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  1. Syphoneira, I think you should start to write a bit less and say more with fewer words. Not because of something important, but because is difficult to read all those words and retain the topic of what you are saying intact, making more difficult to get to your point. Also, some people might not even try to read that. Just a suggestion, of course. In any case, I do think Ananokimi is right, is pointless to have just 2 true rares, and only 8 more or less rares vs almost 90 commons/uncommons, on an userbase that exceeds the ten thousands players (I am guessing here, sorry if I got a number too small or big). Also, and mainly, because we can add a bunch of "metals" and rares, we have pygmies, 2-headed, wyverns, eastern, western, lyndwurm, drakes and sea monsters; we could add at least a gold and silver of each kind; but they doesnt have to be metal, we could also add more rares that look like "normal" dragons, just that their species is very difficult to see/encounter. And we can do it little by little, just as Ananokimi said, every 2 or 3 months add 1, or every 5 commons/uncommons.
  2. I think what she means is that this action is going to be extremely weak, because a) you have to wait a minimum of a year after a hatchling has been frozen to unfreeze it, and as has been suggested at the moment, you can only use it 5 times a year, while you can freeze several hatchlings in just 1 month. And just with point "a" this action will be one of those things you have to think twice, if not thrice, before freezing a hatchling for unfreezing it later. I do think is kind of sensible putting the cooldown in 15 to 25 uses a year; that, or you only have to wait 6 to 9 months after the hatchling was frozen instead of a year; I personally prefer the first.
  3. Although the idea sounds effective, it will also be annoying. Just imagine that for every egg you catch in the cave you have to enter a captcha, for a common, uncommon, rare... That would make you think twice to catch any egg, making commons even less desirable, and making the biomes move even less. Thats an overall thing, but for an individual thing, imagine you are searching for a CB uncommon (a black, for example) for a lineage, and you finally get one, then you have to enter that damn captcha, but unfortunately, for any reason, you fail, making you lose the egg, and re-try catching it in the cave, in hopes that no one else gets it before you. What I think is one of the best things to do is: bring more rares and metallics to the mix. The reasoning is simple: we only have 4 or 6 rare dragons (the gold wyvern, the coppers -though some say they are uncommons-, the gold, the silver, the alpine and coast pyralspites, the blusang, and maybe some other I may be forgetting), 4 of those are "metallic" rare (which makes them more desirable); only that bit of rares, against almost 90 commons and uncommons, and since they are commons and uncommons they keep getting more every month, while rares have been the same since at least 1 year, 6 months minimum.
  4. It could keep the same narrative, is just the location of the actions, instead of being on the "actors" action page, they will be on the "target" action page. Actually, this could easily help with the use of fertility, and also will help those with slow internet (you know, cause fertility shows you a big bunch of dragons...), you just go to the actions of the dragon you want to breed, and before clicking the "breed" action, you click the "fertility" action, and choose from a list of purple dragons, or even better, the system chooses a random purple dragon for you, since it doesnt matter which purple uses its BSA first, the result will be the same (in the only case you need to search for a specific dragon is for influence, in case you want it male or female, and even then you can have another page or option below the influence action on the eggs actions that shows you a question: "male or female?", if you choose male, the system will choose a random male pink for the job, if female, a female pink then). After using fertility, you go back to actions, and you breed your dragon. Now, if there are no dragons that can use their BSA, I suggests it will tell you the minimum time you have to wait before using it again. In example, you only have 2 reds, both have used the BSA, one of them have to wait 5 more days before using it again, and the other has to wait 11 days, in the "incubate" action of the eggs action page then it will say something like: "you have to wait 5 days to use this action" or something like that. The only case this would not work is for splash, since splash doesnt have a target, but for that matter, it can be in the shallow water dragon without problems. I really like this idea, since I often use influence and incubate in the same egg most of the time, with this I can save the time of filtering through available BSA, searching the pink I want, selecting the influence BSA, choose the egg, put password, go back to my scroll, filtering again, clicking the first red I see, select incubate, choose the egg, and put password, and instead just choose the egg I want to incubate and influence, choose the influence action, choose the pink dragon I want, put password, go back to actions, click the incubate action, choose the dragon I want, put password, and end (and if the system chooses the dragon for me then we can take 2 steps from this last method). 12 vs 8 (6 if system chooses the dragons for the BSA randomly) steps.
  5. This idea is probably very stupid. But who knows. What I thought is that maybe we can merge the store and the trader ideas. First of all, it is a store, you go and see many things there. But, it is also a "scroll", they have many dragons there, which they breed and trade the offsprings for other eggs (just like the trader suggestion), these eggs will grow to be new dragons of the store, that will be bred to continue trading offspring and expanding the store. Since you dont really know the parents of the offspring (and neither does the owners of the store, since the dragons breed "freely"), it can be labeled as CB. You can also donate dragons, hatchlings or eggs to the shop (any breed, with just a few exceptions), to help expand the shop. Now, the mechanic more in depth is: They have 1 pairing of every breed at first, they are "bred" and the offsprings are offered in the store, depending on rarity and the necessity of the shop, they will ask for certain breeds for certain offsprings (if they are very balanced in quantity of breeds, they will ask for something random of more or less equal value), for example, they offer a gold egg, and they need 6 to 7 specific common breeds, or 1 to 2 specific rare breeds, or 3 to 5 specific uncommon breeds, so they will ask for any weird combination of those specific breeds they need, taking in account the ones they need the most; or they offer a blacktip egg, and since they dont need anything specifically they will ask for 1 to 2 random common breeds. The eggs you give will be part of the shop, and when they grow up they will be used to breed. The breeding mechanic will be the same as normal, a pair of dragons is bred, they wait a week before breeding again, they can refuse (in which case the shop search for other mates randomly), lay an egg or simply dont have a succesful breeding (no eggs is produced or something similar); also, the dragons will only be bred just as long as the shop isnt "full". Finally, if you want, you can donate a dragon to the store (in any stage, from egg to adult), with just some exceptions: the GoN (for which they have the 3 max of every scroll, or dont have any at all), any unbreedable breed -except vamps- (zombies, ND, paper, cheese, etc.), dinos and chickens, and the retired breeds (up to discussion). The store can offer a maximum of 100 eggs at any given time, and the eggs that sit in the store for 7 days straight will hatch and become part of the store (which means, they are no longer being offered). When you get an egg from the store it will have the typical 7 days for growing, it doesnt matter if you got it right when it appeared on the store, or if it only needed 7 minutes before hatching and becoming part of the store. During holidays, the breeds of that holiday will have priority when breeding; the vamps on the shop will only reproduce on halloween breeding season, biting random eggs in the store, making "pure" CB vampires. Finally, every time new breeds are released, the store will always have a pair of each growing up. The restrictions can be more or less like the mentioned before: *You can only trade one prize per year *You can only trade a max of 2 (or 1) per prize. *You cant trade more than 3 holidays per year, in any combination (i.e. 2 christmas and 1 valentine, or 3 halloween, or 1 of each holiday). *You cant trade more than 2 (or 1) rares per year. *You cant trade more than 1 alts/hybrids per year. This are the restriction I could come up with. Pros: +Can help balance the ratios or at least doesnt mess up with them; since technically it will be a "player", so the dragons of the store, will be a "players" dragons. +It keeps the monetary system of DC. +A lot of eggs available, most of the time. +The dragons with messy lineages can be given to the store and will make CB eggs. +The eggs will be there for a whole week (7 days), or until someone gets them. Cons: -The eggs are "actual" eggs, which means, the first to get the egg is the only one to keep it. Also means that if they are offering 2 of a certain breed, they are only offering those 2 of that breed until they breed another egg of that breed. -Can become empty at any moment if too many users get the eggs and there are no dragons available for breeding. Specially at the beginning of the shop, since there will be a very limited quantity of dragons of each breed; of course, this problem will solve itself as time passes since the shop will be getting more and more breeds and because of the new releases every month. -Just as much as it can help ratios, it can harm them. -You may have to wait a bit before getting the breed you want, specially if there are few of that breed in the store.
  6. What eggs do you want to see made available? (why?) Almost every egg: -Commons -Uncommons -Rares (including metals) -Prizes -Hybrids and Alts (including Avatars and Striped) The more dragons there are, the most likely people will have to think before buying, something they need for a planned lineage, or something they want. Also, Olympe said she would like to see other things aside from eggs, I have to admit I thought that was a cool idea, she suggested the selling of potions, but maybe mana crystals are a better option since we have sprites for that already (and if there is going to be sprites on the shop of course), also, you can make use of the different sizes for the same effect with different "power". They could work like this: Time: it adds or take time in the growing process of an egg or a hatchling. The big takes/add a day, the medium just 12 hours, and the small only 6 hours. Fire: boost the possibility of the egg being male (unless you prefer it for females, of course). The bigger the crystal, the bigger the chances. Ice: works as the opposite of Fire (if fire is for males, this is for females, and viceversa). Earth: earthquake BSA. I dont know how the chances could work here... but maybe the bigger it is, the higher the chance of success and death. Light: has possibilities of curing an egg or hatchling from sickness. The bigger the crystal, the bigger the chances. Life: just like the revive option with more success rate. Same as above for the chances. Death: you use it on a dead dragon, you try to revive it, and it could revive as a zombie (has the same rate as in halloween), the rate doesnt boost in halloween of course. Or maybe only works in Halloween, but it has more possibilties of reviving as a zombie dragon. I am not so sure about this one... In Any case: same as above for the chances. Air: just like teleport or protects an egg from earthquake (or both). The bigger the crystal, the more time will last its effects (from 1 day to 4 days), unless it only works for teleport, in which case I dont know... Magi: boost or hinders the likelihood of getting an alt/hybrid when breeding a pair of dragons. Or just like teleport and Air only protects an egg from earthquake. The chances depends on the effect it gets, if its the first, the bigger the crystal, the bigger the chances, if its the second effect, then I dont know. Water, Dark and Lightning: I dont know. But actually, not all have to be in the shop/trader, even some of the mentioned above doesnt have to be, if there is going to be something else aside from eggs in it. I dont expect much from this suggestion, but is there anyway... I guess What eggs SHOULDN'T be available? (why?) The obvious: -Neglected. -Zombies. -GoN. -Retired breeds (unless they are re-released, but thats beside the point). -Something else I may have forgotten. Are there changes that you would like to see before considering if "Trader" is better than "shop"? Well, I prefer the shop, since it will have a bunch of eggs most of the time, instead of just a few sometimes. But I dont really care. Would making a point to make sure that rares are definitely harder to obtain (as in combinations of multiple breeds and stages in the RNG pool) help convince those of you who don't want them "easy"? I would prefer if the trader/shop doesnt ask for hatchlings, but other rares or many uncommon and common eggs. I mean, is difficult enough to get an egg of certain breeds you have just a few, imagine if you need to get a hatchling, in which you need to wait in most cases (unless you get lucky enough to get the specific breed in the AP, in which it can go from incuhatchable to just a few hours with incubate). Of course, I will still be fine if it still ask for hatchlings.
  7. Ok, this argument is quite invalid. They are unique, no matter what... all dragons here are unique, there are even "hoarders" here in DC of many dragons, even the most common ones, that just collect those dragon even more than the others just because they like those breeds for their "uniqueness". And holiday dragons are more unique, they are released just one to 3 days in a single year. If thats not being unique, then I dont know what is... No, it does not make them have an advantage over older players, they will be on the same ground. How many old players have CB hollies? Not too many from what I know; now, they can buy one just with the same effort as a newer player, but the older player probably has trophies, which translates in more egg slots, so it will not bother them too much as a newer player. Also, older players have more dragons, and more reds, pinks, magis and purples to make more succesful lineages. They will not be just like seasonals, seasonals are obtainable year-round, they breed year-round, and they change "color" with solstices and equinox, oh! and you can get more than 2 CBs, in fact, as many CBs as you can catch; they are very different in my opinion. Also, holidays will not lose value, they are holidays, they will always have a big value, specially for newer players that cant get one, because lets face it, if this shop gets implemented, not everyone will be capable of buying some dragons in the times we have proposed, they were proposed to be the minimum to get one of those kind of eggs, but maybe in that time you may not get enough points for the dragon you want, and then you may have to wait for another year to buy them (being them only available for their respective holiday breeding season, of course). The problem persist on players that might register in 5 or more years, making it that we will have to boost the quantity of unlockable holidays every many years just to make it so newer players just have to wait 3 years at most to get the possibility of buying the oldest holidays.
  8. Yeah, I know. I want to see this done as right as this can be too. Yes, i know most HMs were alts and Hybris. I also do find time to spend a few minutes on DC those days. But the point of the shop (from what Ive gathered) is to give a better availability to all users. But the problems with the holiday week is: people are breeding planned lineages (taking up one egg slot per succesful lineage) and there is a new release (if you want christmas or valentine, fortunately that is a maximum of just 2 egg slots), some do breedings to gift, others to trade; if you add that they want to buy during that time, then there is a max of 2 CBs of past holiday to add to the egg slots. Holidays are very busy on DC as is, if you limit the shop to be available during those holidays, then you are making players do a more tight schedule and change their plans. This is a game. I dont know you, but I play games to escape from reality (or "life"), just for a while. I am not gonna lie, I like a sense of reality in games, but if that "reality", stops me from doing many things or even affects my goals in the game entirely and there is no solution for that, then thats a bad thing. Of course, and fortunately for me, a shop that is only active during certain times doesnt affect me completely, so I am not totally against. Yes I thought the same. And about the CB vamps, it depends on the player; since they dont breed, a bitten CB is the same as a pure CB for me, but for others it is not the case. Yes and no. All games force you to fulfill their main goal, but they let you do it the way you want, doing side-quest, not doing them; with items, without them, which items you will use; in many RPGs you can decide which attributes to boost on your character, and so on; all of them give you a false sense of liberty.
  9. Ok, then its fair that someone that never had a chance to get a past holiday has to buy the holidays they doesnt want to get the one they want taking them, lets say, a minimum of a year? And then breed it for only 1 week in a whole year? Sorry, but the idea is flawed. Why not? HMs were out of season, what are you gonna say about it? It is different because it was a raffle? Come on, limiting things this much will only create one thing: uselessness, for that kind of utility, its better not implementing this shop So people that want to be with their families and/or friends in the holidays arent dedicated enough? People that work those days arent dedicated enough? Thats why I prefer the year-round shop with extreme limitations on buying (for example, no buying more than 4 dragons per year). Ok, here it almost seems you just were trying to insult me, sorry if I misinterpreted (which is likely...). I never said they shouldnt be, I said that there is not a real reason to have them in the shop, but I dont care either if they are there. In fact is kind of better: more things to buy. Yes, I know. I understood your idea, but forcing the player to do what you want them to do in a game is not the best idea, in fact, it scares players away. Of course, you can make things in a way that the player can do whatever they want, but making it that they most likely do what you want them to do, for example, holly dragons should be twice (or thrice if you think it is still too cheap) as expensive as any other christmas dragon: you can go directly for that holly, but you have to work a lot more for it.
  10. Naruhinas idea is not a good one, at least not completely. What about the players that will enter in 2016? They would have to buy the 2015 Christmas dragon and so on just to get to the Holly, if the player earns enough points to buy 2 CB Christmas per year, that would mean that to get a CB holly, he/she should play for about 4 years, which is, in my opinion, way too much time for a single dragon that you are earning points to get, also, thats the best scenario, it could take even more. This is without taking in account that player may also want a Sweetling or a Cavern lurker, which will up the time. That would be extremely frustrating, making them wonder why is here a shop if they cant buy what they are really saving for anyway. PieMasters idea is not bad, what I see bad is having a limit on buying AND a shop that will only open for 4 to 8 weeks a year, more or less. I like the idea of having a limit on the things you buy (and I like the limits you stated), but the shop should be open year-round (and the dragons have to be available as well), why? Lets say the shop opens for a week on christmas, valentines, halloween and 2 weeks on january (or january entirely), you are forcing the player to be active those days even more, its enough with having the holidays breeding true and new releases that will only be obtained that year, except on january, in which only happens the raffle. Also, not all players can log during those days, so they will miss the holiday breeding season, the new release and the shop of that season, that also frustrates, and the game is frustrating enough with all its luck (no egg produced, dragon refusing a mate, failed vamp attemp, killing eggs with earthquake, influence can fail -very rarely, but I have heard people with that luck...-, not getting an alt or hybrid, summoning a GoN, etc.). Vampires can be in the shop, they were holidays anyway, but I actually dont see why :/, I mean, they never breed, if you have one you can get them any day of the year (with a bit of luck of course), you can get CB Vamps (not actually vamps, but it works for me). But I am neutral in this point.
  11. From what I understand. What Thuban wants is something like this: Raffle: A new set of prize dragons. Old prize dragons: in the store. The older the sprite, the cheaper. So Tinsels would be cheaper than Shimmers. After a certain amount of years (lets say 2 or 3), the new prize dragons will move to the store, and a complete new set of prize dragons will be available as Raffle prizes for another amount of time, and the prices of the older prizes in the store will lower to accomodate the new store prizes. But, just like in this raffle you could not ask for other things like hybrids, or past holidays, Tinsels and Shimmers will not be available in future raffles. Her point is that this new set of prizes can be given in a good quantity (for example, we had 600 prizes this raffle: 300 Shimmers, 300 Tinsels, so it could be 600 for a single prize (maybe less can be good too, like 500 or 400, since it will be only one breed)), so it doesnt take over the market completely, just like old prizes did; but you can still get the old prizes, just to avoid monopolization. I think thats what she means, more or less (and sorry if it actually causes more confusion...)
  12. I know 2 or 4 are not special numbers in DC (also I completely understand why many dont want take away the limits in valentines and christmas), I refered to the dragons being like the special numbers here in DC, because many users claim that making a change to how a dragon or event works will take away the uniqueness of a breed, and I said that, in my opinion, that was not a reason to be against any idea, its just like saying "I am against this 'cause I like it the way it is". And I didnt say that holiday dragons should stop being mono-gender (or that the ones existing should become bi-gender in any case), what I said is that with a big limit, spriters can make bi-gender holidays more easier, without the fear that some people will dislike that due to a short limit. Also, I know here are a lot of good persons (I got my first magma and thunder from 2 users from here), so I can completely understand that no one wants to remove the trade feature.
  13. I will probably get a full storm of rotten tomatoes for writing and commenting this, but... The "this dragons are special because of its mechanics" argument to not support a possible change, is pretty much like the interesting or special numbers, an special number is just a number that is given a single or group of characteristics that makes it "special" or "unique", for example, the number 2 is the only number that multiplied or added to itself gives as result the same number: 4 (some even go with religious or historical events, as example: 666 and 911); the point is, any number can be special, and many can vary their uniqueness depending on culture or definition why is special (for example, in catholic or christian religion 666 is the mark of the beast and a very bad sign, but in most asian cultures the 6 is thought to be luckyness and wealthyness, and the more 6s the better, being 666 one of the most lucky numbers); but in reality they are not special at all, they are just numbers being given a characteristic. But here it is done to dragons: this dragon is special because how it breeds, how it is obtained, how it acts... And yes, they are special because of those and many reasons, but they keep being just dragons (and more specifically, pixels). So the characteristics you described about the Christmas/Valentines dragons being special for being mono-gender is really something that makes them special, but it also made special the purples, and bright pinks; but now that I think of it, bright pinks are mono-gender and discontinued, to keep them special its better they not get re-released*, even if the original spriter says its more than fine... this is just an example, of course. So, in my opinion, is kind of flawed as an argument. Also, the holiday dragons are still going to be "special" even if they stop being monogender, because they are going to breed true only during one week of a whole year, and the CBs will still drop once, for 3 days. From the day trading was available the forum goers were at an advantage over the non-forum goers, I mean, trading over any other media goes from difficult to almost impossible :/ (unless you have friends that play DC in real life). Also, now we have the "notice-board", and if you dont get to see a message that says "Valentines Day Timeline" is because you had a page view problem, you want to blind yourself or you dont play/arent playing too much (for any reason of course: dont like, getting tired of it, a job, a familiar issue, ...), and for those people it can be fixed by sending an automated email to every user every time TJ makes a new post in the News thread, I dont know if this is too difficult or possible, but is an option, I guess Sorry if I seem rude or something. *I am not saying they are going to be re-released, its just an example.
  14. Yes, I thought so too, it was just an idea to keep them unlimited in some way but at the same time limit users to abuse that.
  15. One way to keep it unlimited, with 3 day-drop and a way that players dont get more than 10 eggs is with 2 conditions: the CB holiday eggs cannot be available for incubate and cant be tradable or abandonable (?) (if you want to get rid of the eggs you would have to kill them). This would make a player to get from 0 to 7 CB holiday eggs, depending on availability of scroll and trophy. Of course, The cons of this are that its weird that something you could do before (incubate CB holiday eggs), now you cant; also it will force players to keep with all the holiday eggs they catched for min 3 whole days (unless incubate just doesnt work on CB holiday eggs during the 3 day period, after that time you can incubate them but then again it doesnt make sense :/); and finally, it will still be limited to a max of 7 (if you have gold trophy), so it is not unlimited as is :/. The pros are that you can easily get a bunch of CB holidays and still not take too many; Valentine and Christmas dragons will be more freely to have different genders and, maybe, dimorphism, which leds to another pro: more diversity on lineages without adding too much difficulty (just using influence will do just fine, and it only has a week of cooldown, so you dont have to plan too much ahead), also it will not break existing lineages. The paragraph above is just an idea on how to make the "unlimited" catching non-exploitable by multi-account and other means. Also, something that can be added to the idea is that during the week of every holiday you can get CBs of the past holiday dragons (for example, right now in the cave could be dropping arsani, heartseeker, rosebud... dragons, they all will be droppping like a common or uncommon breed, depending on ratios of course) and this one may or may not be available for incubate. Still, I support for both, upping the limit to 4 and unlimited (prefer the last, but still happy with the first).
  16. The reason there is a lot less desire for those dragons you mentioned is because they are no longer in the cave, just as much as the CB holidays of past holidays (which are also being considered to be put in the store), they were desired when they appeared or disappeared. Also, there is still a group that wants those dragons, in the case of the discontinued, they want those back, in fact the frills are supposedly being prepared for a relaunch, and after that a post appeared that asked bringing the old pinks back, and also did a recolor of the egg. But the prizes are here, every year, they are obtainable, in a way, but only a few did get them in all these years (this year is more or less an exception, since a lot of players got prizes). Now I dont know if the store is needed to get more CB prizes, because probably next year will go with more prizes (at least 50, if not 100, more), if it does not go with more prizes, 600 is , I think, enough of them. If you had read this post, the people that approve this idea are giving ways to make a way that is viable, non-exploitable, non-easy, non-quick and, yet, possible to obtain prizes (at the moment the less time they have proposed is a whole year, to get just one prize egg, and you cannot get more than 2 of each color and species, they will not be tradable, and also you cannot get more than 150 points per day), still there are some that oppose the idea of prizes being in the store. Also, yes, there are a lot of users that will not be able to spend the time to get points, but there are also users that cannot spend the time of catching the CB holiday eggs (specially Christmas), but still here it is. This store is meant to not change the way you play, you could play normally without it, or with it, you dont need the store to get some lineages (trade with someone), or even getting the CB prizes (for this ones you need luck). Thats not a bad idea, not at all, the problem still resides in one thing, they are metals, they dont breed their own species very well, so multi-clutching will make them breed 1 of them (if you are lucky) and many of the other breed (unless is a metal too, in that case you are lucky if you get an egg) most of the time, still some people will like those dragon,but a lot more will like the low gen prize dragon. Also, to get more low gen prizes we need more CB prizes and more players that breed and trade them, we want it or not. I hope my words doesnt seem too rude or agressive, since that was not my intention, just, you know, debating.
  17. The second paragraph: With this feature you are still free to do as you please, you do not need to go to the forum to complete the encyclopedia, the cave doesnt have to change at all, and the encyclopedia will work the same way (you just need to complete all info of a breed to unlock this feature in that breed, from what I understand, I dont think thats too hard to implement). The only change will be in the biomes and have to do with seeing the actual eggs and no mistery eggs. About the 3rd paragraph: people have said already that the encyclopedia "fills alone", with what they mean: you got an egg? you unlocked an information, you hatched an egg/got a hatchling? a bit more information, you have now an adult? more info, the encyclopedia actually fills on its own just by owning or viewing, 2 things everyone does on DC, it will still be an addition, but will not be just a decorative thing. Anyway, learning a piece of text and associating it with an image is fairly easy: for certain people. I dont have problems with that (I even remember very trivial things people have said to me 2 or 3 years in the past, and the name of all 700+ pokemons), but I have friends that have a lot of trouble remembering things that happened 10 minutes before (of course they are non-important things, but still); you cant expect them to learn at least 10 descriptions and their eggs (plus biomes!), they are at a disadvantage here (a big one since they choose by mere luck most of the time, or in a "I am feeling lucky" way). Sorry if I seem rude...
  18. Thats a fair point, and as I said , it is good because it doesnt make this feature too powerful or useful. Thats of course if you just mouse-over and then you see the egg.
  19. Good and bad. Is good because there is less advantage to the ones that got it, bad becuase it slows you down, making reading a lot more preferably, example: lets say you are in a biome and you got: flamingo wyvern, black and almandine pyralspite; while you inspect all three eggs with the mouse you have probably lost the almandine to someone else, which you could have read the descriptions that only says: "This egg feels like polished stone"; making this way to determine a breed kind of useless. Also, I would like to say something: since this is affecting the eggs in the biomes and the encyclopedia, I think is better that you dont have to unlock all info of a breed in the encyclopedia, but have raised a certain quantity of dragons of a breed (lets say 20 or 30, maybe more, maybe less); or maybe you have to unlock all info of a breed and have had at least 10 to 20 eggs. This way you are recognized to be a person that have a lot of experience with that breed. I am saying this mainly because I have unlocked all information on certain breeds but only had 1 egg (according to encyclopedia, of course) when I did so (black for example), everything else was just observation.
  20. To fix that I think a gray-scale of the egg can be put into play. I mean, take for example the ridgewing which can be tan or purple, the sprite in the biomes can be in gray-scale, that way you know is a ridgewing due to the pattern of the egg, but dont know if its a tan or purple until you click the egg and see it in your scroll. This can affect only the breeds that have a breeding behaviour like this, that includes the dorsal and the ridgewing, and maybe another breed, but I am not totally sure.
  21. I understand you want to put them at control, but 3 years to get JUST ONE egg is too much IMO, it would be almost the same as not putting them in the store, specially if you can buy other dragons that are uncommon or rare in less time, like a year or a bit more than a year (I know HMs are very rare, but still). Anyway, I dont know, I can see 1 year and a half and still think it is a bit too much... I mean, I was gone for almost 2 years (if I remember correctly) and when I came back, there where almost 25 extra dragons (not counting holidays) AND the biomes. In three years we are talking about: 9 holiday dragons (3 christmas, 3 valentine and 3 halloween), a big chunk of common, uncommon and rare dragons, and a possible overall redesign of the site in terms of game mechanics and design.
  22. Yes, I was thinking about that, a link that more or less says: "Theres a curious object on the ground, would you like to look at it?", if you click it then you can see which fragment it is, then it will say "Look! its a fragment of a dragon egg! Would you like to keep it? (yes / no)". The link will be just at the top or bottom of the dragon roaming areas. Also, I can understand that you dont want to depend on luck, but I think it can be helped with a BSA (one that makes the eggs give you more fragments than normal, or one that boost the likelihood of getting fragments...), but that is just another suggestion, and, depending on it, will need this one to be implemented, and to be honest, I dont think its going to be. To end this comment I will say that I am going to add some things to the OP since you gave me some ideas, thanks =D!
  23. While I do understand your point and analogy, I think you should rework your analogy. First of all DC is a game, if you like it you keep playing, if not you quit, with no consequences; a job is not, also you dont earn a "crap pay", you are supposed to earn what you work for (of course, this is very relative, since there are places where you can easily be payed more doing less of the same job, though there are jobs that exploit their employees). Anyway I am with you, we should get points for doing things in DC; but also for playing a game. Both can be worked together (at least I think so), if we have a daily cap, like 75 to 100 points per day, you can get points through normal playing but also from mini-games and you wont get more than 75 or 100 points.
  24. Indeed, I dont see the problem with a store to get any in-cave dragon. And I dont see how this will hurt ratios since you need to get points, and to get the needed points for a common dragon (one you can get in any biome fairly easily, like mints) you basically have to get points during 2 or 3 days (from what Ive read, this is for hybrids considered commons, so maybe for a real common like mints, it can be less, but I dont see why it should), therefore is logical that an uncommon will take you from a week to a few months depending on the "uncommoness" and time you can spend obtaining points, and the rares from 2 months to, very easily, a year. Since no everyone can connect everyday, the obtaining of eggs through this method is just absurdly slow and non-effective. Although I see a problem with distributing "store-exclusives", or only CB holidays/hybrids/prizes/alts. The first ones should not exist, and the last ones can be, but not being the only things you can buy and, obviously, have prices according to their rareness. I support if its a store to get CB of all dragons.
  25. Bump (?). Hello, sorry for all the inactivity, I was very busy with college, but I got time to write this and to completely edit the Original Post, adding a lot of things and filling a lot of holes in the idea. So, I hope you guys read it now if you can, thanks beforehand! BTW, I still have the Original Post, just in case its needed.