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  1. You have to take in account, that at the moment DC is a very slow paced game, and every year it becomes slower, since the amount of dragons overtakes by a lot the amount of egg slots; therefore, nobody wants to waste egg slots in common breeds because they could be wasting them on rarer breeds, and then here is when the breeds overwhelm others and doesnt let them breed true, since nobody catches many of those breed, not many of them are bred, also when you breed an egg you are occupying an egg slot, meaning you have to be careful when breeding and catching... Ok, they definitely seem to be "tied". Now, say for example: You have 4 base egg slots with no trophy, plus 1 for every trophy until 7. Now, for every 75 (I think it should be higher, but lets put it as example) dragons released (not taking in account hybrids, alts, different forms, created, unbreedables and holidays), every user gets an extra egg slot overall (meaning 5 egg slots with no trophy, up to 8 with trophies, if we have around 127 -random number biger than 75 and smaller than 150- dragons; and if we reach 150 dragons, then we would have 6 egg slots without trophies and up to 9 with trophies). This will give many advantages: Every dragon release can feature more than 3 releases without upsetting the vast majority of users (after 150 dragons, even newcomers could grab a pair of each of that release if they know enough of the game). The biomes will move more everytime a newcomer enters the cave since now they will have more egg slots to use and grab more CB commons/ubercommons (newcomers are good for the site, as they have to get some CB commons because they have nothing, be it they get them themselves, or they are given them by a more veteran player that caught them, meaning that their arrival means movement in the cave, sooner or later), this is of course, if they decide to make lineages or decide to collect CBs, this depends a lot on their playstyle, though we can safely assume that most of the newcomers wil become lineage builder as that is one of the favorite things in the game. The biomes will move a bit more overall, since now players would be a bit more careless when choosing dragons in the cave (often times, when I didnt have eggs I grabbed around 3 to 4 commons I liked before breeding or cherryPicking for uncommons or rares. With 8 egg slots I would not care wasting 4 to 5 of them in things I dont really need at the moment, or think they are valuable, but I like). There is something else... But I cant remember what D:>.
  2. This probably has been said before, as I havent really read the thread. I am very exhausted and have to work tomorrow (and its 11 PM here), but I will give my opinion anyway, just in case. Again, sorry if it has already been brought up, if it was, dismiss this and mark this as spam. Point: The reason the egg slots are so "limiting", is because they dont adapt to the dragons, when DC started there were around 10 to 20 dragons, maybe even less, and a max of 4 egg-slots (when breeding was introduced, then 5 pseudo-egg-slots if you take in account the only-bred one, though I dont know when this started). Around 2010 or 2011 (I think), we got a ton of changes, I think it is even recognized as "the change" or something, here we got the trophy-based egg-slots system, in which according to the quantity of dragons you have you can get up to 7 egg slots. At that time we had around 50 or 60 dragons. Now, in 2016, we have the same quantity of egg slots, but we are facing against over 120 dragons, most of them with different forms according to biome (pyralspites, coppers, xenowyrms, two-headed lindwurm...), time of catching or hatching (lunar heralds, sunset/rise, glory drakes, seasonals, ...), or even randomly (dorsal, ridgewing, gemshards, ...). Idea: The idea is to boost the quantity of egg slots every X quantity of dragons introduced. Making it so egg slots go, more or less, hand in hand with the dragons introduced. Con: This may be contraproductive, as users may still use their egg-slots for "rare" things, even when having "extra"-space, just for the sake of trading or something else. Now, the reason I am suggesting this, is because is similar to OPs idea, but on a smaller scale; also, it will not harm the game that much (if it does, that is), because we all know what could happen with unlimited capacity of egg-slots... Oh, the horror it would unveil!
  3. +1 Point to this suggestion . Also support to the main topic suggestion. It would save a lot of time, and will make using BSAs a lot more easier, with the same result. Though it also boost the possibility of making a mistake, specially with influence.
  4. Well then... it should be super duper rare ! Being serious, the mints egg description makes less sense than the guardian one. I mean, they are hidden, yet you can see the egg quite often, so that means there must be like a trillion mint eggs in the cave, which nullifies the statement since you are looking at the ones that are not hidden (unless you thought there might be a gold and decided to dig in the pile of mint eggs to only see more mint eggs). But it at least coincides with the dragon personality . Yet, I am not in favor to change egg descriptions, it serves almost no purpose other than to identify which egg you are grabbing in the cave. The only case or doing this, in my opinion, should be for grammar mistakes, typos, the description really doesnt make sense at all or doesnt fit (which I find difficult and really doesnt matter with all the other nonsense egg-descriptions), or because the spriter of the breed thinks it should be changed.
  5. I think your comment got deleted randomly, because I did see that comment. That or I am going crazy for reading this almost exactly the same o_0 (well, only the second sentence was the same, overall is quite different, though the idea was the same). Anyway, back to topic, there is... no update. At the moment, I think the idea has been very fleshed out, I mean, not that it could have had real changes since it is almost only extending the time of an eventful mechanic already established in-site and adding one or three more things that have been done or can be done quite easily (I think at least). Also, I dont have new real ideas for the topic, aside from letting holidays breed like normal dragons any day of the year, but that is being discussed right here on this topic started by SockPuppet: Holidays Breed True All Year Round. I have some "other suggestions" hanging there made by some users, but no one has been in favor or against them, so I dont know if taking them away or putting them in the suggestion itself over another similar suggestion. So... thats it right now, bye .
  6. I am pretty sure you guys know my position, so I will just say why: -Will ease the stress that comes with the holidays. -Will give more variety. Spriters can easily take the dual gender valentines or wolidays if they want to, or there can be hybrids of holidays with normal dragons or even another holiday dragon. -As some people have said, they may dont want or can be on DC during the holidays, so this could help with that issue. -Can adapt to more diverse playstyles than the actual mechanic. Of course, there should be limits or "rules": -Outside of season, holidays will only breed true as very uncommon, and no multiclutches. -There should be at least a week for each holiday in which they always breed true, they can have multiclutches, and never refuse another dragon. -If breeding holiday x holiday, the chance to get one breed must be 50/50, regardless if its in or out season. Thats it, at least for the moment.
  7. I am for the DC drakes to become one, either with the pygmyes (something that will benefit both groups, though probably not possible because of the great spotted drake) or with "normal" dragons (probably more fitting). There are almost the same amount of DC drakes (around 6), pygmies (around 7), and two-headed (around 6); yet DC drakes are the least loved of them all. This may be because they dont really have a very special or distinguishable feature, as pygmyes are also kind of dumb and small, making them a special kind of pygmy. Also for the very dark and earthly colors they often possess, having only dark or ligth brown, dark green, black, bright-yellow and a weirdly cyan; while two-heads have light blue, navy blue, olive green, black, red, purple and a weird combo of purple-red with the duotone, and pygmyes have yellow, light green, blue, red, black, mint green, silver-blue and orange. What should be done, IMO, is dividing breeding groups into 3 groups: Two-headed dragons. Normal dragons (adding the DC drakes). Pygmy dragons. This way pygmies and two-heades can "catch-up" with normal dragons "faster", because for every DC drake created there now would be a pygmy or two-headed, instead.
  8. I think she meant the production of 2 gen hollies, not 2 gen hollies in itself, meaning for example, that in a year or two, it will be nearly impossible to get 2 gen holly from a dragon released in 2017 or 2018, because there would be very few holly owners active on DC. Leading people to only build hollies with relatively old breeds because its the only thing they have available. This of course will not happen in a year or 2 (at least I think, and hope, so), but will surely happen anyway.
  9. I think they should be "cave" biome. And keep it neutral, giving more variety on lineages with the biome-breeding mechanics, I mean, some people have complained about coppers not breeding how they like with certain breeds because they are exclusive to certain biomes, forcing them to use female copper. And the CBs should be tied for ratios. I mean, how fluctuating prices would work if not because of it? This is of course if the fluctuating prices is still a thing. I would like to know something about the "buy this many things to get this other thing free" offers: how the cave will know if a breed is "popular"? For example, with the 6 spirit wards and a free magma, how would the game "know" the magma is popular? would there be a poll every now and then?, or it would be just because of its BSA or uncommon status? Or will it know because its "overpopulated"? if yes, then what if a "popular" and valuable dragon is not overpopulated, will it count it as popular? and how?
  10. I like the idea overal, but it can be kind of complex. On one hand you have the ability to get bred holidays any time of the year, on the other you have more possibilities of not getting a breed when pairing a non-holiday with a holiday out of its season (at the moment it either fails, refuses or gets you the non- holiday; now you would have to add the holiday to the mix). On one hand you have more control over the offspring of your dragons, on the other new players may have a hard time getting specific lineage of holidays, and even messy holidays may be high-priced as there is no other way to get the sprite other than breeding it (multiclutches exist because they breed true only during a week plus 1 or 3 days). For issue number one there are very few solutions, being one of them a BSA that favours a dragon over the other when breeding, and still being stackable with Fertility. For issue number 2 there are a few solutions; you can make them breed multiclutches of holidays during the holiday week, but this will just lessen the problem, or keep them multiclutching outside of season sometimes (this brings another issue: AP will fill with holidays eggs quite easily, and making a holiday wall on july would be easy even if you have just a few holidays), or make CBs of older holidays drop during the full actual breeding week of its season. And those are the issues and solutions that came to my head.
  11. Because you are supposed to see christmas eggs during christmas breeding season. Not valentines. About your idea, what I think is best is that holidays can get a chance to breed true outside their breeding season, but it should be an extra rare occurrence (1 or 2 every year per holiday dragon, and thats if you are lucky) and if you are lucky enough to get a holiday outside its breeding season, it should not come with a multiclutch. Edit: forgot to mention that I did some minor changes to the main topic.
  12. I agree with VixenDra, at first it seemed you stopped having that "high restriction mentality" (not that is bad, but "everything in excess is bad" is something my mother always told me), and all of a sudden... well, this. I think that the restrictions VixenDra gave were good enough, although there should not be any in my opinion if: *A single CB prize / hybrid / alt takes you a year to collect. People will have to decide which they want from that pool of 6 prizes, 3 alts, and 10 hybrids (6 real hybrids, plus 4 striped dragons colors; not counting the avatars): 19 dragons (22 if you want to add the avatars), it would take you 19 (22 with avatars) years to get 1 of every one of those dragons as CB, and thats not taking in account you buy another dragon for one reason or the other, which is most likely to happen, I mean, there are: golds, silvers, almandines, spessartines, coppers (3 of them to be precise), red dorsal and tan ridgewing, oh and also the trio: thunder, ice, and magma, the possibility of people really going only for the prizes and hybrids is not that big, and if you put a timespan to getting them so big, people will most often change their desires / efforts on easier dragons. About the neglecteds, I dont think its inclusion will damage anyone, really. First of all, they cant breed, they are just decoration, like papers, cheese, dinos, and chickens. Second: they would be untradeable, so no problem to the trademarket. And third: with a high enough price (from 1.5 to 2 years) and the above points you can easily discourage anyone from buying it. Kind of ironic I mention this timeframe when I was against it for hybrids, but this is different, this dragon is really rare (or difficult to get / make) and is really valuable to the userbase, CB hybrids / alts... not that much (to make is basically impossible, yes. But its valuability is really not that great), and 2nd gen hybrids from CB hybrids are even less. But again, there is no need for the neglected to be in the store, really. For the GoN slots idea of VixenDra, it sounds like a good one, and it can also serve as distraction to make players not buy prizes and hybrids / alts as often, at least for a short period of time (1 year: 1 slot every 4 months). Though I also agree that this one should have a limit, and a limit of 3 is good enough in my opinion, not too little, not too much.
  13. I have to disagree on your last point. They should be pricey, yes; but not lets waste 2 years kind of pricey. I really dislike those kind of games that have completely unobtainable things, and showcase them as obtainable (though I dont hate the game on itselft, just that part of them, anyway), though here they would be obtainable, you would be wasting 2 years of work for a single dragon, one that really has not that big of a value. Discouraging is one thing, here you are simply putting them just to say anyone can get them... 1 year worth of points is enough, and is discouraging enough if you can get prizes in the same time, or holidays in half the time. And about the influencable CB mistletoe, and the CB blue-winged solstice... well yes, they are kind of tricky, I mean, the mistletoes where meant to be female and male from the start (or so I heard) and was also meant to be the "opposite" of the holly, so they may not be a problem; but the blue-winged solstice was supposed to be the bred one, while the purple-winged was the CB, but then they changed how it worked and now you can get bred purple-wings.
  14. Actually, it would be individually. As I said, with a month you dont have to breed like crazy. Lets say, for example, you normally breed/catch 7 (being you a gold-user of course) Holidays since the first day every 2 days for the full week, that would be 7 x 3 = 21. in a month, you can breed/catch only 2 holidays every 2 days since the start of the month until the end of the month, we have to take a week because of the new holidays (3 days) and the past ones (4 days): that would mean around 21 days, for february (the month with least days), which is 2 x 10 = 20. Now you can make up for that extra space for almost whatever you want: CB non-holidays, X gen non-holidays from the not active holidays (which means you can get a non-holiday from a halloween just as long as you dont do it on october), X gen non-holiday from non-holidays, even more breds of the active holiday, dragon gifts for your friends, or simply nothing if you like. So, you can get non-holidays from valentines during october and december. From wolidays during february and october. And from halloweens during february and december. You have 11 months to breed a non-holiday out of a holiday. The idea of a month was that it happened like a regular month while everyone could get, with less effort, what they get in a week; and in which people can gift holiday dragons without feeling rushed when doing it. But, again, if a month really is that much, 2 weeks may be a good compromise, as it gives space to the past holidays, while only boosting the breeding week for, technically, 3 days: 1st week: breeding week starts. first 3 days of the 2nd week: breeding week continues. last 4 days of the 2nd week: breeding week continues, past holidays drop in cave. 3 first days of the 3rd week: breeding week continues, past holidays stop dropping, new holidays drop in cave. 4th day of the 3rd week: breeding week ends, new holidays stop dropping.
  15. I can see how a full month can be too much. But lets look at it this way: You have a full month to do whatever you want with that specific holiday (be it woliday, halloween or valentines), in which you can do what you can do in a week, and more, with more patience. You dont have to be egglocked with holidays all month, you can be for only a week, or even mix with non-holidays all month. About the NH (non-holiday) dragons X H (holiday) dragons which must result in NH dragons, well, you still have other 11 months to try (if you want a non-holiday from a valentine, then you have all months minus february to get it). About the re-releasing of old holidays in-cave, I can see how a store is much prefered (not relying on luck is a really good thing), but I am sure this can work with the store: the store is to make sure you get that CB holiday you are desperately looking for, this suggestion is so you can grab some, if you are lucky you might even find what you are looking for! (though with every release it will become more and more difficult to get a specific holiday egg, not that it matters, as it still gives you the chance to get some holidays). Of course, if a month is still too much, we can still just extend it to 2 weeks, which is necessary for part of the suggestion to work, because, if you take in account that the re-release of old holidays takes away half the breeding week, that would mean that the stress would be even worst because the schedule is even tighter. @Hawkster, I see, though there are people that grab what they need on their first day and have to wait 3 full days before the cave starts working normally (only for wolidays and valentines). Thats when the "duplicate of the biomes" comes in. Nonetheless you are right, people do not complaim its boring, only that those eggs sit there for hours and is unfair we cant grab more than the 2 CBs limits.
  16. @Pokemonfan13, Yeah, I thought that, and understand it too. I just think its really a shame to shut down ideas just because they might be confusing or involve math, but oh well. @Hawkster, It may not be boring for you, but there are others that would actually like to hunt for non-holidays in the AP, for those, its a week of no productivity on a certain lineage. Not that they cant accept that fate, as you say, with enough planning you can get the most out of the week, but it would be nice to have both options, wouldnt it?. @Riverwillows, I went to see my suggestion again, and, taking in account I have middle knowledge about programming, I dont think it has that much of extra coding (cant say much about the effort and time though, as it depends how TJ structured his code): The holiday breeding week will be expanded to a month, pretty sure the code is there, is just editing it. The re-release of the past holidays in-cave during 4 days is basically the same as the release of the new holiday during 3 days so the code is there, is just reusing it. Boosting the CB limits of wolidays(winter holidays) and valentines to 4; I think this is the one that has the least extra code, effort and time in it. The extra AP and extra Biomes are almost the same thing, do it for one, and you did it for both (reusing the one you did first), this is of course, the one that needs the most coding of all the parts of the suggestion. The CB limit for past wolidays and valentines I suggest (4 x Each CB Holiday Dragon x Year), is the same as a CB limit for new releases, just adding the year of getting it, so the code can also be re-used, though it should also be edited. So, overall, he would just have to edit and reuse the code for most part of the suggestion, and only one part of the suggestion really demands completely new code. Of course, TJs code for the site may not be as easy to reestructure or as reusable as I imagine, and depending on that I may or may not be wrong about its easiness. Of course, the part of the time and wanting is another story (a suggestion may be super easy, but if he doesnt have the time or dont want to... oh well), but he hasnt commented about it yet, so until then. NOTE: I have reedited the main post.
  17. @Olympe, you have raised many good points, and now that I look at my suggestion I can see how it neglects the new players almost entirely... I keep thinking that the "just because it has math it should not be added because its confusing" is completely unreasonable, specially if you are a programmer (they eat math for breakfast). And finally, the example you give is for an holiday breeding "week"; but for what I propose (a holiday breeding "month") things would behave very differently, lets take february as an example as it is the one that has the least time between the start of the month and the festivity: Day 1: catch and incubate bred eggs. Day 3, 5, 7, 9: same as step 1. Day 10: past valentines start to drop, if you did the Day 9 as described here then you may be egg-locked. Day 11, 13: catch and incubate a batch of old CB holidays. Days 14: release of new breed. Day 15: get your new CB holidays and as many old bred ones as you can. Day 16: end of release. Day 17: same as step 1. Day 19: the new release should have become an adult, so it should be able to breed. Basically the same as step 1. Day 21, 23, 25, 27, (29): same as step 1. A few days after february ends the AP should still be able to have some holiday eggs, therefore you can keep catching old bred ones. Of course, this is for a full february that is pretty condensed into getting holidays. @Pokemonfan13, I also dont think people would want to risk only having the last day to catch the new release, but its a possibility. Though it also works for a 2 day drop, the problem is that the risk is even more: you will only have some hours to catch the new release, and its very dependent on when you grabbed the eggs, meaning you can have from 12 to only 1 hour to grab the new release.
  18. I dont think it is too confusing you said it plainly rigth, and even if it is, why would a suggestion not be implemented just because its confusing? Thats barely a reason to dismiss something. I dont think mixing would be that royal of a mess, for new players maybe (and I am talking about very new players, like 1 week before the holiday new kind of player), and it should have info of what will happen, like TJ does with the new release, he says the release will drop X day during Y amount of days, the same could apply: "During X to Y of december/february/october the biomes will have another row made of past holiday eggs, you can grab up to Z of each breed this year, so make sure to get a full batch of these". But if it really is that bad of an idea, a duplicate of the biomes is good enough. I disagree here, 4 days is plenty of time to grab 2 full stacks of past holidays and incu-hatching them, and you have at least one week to get as many holidays bred eggs from any of the holidays before even the supposed former holidays drop, and for holiday and valentine you have a 3 day drop, so even if you grab former holidays the last day of drop, you still have a chance to grab some new holidays on their last day of drop without incubate. What we can do here is leave the limit for new CBs as 4 and no more, so everyone can get a full batch even if they fill themselves the day just before the release started. For halloween of course, there is a problem, even if you can still have a chance of getting some after you filled yourself the day before it started dropping, it would left you with very little time to grab them (thats it if the new halloween is boosted to 2 days instead of one, of course), so what can we do? boosting the former halloween drop to a week will damage the catching of bred ones (although just a little); putting a restriction on past holidays seems like a more sensible step, but then it contradicts with the "grab as many as you can" halloween we "know", and if we add the limit, should it be the same as the other holidays, should it be more, or should it be less. Another solution is making past halloween drop at the start or middle of october, but thats a bit far away from their day. I agree here now that you mention those points, a 2 day drop for halloween seems like a good compromise, not too much, not too little. But is also true that people still stop managing to get the holidays despite being a 3 day drop, but is also true that that kind of events are less likely to happen the more days they drop. Yes, I know, we all in the suggestion thread know. Many years have passed and only a handful of suggestion have been implemented. But we can still try to reach the stars. For point 2, the idea is to lessen the stress that comes with holidays and also make non-holidays available during most time of the month, multiclutch change is to not obliterate the AP, and even then is a minimun change (for example: 50% 2 eggs, 25% 1 egg, 20% 3 eggs, and 5% 4 eggs). Now, if we apply Pokemonfan13 suggestion to divide the AP into 2, then I think there is no need to change how multiclutch works. For point 3. Actually... I didnt suggest to raise it from 1 to 3 days for holidays and valentines, they have been like this for at least 4 years if I am correct (maybe 3 years, dont remember). For point 4. It just barely conflicts with the above issue if we up it to only 2 days and gives the opportunity to grab some eggs before or during halloween. Edit: main post has been edited.
  19. Responding to each point of Pokemonfan13: This is a fair point overall, although I really think that extending the new release drop for halloween to, at least, 2 days is the best because of what dragonstar said. From your last comment I can see you understand it. For holiday and valentine the only sollution I can think of is boosting the limits to 8, 10, or 12; a rather significant number where people migth be busy the 3 days, but then thats forcing a player to play... never good, another way of solving it is reducing the days to only 2, also not as good because, at least the holiday (winter holidays more specifically), most people are extra-busy, but one final way I have thought of is keeping the limits at 4-8, and adding a function for the biomes, one which I give more details in the response of the point 4 of your list. Well, here are 2 points, more or less: only a week for breeding out of 52 (or 7 days out of 365) is not too much, can be enough if you plan it very very carefully, but those plans can go wrong, and 4 weeks out of 52 (which is, technically 1 week out of 13) is just a little below enough; specially in a big site like DC, and where things have to be very carefully planned (I almost lose a blue-winged solstice for collection this year because I kept forgetting to breed my solstice in a certain hour; and I wasnt paying attention to lineage or anything). What we need to do is balance between holiday and non-holiday, making the first plenty enough for everyone, and the second available enough not to make everyone fed up with the first. As for the clutchs giving or not a holiday or non-holiday... yes, I went full derp with that, sorry to all for suggesting something like that. This is actually a very good idea! At first I didnt know what to do with the AP, but opening another AP is a really good idea. About the limit... I dont think keeping the limits is a good idea, I suggest them being only available for 4 days (someone mentioned a week), in which they drop as very common (would say almost cave-blocker common); when almost everyone gets their fill of holidays (which someday will occur), then what? You will have a ton of holiday eggs that will sit for 4 days to a week and that only the very new will take. Of course, imposing a limit of how much a user can catch each year, while lifting the CB limit entirely for past holidays makes them willing to catch them but also gives new users a chance to get theirs. It could be a simple limit of not more than "X" number of "Y" CB dragon from the year "Z" per player (example: no more than 4 CB heartseeker dragon from the year 2015 per player, which means a player can not have more than 4 CB heartseekers from the year 2015, but can get more on 2016 because they are not from the same year), of course, at the moment it only applies to holidays and valentines, I dont know if it should apply to halloween too (because they are unrestricted when first released), and no one has said anything about it. Having a duplicate of the biomes sounds like a good, but complex, idea. Though maybe each biome, during that period, can show 6 eggs, one upper row of past holidays and one lower row of non-holidays. Is still complex, but is another way to solve the issue. In fact, one of those ideas can be used to solve the issue number 1 of your list: since the CB past holiday drop will end just before the CB new holiday release drop, the function can keep working, giving people the option to catch the new release and non-holiday dragons. I dont really see whats the matter... I mean, yes, you have an advantage over new players, but is your rigth as a long-term player, and is not like they will miss the breed anyway, they will be able to get it next year, I mean, this is taking in consideration the previous point as valid (CBs of past holidays will drop), if not, then yes, its a problem. And also yes, there will be more competition in the first and third day of release, but thats supposed to be the "spirit of halloween", or so I heard. Of course, I am more than willing to leave it to just 2 days, specially since most people prefer it over 3 anyway.
  20. Sorry, I didnt catch up the idea... You mean that the holiday dragons should breed true every now and then? or you mean only once every year? Could you extend a little more (you can send me a PM if you like). Edit: Finally edited the main post.
  21. Yes, I too thought 6 was weird, but it was in the middle so... *derp*. In any case I will still leave the possibility open, just in case. Also a month is too much time, but at the same time I dont think is too much, it is plenty time to let people advance on their festivities lineages quite decently more (if they are lucky enough thats it), while at the same time giving enough space of time to not lose the festivities breeding season for people that for some reason couldnt log in during the breed season. It also helps with trading, so if you promised someone a ribbon dancer from earth you can still get him/her that and the next week breed your ribbon dancer with something else. Though yes, I dont know how much is really needed a month-long breeding season, if at all, maybe just extend it a bit more. About the re-release of past holidays, well, I must admit thats a difficult thing, because there are some that are against, and others in favor. So I just dropped it there as a *just in case* scenario. But in any case, yes, a limit should be added for holiday and valentine to make sure everyone can get at least one, but what about halloween? should it also have a limit for past dragons? And how big the limit? (for the last question I vote 4) And for the 4 days drop instead of a week, well, I just thought about it like this: a 3 days drop for the new release + a 4 days drop for past releases = 7 days-drop of holiday releases; it can still be upped to a weeks drop of past holidays. I will update the main post.
  22. Many people are a bit annoyed by many things of holidays and valentines, some are the following: Very limited CB capacity (Only 2), and thus, very little desire to gift. Boring AP wall during a week (only breeds of that holiday season). Sitting new holiday breed during the last day of drop without availability to get other breeds. And for halloween:Only one day to attend for the new breed, so if you miss that day you have to rely on someone else to gift or trade you one of theirs. Since there are no limits and only 1 day to get the new breed, it becomes very stressful because everyone is trying to get their fill of the new breed. So, I propose that this festivities behave in a different manner: NOTE: from now on "woliday" is the same as "winter holiday", and holiday is the same as "woliday", valentine and halloween. For valentines and wolidays: New woliday/valentine dragon will still be obtainable during 3 days (from february 14 to 16 for valentines, and from december 25 to 27 for wolidays). During those 3 days non-holiday dragons are still obtainable (see below on "For all:" how this will be done). New woliday/valentine dragon CB limits is boosted to 4. There will be 4 days where the past woliday/valentine dragons will drop in the cave as very common (these 4 days will be the ones before the start of the new holiday breed is released, so: from february 10 to 13 for valentines, and december 21 to 24 for wolidays). During those 4 days non-holiday dragons are still obtainable (see below on "For all:" how this will be done). CB past woliday/valentine will have a set limit of 4 per year per breed. For halloween:New halloween breed will be obtainable during 2 days (from october 30 to 31). During those 2 days non-holiday dragons are still obtainable (see below on "For all:" how this will be done). New halloween breed CB still has no limits. There will be 4 days where the past haloween dragons will drop in the cave as very common (from october 26 to 29). During those 4 days non-holiday dragons are still obtainable (see below on "For all:" how this will be done). For all:The holiday breeding periods will extend to 2 weeks (which means, from february 1 to 16 for valentines, from october 16 to 31 for halloween, and from december 11 to 27 for wolidays). The refusals still do not apply to holiday/valentine/halloween dragons during their breeding season. The AP will divide into 2: one for holiday eggs, and another for non-holiday eggs from the start of the breeding season until there are no more eggs on the holiday AP, after that it will resume to its standard behaviour. The biomes will also divide into 2: one for past holiday eggs, and another for non-holiday eggs, during the dropping of past holiday breeds and the release of the new one. Now lets see some pros and cons from this suggestion: Pros Cons Another suggestions: A full week drop of past holidays instead of just 4 days. Instead of the AP behaving like a normal AP during those months it will still behave as a holiday wall but with 1 or 2 lanes of non-holiday eggs. Make the biomes show 2 rows of 3 eggs, one for holidays and one for non-holidays, during the release of former holidays and new holidays, so people can still grab non-holiday if they want. NOTE: the texts in blue are the things added or changed in the last edit. Now, let the debate begin!
  23. I really loved the update, the silvers look shiny (finally!), more defined, in a less awkward pose. Although the horns on the male are a bit smaller now, but is not that bad as now they are the same size as the females, making them more "standard" as a species. But Id like to add... until this update I thought the horns of the silvers were just hair . The splits were the first I saw (I have my scroll breed sorted), and I really loved them, I have loved them since the beggining, now I love them even more. And just like with the silvers and their minor details: I didnt know the splits had a bifurcated tail, I thought it was an added touch, but I saw clearly on the old sprite that is there! I felt so stupid for not noticing before . Really loved this updates!
  24. Ok, I will repeat myself again: why add a feature you will use once in a blue moon, and that the fix is wvailable? Sure, expunge is surely the least used action in the game, but at the moment is the only way to get rid of a zombie. As for a frozen mistake, it is very probable you can replace it unless it is a CB prize or holiday, but then again you can still get offsprings of those breeds from other people, is not actually a big deal (well, except for the prizes, but they are always in another side, so whatever). And I am sure most of the "mistakes" you guys talk anout are easily replaceable in less than 6 months, even more a year. But, drifting the topic away, the thing I hate the most in this topic is the solution you gave me to the brokenness of your restrictions: "dont freeze that much for unfreezing later", you are saying to me that you only want this feature to work on specific dragons, the old holidays. You are literally adecuating it to a specific playstyle, one almost only old players can use... And those other mistakes you mentioned are easily fixed, most of the time, in less than 6 months. Tell me really who has the capability to produce such important dragons they may need more than 2 years for a replace? And more importantly, the possibility of mistakenly freeze it? And dont come to me with the: "but it can happen", yes thats true, and we can also die from a meteorite one day, but what are the odds, really? How often those kind of mistakes or accidents can occur? And the mistake of freezing by inexperience... thats almost laughable, the possibility of an "inexperienced" or new user to get a so important dragon and then freeze it just to look what it does, well, the chances are slim, very slim. I only have 1 holiday I kind of like to unfreeze (but is not like I really want to since its a ribbon dancer, dont like that breed too much), I dont like holidays all that much, specially halloween. So the feature would barely affect me, but seriously, why add another useless action? It will not be used after 2 to 3 years top (and I am being optimistic). We already have expunge, splash, and technically kill, and those are used every now and then and can still be used in a far future (even splash, because new players can use it). Finally I must say I wont support a feature that will only be useful for a certain group (not that my opinion matters all that much, anyway ). And sorry for getting out of the top u.u.
  25. I do think 53 weeks plus only 12 unfreezes a year is too much restriction because... Lets say you catch or trade over 16 bred dragons for each holiday in a year (thats the max of freezings you get every 2 weeks, and I dont think any holiday last more than that, so its difficult to freeze more than that), using only the freezing&unfreezing mechanics. That means: *You have 48 dragons, from which you can unfreeze no one until next year plus a week... that means that you can repeat the process without unfreezing anything, which goes to... *The second year you can have around 96 frozen dragons! Now you can unfreeze 12 of those dragons , so... *Now you only have 84 frozen dragons... How few... Oh, and here comes the third year. How fun... In conclussion, after 3 years of "abusing" the feature you will end up needing 7 years without freezing to unfreeze every holiday you got this way, thats without adding any possible mistake. Even if you only used it the first year, you would need to wait 4 years plus the one year to wait without freezing to unfreeze everything you got through freezing. If the unfreezing after freezing cooldown is just 6 months you can only add 12 dragons to the breeding pool, not too much, specially comparing it to the other 36 frozen you still have, those will need 3 years of waiting. Even if you factor around 1000 players (that means around 12000, but 12 for each player anyway), you would think is too much? In any case you would be just delaying the "inevitable", because if it is not the first year, it will be the second year, and then it will normalize and act as if the cooldown is just 9 to 11 months more or less.