up, then check during breaks to see where they are and if I need to restart. By the way? What exactly does the Guardian of Nature do in that game? I got to see them summon him, saw him on the board. But other then seeing him resting or a message saying he's went to rebalance the world? Have no clue what his game power actually is. I'm either catching him too early or too late to actually see him fight on my breaks. PMSL!
  11. Yep, it's good to be me again. PMSL! By the way? How far have you gotten in the Zombie Dragon game? I set mine before leaving for work today and they were still going strong till I got off work. They made it to Round 206.
  12. I actually made it to Round 206....Surprised the Hades out of me. Yay!
  13. At my age, it's very fitting. I laugh a lot and own stock in Depends. ROTFPMSL!
  14. Ok....Thanks I guess? PMSL! Actually, I'm 'Mimi' for my grandchildren. Third generation to use that moniker instead of the traditional 'grandma'.
  15. I appreciate that Sis. ((((HUGZ)))) Think I saved it....Will try later to see if I can get it reapplied. Dang! Another board I haven't been on in a very long time. PMSL!
  16. No, I don't either. It was saved to my old computer, but that was years ago and we don't have that computer anymore. Shame, considering it was made for me by one of the members here way back then. Can't remember who made it. Not to mention, could also be someone that no longer plays the game or visits the forum anymore either. Oh well, maybe I'll find another one that suits me down the road. PMSL!
  17. Thank you both. We're very proud of the newest family member. Gonna have our hands full with that wee bugger, that's for sure. PMSL! (((HUGZ))))
  18. Tomorrow is always better....If you wake up on the right side of the dirt, it's always a good day. Oh, latest news in my life is I'm a grandmother again. Grandson (CJ) was born Oct. 8th. My son and daughter-in-law gave me the honor of being in the delivery room with them to watch him being born. He was 5 weeks early, but is healthy and doing very well. And is the cutest little bugger and has stolen my heart. PMSL!
  19. And a Happy Samhain to you as well Sis. Love ya bunches! ((((HUGZ N KISSES)))) I need to win the lottery so I can quit my day job and have a life. PMSL!
  20. Ah, that makes sense. Thanks. Thought I broke my page. PMSL! Happy Yule!
  21. Something wrong on my end....Only seeing the old x-mas eggs being released every 5 minutes. Not one single new x-mas egg. :(
  22. I agree. Never said it was, just said it was one of the things women of ages ago believed worked. And as I said just a bit ago? There's actually no 100% reliable way to prevent pregnancy. I also know several young women that now have uterine cancer thanks to IUDs or those extended birth control that's inserted under the skin.
  23. I didn't say they were 'perfect'. Don't put words into my mouth I didn't say or even imply. I said they were very reliable, but that doesn't mean 'perfect' in any sense of the word. Just like with any contraceptive, how well it works depends on the person and how they administer it. It's 'success rate' is in the same range as condoms, birth control pill, and IUDs. If the individual doesn't use it properly or irregularly? Then it's 'success rate' reflects that. Also, if you noted in what I actually did say in regards to each individual plant? Most were also used as abortives. And as such, they
  24. Actually, the one's I listed are very reliable. And much of the same techniques used today, just in synthetic form in the birth control used to prevent unwanted pregnancies as well as abortives by the medical profession. The biggest concern back in the day was infection, due to unsanitary conditions actually. Which aborting or not, was what every woman faced afterwards. Which isn't a likely outcome in today's society, thanks to our advances concerning sanitary conditions provided by legitimate medical professionals. Now back street alleys and coat hanger abortions? Most of the women die due to