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  1. the grenade man that lives in a grenade cave full of grenades Do we have the ability to ask questions?
  2. because you left the microwave on the pet shop does the letter A exist?
  3. dragons are something you can't put inside a can. where are my funky rubber bands?
  4. Do dreams count? Well, I have an interestingly vivid dream. Happens during a morning nap our class has finished an assignment in our school's lab. We are asked to put off our shoes when we are inside the lab. As I went mid-downstairs I waved at my friends and realized I got no shoes on. That moment. Everything feels so weird and real, the moment I got really surprised, I can feel my eyes widen. So I went back to the lab-door, alone, My shoe is there and I put it on, then I went back to the stairs and I heard something growling behind me. It is an Old Man with a knife just a few steps behind me looking like he wants to kill something. I am speechless, I backroll down the stairs, fell at the bottom floor, saying nothing. I ran home with fear. And at home, I told my father about this and he gave me some survival kits, too much details on this one. After I am mentally prepared and was about to hunt down that Old Man. I woke up. This one is extremely vivid because I actually felt emotions and body movement there. My Usual Dreams are quite surreal and I'm like a "Watcher" on that one, maybe that is why my own brain is surprised when I got a "Realistic" one. (I don't know if this is one of those meaningful dreams)