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  1. cheese456 said: I was thinking that you could get them during Christmas, since most (to not say all) are a good-nature breed they can have more possibilities to get fragments of, like 10% or 20% more (which means from 44% to 72%), of course the problem remains with new released holiday dragons since you can only have 2 CB and cant breed them until next christmas... The same applies to Valentine dragons. Tigerkralle said: Well, this can help solve the problem above and also the GoN problem: all year round you can get pieces of each dragon (except of course holidays, val
  2. I was thinking the same about a different "scroll" for the collection of eggs, I didnt know how to put that, but I think a badge link can do that just fine. Also, Aurigena is right, some descriptions doesnt fit for empty eggs, I will change that. And the trading, some seem not to like it (I dont like it too, though there will be no other way for some users to get the GoN egg, thats what kinda flaws my idea :/, unless you can still use Summon, but since you have your 3 GoNs then all you will get is failure, but with a little possibility of getting a fragment, does it sound fair?).
  3. Hey there! Here is an idea for frozen eggs: Edited on: 07/12/2015 Basic Idea The basic concept of this is to get the sprite of the eggs through shards or fragments of a given egg, you need to collect at least 6 for normal and drake dragons and 4 for pygmies. How are you supposed to get the fragments? Easy: hatching eggs. Every egg that hatches in your scroll will have a probability of leaving you a piece of egg depending on the breed of the dragons: the more calm and gentle breeds have the highest possibility, while the vicious and violent breeds or the ones that eat t
  4. BSA Request! Drako34/Pederino - PM Notes: Preferably not naming, but dont care actually. Information: [url=http://dragcave.net/user/drako34]Drako34/Pederino[/url] - [url=http://forums.dragcave.net/index.php?act=Msg&CODE=04&MID=212122]PM[/url] Requesting: magma, thunder. Keyword: 8