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  1. cheese456 said: I was thinking that you could get them during Christmas, since most (to not say all) are a good-nature breed they can have more possibilities to get fragments of, like 10% or 20% more (which means from 44% to 72%), of course the problem remains with new released holiday dragons since you can only have 2 CB and cant breed them until next christmas... The same applies to Valentine dragons. Tigerkralle said: Well, this can help solve the problem above and also the GoN problem: all year round you can get pieces of each dragon (except of course holidays, valentines and halloween dragons) in the wilderness, AP and the biomes, but during holidays, valentines and halloween you can get fragments of the breeds of those events (during those times they will be a lot more common than other fragments), and then when the new dragon is released you can get the pieces of that breed, being more easily found in the biomes. But I have something against this: the fragments can move segments of the page (just like the mana shards did) and that can be very annoying, specially if you are AP or cave hunting, so this must be an on/off option and/or the fragments only appear in parts of the page that doesnt affect the distribution of it at all, like the bottom of the page; also they must be more rare than the ones you get while breeding, like an egg of the festival of eggs, but even more rare (a lot more). I hope I made myself clear enough with this one. xeyla said: Mmmh, this is a problem... I can see how this can work one way or the other, but not both ways :/, maybe when you get all the pieces of an egg and after using the "Combine" spell, it asks you if you want it in your scroll or in your egg collection? its just an idea, but I seriously dont know...
  2. I was thinking the same about a different "scroll" for the collection of eggs, I didnt know how to put that, but I think a badge link can do that just fine. Also, Aurigena is right, some descriptions doesnt fit for empty eggs, I will change that. And the trading, some seem not to like it (I dont like it too, though there will be no other way for some users to get the GoN egg, thats what kinda flaws my idea :/, unless you can still use Summon, but since you have your 3 GoNs then all you will get is failure, but with a little possibility of getting a fragment, does it sound fair?).
  3. Hey there! Here is an idea for frozen eggs: Edited on: 07/12/2015 Basic Idea The basic concept of this is to get the sprite of the eggs through shards or fragments of a given egg, you need to collect at least 6 for normal and drake dragons and 4 for pygmies. How are you supposed to get the fragments? Easy: hatching eggs. Every egg that hatches in your scroll will have a probability of leaving you a piece of egg depending on the breed of the dragons: the more calm and gentle breeds have the highest possibility, while the vicious and violent breeds or the ones that eat the shells of their eggs have the lowest. Another way to obtain them is encountering them scattered through all the parts of DC that supposedly has roaming dragons or eggs, which includes: the wilderness, the AP, the cemetery and the Cave (from now on they will be refered as Dragon Roaming areas). I would like that this way of getting fragments should be badge based: if you have no badge (0-49 dragons on scroll) you cant get the shards this way, after you get the bronze badge (50-249 dragons on scroll) you can obtain them this way, when you get the silver badge (250-499 dragons on scroll) you are more likely to find shards and of more violent breed, finally when you get the golden badge (500+ dragons on scroll) just boost the possibility of fragments and of violent breeds; of course the badge system is up for debate, also I linked it to the Dragon badge, but I am almost sure we can have an egg collection badge. How to get the "eggs" then? As I said before you need to collect 6 fragments of eggs for a normal or drake dragon and 4 for a pygmy. But to be more specific, you have to collect 6 or 4 fragments of a breed to get the egg of that breed. After you get the 6 or 4 pieces you can cast a spell called: "Reconstruct", to "summon" an empty egg that will go directly to your scroll and will act exactly the same as a leetle tree: be a decorative object, it will also take the quantity of fragments it costs. How the empty eggs and fragments will be shown? There are two forms: The first applies to both, eggs and fragments, and will be a page in which you can choose to see your fragments or your eggs. If you choose fragments you will see how many you have and of which dragons, by default it is sorted by breed; from this page you can go to see the eggs. In the eggs page you will see the eggs you have in your scroll, by default they will be sorted by date, from the younger to the older, also from this page you can go to the pieces page directly. The main page (the one you get to decide to which page you will go) is accessible through a badge that you will get after getting your first fragment, the same will be named: "My egg collection". The second applies only to the eggs, and will be in your scroll, as I said before, as a decorative object. Although it will have the same behaviour as frozen hatchlings when sorted, they do not count towards the dragon trophy. In both forms other users can see your eggs and fragments, unless you dont want to (through an option, of course). What will say in this empty egg's description? It will just say "This is a perfectly reconstructed x egg, you can barely see the cracks.", in which x is the breed that egg is from. Also, it will say the day it was reconstructed. But will not have information about clicks, overall views and unique views, and from which dragons the fragments are. But will have the link that directs you to the page of the encyclopedia about that breed, and will also have the "owner" link that directs to your scroll. What about GoNs? You can get fragments of this breed through failing the Summon BSA, of course, if you fail to summon a GoN egg that doesnt mean you will surely get a fragment, but will have a high rate. Also you can get fragments through hunting in the Dragon Roaming areas. And finally, hatching GoN eggs will have a 100% rate of giving you a fragment. Another thing I would like to add to the idea, but dont know the difficulty of implementing it, is that after you have your 3 GoNs you can still use the Summon BSA, but it will always result in failure with a little chance of getting a fragment of a GoN egg. I am almost sure it is easier than most of the ideas presented here, but I really dont know. And what about Christmas, Valentine and Halloween dragons, specially the recent released ones? For the not-recent-released ones, you can get the fragments during their events in the Dragon Roaming areas. And for the recent-released ones, you can also get fragments during their events in Dragon Roaming areas, but only after they have been released in-cave and will stop appearing when the egg stops appearing as well. Also, in both cases, you get shards from hatching eggs of those breeds. If you dont get enough fragments that holiday then you will have to wait for the next. Also, since Valentines and Christmas are very gentle breeds you can get their fragments very easily through breeding. For the Halloween, since some are vicious or fierce breeds, it will be a bit more difficult to get their fragments. Can you collect more than one egg of the same breed? Of course! You can collect as many reconstructed empty eggs you want! So you know, if you want to make some dividers with specific eggs you can go for it! You have an empty egg of a breed and dont want more, but you still have a bunch of fragments of that breed that you dont want, can you get rid of them? Of course! You will have an option to thrash them in the pieces/fragments/shards page. You click a link called "Throw away fragments", then you will see the shards you have and how many, at the right side of them you will see a box of text in which you will write how many shards you want to throw of said group, and at the very right you will see a checkbox, if you mark it you want to remove all shards of that group, after you have made your decisions you write your password click on the "Throw away" button, it will ask for confirmation, if you are sure click "Yes", if not then "No". Added: 01/25/2015 How the fragments will show in the dragon roaming areas? It will show as a link at the bottom of the page that more or less says: "There are curious objects on the ground, would you like to look at/inspect them?", if you click it then you can see which fragments they are and below it will say "Look! There are fragments of dragon eggs! Would you like to keep it/them? (yes / no)", you select the ones you want and click yes. Can I get more than one fragment per egg hatched? I was thinking this a lot, but yes. This is not going to affect the game at all (I think), so why not? The possibility depends in the same thing as to get a fragment: the more vicious the breed the less likely to get more than one fragment, but you cant get more than 3. Also, you can get several fragments in the dragon roaming areas (up to 4), and yes they can be of the same breed or different. If one of my eggs dies, I still can get a fragment? Yes, and the possibility to get pieces is the same as the most vicious breeds: very unlikely. Added: 07/12/2015 Can I trade the empty eggs? Definitely no. Can I trade/gift the pieces of eggs? A bit complicated here since I dont want to overcomplicate this, but yes. You can trade them, you just cannot trade them directly with eggs or hatchlings, just with other fragments. I wish we could add a dragon with a BSA (or a BSA to an existing dragon) just like teleport but for fragments, but if not, teleport is good enough. Extra: a BSA for this This is not a question but a suggestion for this suggestion (suggestion-ception!), so, this can only be implemented if the main idea is implemented. In any case, I would like to suggest this BSA: Recollect, for the speckled-throated dragon. Affects: 1 egg. Effect: boost the possibility of getting fragments after the egg hatches, also multiplies the quantity of fragments you can get from that egg. Cooldown: 1 week after the affected egg hatches. You can use the BSA 3 days or 3 hours before the egg hatches, but before you can use it again you will need to wait for said egg to hatch, and then wait for the 1 week cooldown. Why this breed?: in the encyclopedia it says that males like to collect different kind of objects for artful displays and attract a possible mate. In my opinion, it seems fitting, but if you have something to say about this, you are more than free. Just wanting to say that this BSA is purely optional, if the main idea is implemented this BSA doesnt have to be. Can I name my empty eggs? Yes and no. You can "label" them, which is almost the same as naming, but you have less space for them (normal egg: 24 characters, pygmy egg: 12 characters). Hope it is clear enough. Also, you can "name" the egg just like an existing dragon, and 2 eggs can have the same "name", e. g. I have a dragon named "Rosa", another user, or even me, can have an empty egg labeled as "Rosa", or viceversa, having an egg labeled as "Rosa" a dragon can still be named "Rosa". Opinions, questions or anything else just leave a comment! .
  4. BSA Request! Drako34/Pederino - PM Notes: Preferably not naming, but dont care actually. Information: [url=http://dragcave.net/user/drako34]Drako34/Pederino[/url] - [url=http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=Msg&CODE=04&MID=212122]PM[/url] Requesting: magma, thunder. Keyword: 8