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  1. Actually, generalization is the most objective way to go. No one can look for each case individually. Thats why we generalize, to make better decisions in general, can you be wrong about a person because of generalization? Yes, of course, and very likely also, because as you imply, in a group there is always some individuals that go out the standards. About everyone understanding it, I dont think so, specially when reading the comment of Olympe just above yours, where she states its broken because for using unfreezing you must wait 3 months without using freezing again, when actually, they restore independently according to the time you used one or the other in my suggestion. But it doesnt matter, as you said, its unnecessarily complex. @silver_chan Sorry, I still dont see your point. But lets agree you are right, since the restriction is, as I said earlier and agreed with fuzz, unnecessarily complex. And yes, the basic part of the idea is not too complex, but what about the "advanced" part? Anyway, I think we have drifted away of the main topic. SideNote: sorry for any misspelling, I am in my tablet (I was also for my last comment), and its more difficult to write on it.
  2. The 32 freezing chances per month is something we already have, i didnt made that up. And that doesnt make the system broken, unfreezing could be for undoing mistakes and storing hatchlings for breeding or protecting them, and therefore will not be used as much, so no need. Still, no need for them to be tied either anyway. For the last part, I would recommend a time wait of 16 weeks (4 months) over 53 weeks (1 year and a week), simply because 1 month is 4 times as much time an egg would take to become an adult, therefore 4 months would be 16 times as much, and a year woul be 48 times as much. Also, in a year most people would forget to unfreeze the hatchling, even 4 months can make the mind forget, and you have to take in account that the age of players here in DC varies from 8 to who knows how much, if its too young, around 12 years old (8 years old is maybe too young to understand the feature), she would probably forget, because teens, if the player is around 40 to 60 (I read so ewhere that there was a player around 45 yesrs old), its memory is not like it used to be, and this is not taking in account people that have a not so good memory because of any reason (genetics, mental discapacity, sickness,...), so yeah, 53 weeks is way too much time to unfreeze a hatchling. @fuzzbucket, thats right, but then you need to wait a week to breed again, you may not care for time, but others do. I for example, like to do things as fast as possible, so I avoid mistakes (because, often, avoiding takes less time than fixing or waiting it to fix itself over time, which is what you are suggesting basically), if I can use some tool or technique to reduce my mistakes, I would use it, and if there is a tool to reduce the time to do something I would also use it. This tool, of course, would only work for avoiding mistakes, but not reducing time.:-) @silver_chan If you only want to unfreeze 1 thing, nothing more, then you can use 1 unfreeze and in 2 weeks you would recover the freezing it took you, no waiting 3 months for it to recover. And, if you already want to unfreeze 1 thing, that means you already have it, therefore, you dont have to wait for using unfreeze, you use it and thats it, you would keep with 237 to 234 freezings, not 225. And it would only affect you the first year. For the second paragraph, read the comment I made for fuzz just above this one. ------------------------------- Anyway, the system may not be broken, but 1 thing is for sure: it is complex, I have had to explain it at least 3 times, and no one seems to understand it all that well, so, lets just keep freezing and unfreezing as 2 completely separate entities, lets keep it simple.
  3. As for your first question: you use a freeze action on october 2nd 2015, after 2 weeks, on october 16th 2015, you will restore 1 freeze action, and after 3 months, on january 2nd 2016, you will restore an unfreeze action. If you use 2 freeze actions, they will restore on their accorded days, for example, you freeze on october 2nd 2015 and on october 5th 2015, then it would be: 1st freezing action recovery: october 16th, 2nd freezing action recovery: october 19th 2015; 1st unfreezing action recovery: january 2nd 2016, 2nd unfreezing action recovery: january 5th 2016. For the second question, there is no real need I think and hope, I just though that it could count as a not so harmful restriction. I mean, if you are a gold trophy player you can freeze 384 times in just a year, so, I though that even if you freeze like crazy it would not harm you to sacrifice 16 (at most, you may end up sacrificing only 2 or 3, or even 8 or 9, but 16 is the max) of those freezing chances, I mean, you would still have 368 chances; and even if you do like freezing all that much, then that means that unfreezing has little use to you, therefore you can sacrifice the unfreezing instead. Of course, it was just an interesting concept, as many said freezing and unfreezing were so correlated... I will almost have to quote myself with this: -Using freezing to avoid a dragon to get on a breeding list when its not needed: a hatchling cant breed, therefore, if frozen, it will never go on the breeding list of another dragon, which may become a mistake breeding attempt. Example: @ You have a 3rd gen Blue nebula stair with Ice dragon, you want to continue the lineage, yet you dont have a mate for her, so you freeze her, and that way you avoid breeding her with another dragon that also has blue nebulas for mate; when you get the mate for the blue nebula you froze then you can unfreeze her and breed it with the mate. @ But this can be added for several hatchlings, and weekly, lets say you freeze 3 to 6 hatchlings weekly to avoid them getting in the breeding list, in 1 month that woud be approximately 12 to 24 dragons outside your breeding list, not annoying. -It can help you grow things more safely with the downside of waiting almost 12 times, in fact, lets do some maths: if you go for the traditional wait, it would just be an egg that hatches in min 3 to 2 days if incubate, then a hatchling that grows in min 3 days, meaning a min of 5 to 6 days for you to have an adult, for convenience 7 days, a week; now, if you go for the Freeze&Unfreeze way, you will find yourself with the 2 to 3 days for an egg to hatch, plus the 1 to 2 days for the hatchling to gender (if you want an specific gender of course, if not, then take it from the equation) plus the 3 months wait to have the ability to unfreeze it, that equals 12 weeks plus 2 days min (3 to 4 days if you add the wait for gender), which means 12 times mre time to get an adult with this feature. Of course, this can come in handy for people that, in one way or another have lo leave the hatchlings unattended for a long period of time: 4 to 6 days, but dont want to risk them getting sick. In resume: You may only use it for 1 case, but then, why add it at all for only one case? or even for approximately 10 to 15 dragons, and only for old users, new users will not have any reason to even look at this feature unless they freeze a very important and nearly irreplaceable hatchling (for example, a descendant of an alt sprite or thuwed) by mistake, which rarely occurs (specially since you need a password for that). Then for this feature to be used for a long time it should really be broken like no more than 3 unfreezes in a year, and even then you (I mean this you as in you, fuzzbucket) will unfreeze everything you need in less than a year since you only have 1 case, maybe 3 to stretch it out; for then never look at this feature ever again. I can see what you mean, but in a year you have around 384 freezing chances, if you need to unfreeze, it would not really hurt you to take 1 out, would it? I mean, with this suggestion you would sacrifice 16 (at most, you can just need 4 or 6 instead of 16, but 16 is the max) freezing chances, that would still leave you with 368 freezing chances. Do you really freeze that much? --------------------------------------------------------- In any case, that is just a suggestion, which means it can be changed all the times its needed until we came to an understanding of what could be best. I suggested it, because that way it would not become a feature in which almost only old users would take advantage of with the unfreezing of frozen CB holidays, and only for a very limited period of time (I think 2 years, 3 at most, after that, as it was being visioned, it would just become an almost useless undo action: waiting a year before being capable of unfreezing a hatchling for example; if I froze a CB green gemshard by mistake, with that kind of restriction it would take less time to keep grabbing and hatching, or trading, CB gemshards until I got the color I wanted).
  4. Sorry, I thought it was clear enough (or obvious at some point, at least). After using you use yhe freeze action on a hatchling you would consume one freeze and unfreeze action, after 2 weeks of using the action your freeze action will restore one chance (like always), and after 3 months your unfreeze will restore one action (this is independently of the other). The same goes for unfreezing. So no, if you used freezing 16 times that doesnt mean you will not be able to unfreeze again, that depends of course, the time lapse in which you freeze (if you did 4 freezes one day, and then freezed again at least 4 times more in 3 months, and then in 3 more months you froze again and so on in the course of a year, then yes you would be incapable of unfreezing with using a minimum of 16 freezings, but for that you should really like freezings, plan ahead to be incapable of unfreezing, or freeze quite erraticaly; not impossible but difficult, and if you really want to unfreeze you should have to plan just a bit ahead, after all you can sacrifice one freezing action for one unfreeze if you can use the former more than 300 times). You will not have negative numbers, the countdown will stop at 0 on the unfreezing action, and you can still use the freezing action until it reach 0. Also, you will never waste all your freezing actions while keeping unfreezing actions, but you can waste all your unfreezing actions and keep some freezing actions (example, you may end with 4 freezing action and 0 unfreezing actions, or with 0 freezing actions and 0 unfreezing actions; but never with 0 freezing action and 1 unfreezing action). I dont think this part of the suggesgion is broken, but I may be wrong. I hope I answered all your questions. Anyway, the restriction on freezing can be taken away, and the time of wait for unfreezing a freshly frozen hatchling could be reduced to 3 months instead of 6.
  5. Another kind of restriction that can be put on place that may apply to both, freezing and unfreezing, that avoids people from taking advantage while not limiting unfreezing too much: Freezing: -The frozen hatchling keeps taking an slot until it has fulfilled 3 days of hatching (if you froze it when it had 5 days 3 hours, then the hatch slot will be taken for 1 day and 3 hours more after freezing). If you freeze a hatchling that is under 4 days it will stop filling a hatchie slot. Unfreezing: -You can only unfreeze a hatchling that has been 6 months frozen. -The times of use should recharge every 3 months. -The usage should depend on the trophies (example; no trophy: 1 time, bronze: 2 times, silver: 3 times, and gold: 4 times). That would mean a max of 4 usages a year for non trophy users, and 16 for a gold trophy user; against 240 freezes a year for non trophy user, and 384 for a gold trophy user. -Hatchling should auto-adult. Both: -The usages of freezings and unfreezings should be bind together, which means, if you use 1 freeze you are also using 1 unfreeze and viceversa. This way no one can go over the hatchie slots and cant insta-adult (it takes less to wait a month than 6 months, and even then a hatchie grows in only 3 days if it has enough views), but people can still use freezing for storing hatchies with the help of unfreeze. For example, you have a group of CB and lineaged hatchlings growing up, and you know you will not be connected for a long period of time (4 days, a month...) but for one reason or the other you dont want to just leave them to grow without supervision, you are worried they wont get enough views (unlikely, but possible anyway), or die of sickness or viewbombing, you just freeze them and wait 6 months to unfreeze a max of 4 of them (if you are gold trophy), wait 3 months more to unfreeze another batch, and so on until you get everything unfrozen. This can also help you get some dragons out of the breeding list for at least 6 months and until you get a possible mate. Example again, I have a a 3rd gen purebred brightbreasted dragon, but I dont have a possible mate for it, I freeze it, then I can keep breeding without an extra dragon on the list while I also search for a mate for that bright-breasted, but it could also work for batch of hatchies, meaning you may be avoiding adding almost 10 hatchies to your breeding list every now and then.
  6. If this is the problem, why not ask TJ to let us unfroze our hatchlings during a certain period of time, lets say, you have 1 month to unfroze the hatchlings you want, after that there will be no more unfreezings. It would be just an action that will be available for frozen hatchling. Sincerely (and again), if we are going to add something we will use once in a blue moon due to its restriction (which will make it almost useless), why add it at all? I mean, instead of adding a new useless function we can easily "ask for forgiveness" (I hope you understand this expression, is just that english is not my native language, so I cant express my ideas all too well) and ask to amend past mistakes.
  7. As ananokimi said, with those many restrictions, why have it at all? We would use it only to unfreeze past regrets (old CB holidays, for example) and thats it. And if it really hurts that much that someone gets more halloween dragons (I thought it was a "grab everything you can" kind of thing, so this would benefit the spirit of that, but it seems not), then make the freezing of a hatchling still take 1 hatchling slot for max 3 days (the time it needs to fully grow up) or a week (the time it needs to die from " views starvation"), that way neither is exploitable and we dont need to put that many restrictions in just one.
  8. Yes, I concur. Now that the neck is much shorter, the limbs look very long, specially when compared to those of the male (not that the 2 should have the same body ratio, but one would expect that, even if one is larger, because they are of the same species). But overall is much better than before, because that neck was very pointy and squared at the base before... But since I do not make lineages or care for pygmies all that much, it doesnt affect me all that much; so I am very happy with it.
  9. I am pretty sure he was referring to the fact that DC is a growing site, and as such has to keep growing, updating. Also, never excluded us, older players (I am here since 2008, if I am correct), he just made emphasize on the newer users. And sorry for pointing you out of the whole, but this comment is actually for everyone, specially the ones that look at that comment and think that he is saying that only the new users want the updates. Not that I am anyone that should say this, but I have seen at least 4 comments like this, and they dont add anything to the topic. Of course, everyone is free to post anything they want, but is bad when you read the same comment over and over.
  10. @Tawanda001 @purplehaze Like what you have done here in your comment? I mean, you are saying that the ones that want or are in pro of the updates are arrogant and snarky, would not that count as being snarky? Also arrogance, why would you think you are in the position to call another person or group of persons arrogant? Lets say the truth, both sides are quite snarky and arrogant, when we discuss about something personal, is very difficult not to come to that edge. The difference is when you are respectfully snarky, and unrespectfully snarky. ATM, most of the comments, of both parties and the ones that doesnt care at all about the silvers update, have been very respectful (also snarky and arrogant ), so I think that is not a reason why people would stop commenting, because if it was, this thread would not have commenters at all. Anyway, I have gotten way out of topic, and sorry for that...
  11. I dont think is entirely taken out of context, but in any case the same can be said in favour of updating: because we love this that much we will go and make it better.
  12. I am just going with the main point, the silvers update (note, i didnt read everything, a bit more than the half). The silvers need an update, not for personal reasons, but business. The site runs from donations of users, and more users means an easier and more reliable income. How can you atracct new users but with shinies and pretties? And unfortunately the silvers are not exactly pretty (look at the face of the male silver and tell it doesnt look very toad-like for a dragon, an eastern dragon to be precise), and, even being silvers, they dont shine all that much (the blue lunar herald is more shiny than the silver for example). For the time, they were the best of the best of course, but now, they are quickly falling behind, and sooner or later, an update is inevitable, specially for a dragon as important as the silver (all dragons are important, but the silver and the gold are, ATM, the only true rares we have). And making them drop like common or uncommon while getting the newer wont help the issue, because their value will go down like a rock in the water, and people will see they actually liked the dragon because it was rare, or because they became too attached to it. It would only show the truth of the silvers now. What could be an option is that users can choose which version of the sprite they can see, but the default will always be the most recent version. But even then, I have my doubts.
  13. If you see the day it was "stolen", it was no more than 2 months ago... which makes me think, maybe we will be capable of choosing which version of the sprite we want to see. If true, that would be nice.
  14. You are comparing a fungi to an animal (at least I am pretty sure a dragon is more closely to be an animal than a fungi)? Sorry, but that doesnt make sense.. Also, I dont think she is being too picky (rude, agressive... yes), what she said is more or less in the margins of logic, naturally wise (even though nature can surprise us...) and magically wise (I mean, the GoN is basically a god here in DC but has to be summoned, is unable to summon another one of its kind and cant breed with itself). I would really like if GoN could breed with themselves, just for fun. Of course, the main issues I see with this suggestion are: What if the GoNs refuse (yes, all of them)? I can see many killing of GoNs if this occurs. How much the rate would be to get an Avatar (or GoN if it becomes possible) from a GoN couple? If you can get GoNs from GoNxGoN, could you trade that offspring? Or would you have to keep it until death/freezing/adulthood? I vote for the 2nd one just in case.
  15. What about this ideas: -When re-releasing the christmas/valentines, their CB-limits could be lifted and become mildly or barely uncommon; for example, the christmas dragon for this year, 2015, will have a CB limit of 2 per user, but the next year, if re-released, you can grab as much as you can. -OR, in every re-release you can grab 2 CBs of every holiday dragon, while making them a bit less rare than uncommon, for example, this year, I get only 1 new-christmas, the next year I can grab 2 more, meaning I can get 3 at max, then the next year I can grab 2 more, so I can have between 3 (if I didnt grab anything last year) and 5 (if I filled myself last year) as max; and so on. -The halloweens should be mildly or barely uncommon (this one is actually an opinion, not an idea). It is very farfetched, but its just an idea... Please, dont kill me...
  16. Possibly it depends on full moon and new moon state? for example: Cyrion || Aurax Full || Full == Gold/Yellow Full || New == Brown (?) New || Full == Blue (?) New || New == Silver/White (?) NOTE: the colors for the moons were chosen randomly except for the Gold one because of the reasons below. And gibbous count as Full, and crescent count as New (because waning and waxing gibbous are closer to a full moon; while waning and waxing crescent are closer to a new moon), and the first quarter is also a full moon due to it growing to be a full moon, and for third quarter is a new moon because it decreases to become a new moon. Though this is a bit farfetched :/.
  17. I am sorry if my comment deviates from the main topic but, how is not a disadvantage the fact that you have to rely on someone else to fulfill a goal? Wouldnt that be a disadvantage, since you need him/her to do something you might wanna do? And if theres no one to help you, would you just give up on your goal, because no one could/wanted to help you? As PieMaster said, people with CB are leaving the site, and theres less and less production of 2nd gen, sooner or later, there would not be many that could gift those 2nd gen, and in some cases 3rd gens with certain lineages (specially with new releases), and the 2nd gen holidays will be even more scarce than 2nd gen prizes. I think this is a very good idea to alleviate the above issues, the only problem I see is with halloweens, they would have to drop like commons for everyone to catch one, or have a yearly cap, for example, each year you cannot grab and trade for more than 4 CBs of each species. You can still get as many as you want, but no more then 4 each year. NOTE: the 4 of each is just an example, it could be more or less, and it can be globally, making it 10 of any species.
  18. Have you tried using purples BSA before breeding? That may help you to avoid the no interest. In any case, I think what you are proposing is kind of difficult, because of the big amount of data it would require, just imagine 1 dragon that has tried breeding with 10 other dragons multiple times, and now imagine the same for those other 10 dragons and the other mates of those dragons... Thats a lot of information, and also that information will get bigger in little time, specially if you breed a lot of dragons weekly or even daily; then you would have to add the thousand of users that this site has. Of course, I actually know very little about this kind of stuff, but I heard that information takes memory space, and that memory space is very important and limited. Edit: made an unnecessary quoting.
  19. I dont think so, because changing them sprite-wise would mean that every egg existing now will have to undergo a certain change (be it making it lighter/darker in color or adding a decoration), that will do 1 things: some spriter would have to make those changes, and not everyone has the time or is willing to do that kind of work, specially when there are almost 90 eggs. The only difference that I expect to see is in the Type column of the scroll, where it, instead of saying "Egg", will say "Empty Egg, F" where the F stands for the typical frozen symbol.
  20. I have almost forgotten about thie thread, in fact I only found it thanks to pinkgothic comment in the preferred method for freezing thread that popped up in the first page recently. Anyway, I am just here to bump this thread and say that I updated some ideas and added one more. They are in green, BTW. Although I recommend reading the whole post, in case you dont know what this is about. Thats all for now folks!
  21. I dont think so... You may keep the old sprites and other people keep the new sprites, but what about the breeding mechanics? this will piss off many players, because of the same reason some people get mad when breeding nebulas(or catching), stripe x stripe breeding, and the relatively recent released gemstones. In any case, I dont care if we can come up with an idea that lets us keep the old and the possibly updated sprites, but I surely not like this suggestion.
  22. What if the limit of freezing and unfreezing attempts is shared, but they consume a different quantity of attempts? First of all, you can freeze whatever hatchling you want, whenever you want, that will take you 1 freezing/unfreezing attempt; then, after a year or a bit more of being frozen, you can unfreeze that hatchling, but for unfreezing, the action will take 3 freeze/unfreeze attempts (you would only need to use it once, but will act as if you used freezing 3 times). This will make thinking harder for freezing and unfreezing during holidays (lets say you freeze a bunch of halloweens this year to unfreeze them next year for breeding, you will run out of freezing/unfreezing attempts fairly quick the next year and will be incapable of doing the same "trick" the next year). Of course, this is a minor thing, but is an idea you guys can work with.
  23. Syph, DC is still a family site, the fact that players cant pay to win/get better things and they can play in any way they like (hoarding, breeding lineages or just breeding, collecting certain quantities of each breed, biting, freezing, monogamous breeding, etc.) makes it a family site. Also, you play as much as you want/can daily, or even weekly. Of course, if you want to see a game for the competitive side, then yes, there will be unhappy players, but thats something that comes with the competitive side of every game, there will always be some group with advantages over others, and theres no way to counteract that, because if you do, then you will be giving too much power to another group or pissing the advantaged group, making a cycle/loop were only a group is satisfied/has the advantage. More or less, thats why I think is better to keep adding more rares every now and then; the rares will keep their rarity, being just as difficult to catch than always, but players will be capable of seeing at least 1 rare every now and then, and even if they do not get to catch 1 one day, at least someday they will get a rare, probably not the one they want, but a rare nonetheless, that they can trade for the rare they really want or a good quantity of commons/uncommons. Of course, this is an ideal case. Edit: forgot to add something, sorry...
  24. The problem with any solution we give is that it will never be "permanent", this is a site that changes too much for any solution to be permanent. But take in account that adding dragons is something that we know TJ does every now and then, changing ratios may be something he does also, but we dont really know, in any case, we can be almost sure that adding a dragon is "easier" than changing the ratios for the sole purpose of some breeds to be easier to get/breed, and in any case, both solutions must be done every certain period of time to be effective; stop doing them, and the solution is no solution anymore.
  25. The problem is that we almost only receive releases of commons/uncommons, which is more than nice, I prefer commons than rares, but once in a while we can receive a rare/medium rare instead of every year or so, just to make them more diverse, more "user-friendly", I mean, how many users actually like gold and silver because of how they look/represent instead of what they are right now(currency/rares/valuables)? In any case, other adoptables sites are not DC, but DC is other adoptable site of hundreds, so it could take some tendencies (the good ones, or at least the neutral ones, like a more balanced proportion of rares and commons/uncommons, and some kind of other way to earn a dragon).