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    Actually, I'm very diverse in my interests, as well as willing to learn anything new. At the moment, I'm overworked at one job, while also a full time farmer. We raise goats, sheep, chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, peacocks, and a host of other critters. I also enjoy cooking when I get the chance. I enjoy fishing, reading, writing, drawing, watching movies, and of course playing on-line games.

    I'm very outspoken and opinionated, as well as uncomfortably blunt for some folks. If you ask my opinion about something, you'll get it and I won't mince with words or worry about your feelings being hurt. I'm an old crone that's been around the block a few millennium, so I've seen, heard, and pretty much done it all. If I haven't done it? I'll more likely do it if given the chance.