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  1. I support this idea. I dont think it will mess up with headcanons, people can have headcanons even if the canon contradicts it, and the ones that want to see this implemented either doesnt have a headcanon or prefer canon over headcanon. And, in the case the messing up with headcanons is a problem, you can always use a text similar to: "this sizes are only approximates", "This is just a guideline to the possible size of this dragon. Feel free to imagine them as you please", well, maybe that last one is rather specific, but you get the point. For the dragons were the spriter is gone for whatever reason, I think the best solution is to put them just as "unknown" or similar, as much as I like the idea of having a chart or actual size for all dragons.


    Anyway, adding myself to the "mint discussion", since the description says they are often insulted as "large lizards", I imagine them like crocodiles/alligators, but much more smaller, 2.5 meters long (head-to-tail) top, and roughly 0.5 meter tall.

  2. ADP, I do see your point. Valentines isn't a big family holiday. But for the people who do celebrate it, it can mean dedicating the day to your SO. I can imagine quite a few people being rather severely peeved if their SO takes any significant amount of time away to catch pixel eggs. Yes, they don't have to, but it's an unnecessary temptation. The only way to remove that temptation would be to have it be unlimited, but only two days drop so they can pick up their eggs on the 15th without losing out on anything. One day means it has to be the 14th or nothing, three days means you have to pick up a first batch on day 1 if you're going to be able to get batch 2 on day 3.

    The best way to remove that temptation you are talking about is making the holiday dragons not drop on the holiday they are based on, but rather 1 or 2 days after that holiday (or before, but I think after is better, because you often prepare the days before to celebrate with the people you want to celebrate to). So, for example, the Valentine dragons will not start dropping on the 14th day of february, but in the 15th or 16th day of february. Christmas is still an oddball, since a week after Christmas there is often New Year's Eve, which is another family-gathering celebration. I still think there should be some limits, but they should not be too restrictive.

  3. I like this idea, but I'd take it a step further. To be honest, what's the point of mystery eggs at all? After a little while of playing the game you pretty much have all the descriptions memorized anyway, so you know what you're getting. Why not just show the actual eggs?

    To be honest, I want this too. But I dont know, there may be some implications I dont see.

  4. Not trying to be rude... but can you please explain. I think I got lost in translation!...


    The only think I understand is the floating rocks and clouds.. Do we know that DC has floating islands and magical clouds... Just saying that its magical doesn't seem like a great idea IMO, it just sounds like "it the best thing I could come up with"...

    At least mountains are easy to explain, look at mount everest. smile.gif I could imagine that the himalayas and other mountain ranges make a suitable place for the "sky" dragons to hang out. I always imagined "sky" dragons being able to tolerate lower amount of O2 compared to dragons...  Like the aquatic breeds being able to extract O2 from water...


    The fact is, DC is fiction, so we can sometimes bend the rules of physics, and we dont always have to be adding "real" stuff or depend on them to add magical stuff. BTW, what is mana? Rocks infused with magic. How rocks can be infused with magic in the DC world? who knows, all we have is that they must be in places with strong magic. What is the real difference between ice mana and water mana? I mean, they are both magic after all, how can somebody really differentiate both kinds of magic.

    Aaaand Niyaka responded you with Air Mana and real floating islands in DC, go figure :/. Though I dont remember about it, it probably was on one of those events in which I was on hiatus.


    As an avid aquarist, I understand that many associate large bodies of water as the ocean. However many freshwater systems (rift lakes in Africa... Malawi, Victoria and Tanganyika; Baikal lake, amazon; nile; congo and mekong systems as other examples) are considered large bodies of freshwater which I imagine that dragons could live in with little migration to the marine environment. (So i guesstimated that Thalassa could live in freshwater, unless creator says otherwise!)


    Remember, I said large amounts of water mana, not just water. I am guessing that in a river water mana may not be as pure and be mixed with life mana (gaia xenowyrm). But yeah, overall rivers and lakes seems like logical homes for the thalassa xenowyrm.

  5. Frozen Lands: Everything from Tundra to polar regions. Lots of snow, little warmth. There's one problem, though: How many breeds will be taken from Alpine to fill this biome?

    You know, there is no need to move breeds. I mean, the frostbite can live in the frozen land and the alpine biomes, so there will be very few breeds moving from one biome to another, if at all. Though I would prefer tundra over frozen land, no need to generalize.

    The wasteland biome sounds very cool BTW. And the underground biome sounds like a nice substitute for the cave.


    For me I would love to see the current alpine turn into a "cold" habitat and for all the altitude dragons have a sky habitat.... Accessed by all the other habitats.


    "You see a mountain disappearing into the clouds.... is that a path going up?" (So similar to the alpine now)


    But IMO, we really need a freshwater biome:

    - Undine

    - water dragon (says in the description they live in LAKES)

    - blue banded

    - Striped River

    - Flamingo

    - Water Walkers


    - Xenowyrm (Thalassa)?

    - Waterhorse?


    Plus the countless fish inspired themes... And all the dragons that also enjoy preying of fishes...


    I disagree on eliminating (or transforming into a "cold" biome) the alpine biome to give enter to the sky biome. One is a cold mountain the other is either floating chunks of rocks (or floating islands) or magical clouds that can carry objects. If anything it can be transformed into "mountain" biome a less cold version, and then add the "cold" biome.


    About the water-dwelling creatures, I think the thalassa would be a coast/ocean breed, seeing it is linked to large amounts of water mana, where better than in the largest bodies of water? The waterhorse encyclopedia page claims it can survive on "clean" or salty water, so it fits for both coast/ocean and wetlands/freshwater.

  6. Remember that, even though we are in medieval times, DC is also a magical land, so a sky "biome" is not necessarilly too farfetched; also, we have a bunch of dragons that fly (so they can serve as transport), and there are certain eggs that do float (daydream, balloon), so, is not entirely impossible. And the clouds doesnt necessarilly have to be intangible (to say in some way), they can be of a "harder" and magical material that permits them to float and carry physical heavy objects.

  7. This statement confuses me. I've posted about this in the past, but I've never been able to find a convincing source definitively showing the "drake" means "wingless dragon." I've found definitions claiming everything from "young dragon" to "male dragon" to things that aren't even dragon, but never have I found something showing some sort of majority (or even large) support for the word "drake" as "wingless dragon."


    I just did a google search for drake (with some modifiers like "-rapper") and three of the top five image results had wings. Wikipedia merely seems to say "By different roots drake is also another word for dragon." In D&D, Drakes seem to be sentient wyverns (because their wyverns are apparently not sentient?).


    I only have seen it twice or so, and it was a long time ago, also a poster/graphic describing some dragons species, in which featured the dragon (or western), oriental dragon, wyvern, marine dragon (leviathan), and drake (yeah, the one I mention), of course, this graphic only included the western and eastern as dragons, the other were another completely different thing. But, on my free time, I have drawn some "wingless-western" dragons (because they are easier than winged ones tongue.gif), and while drawing them some people approach me and ask me what I am drawing, I reply with either a dragon (they often ask for the wings... which I say it doesnt have), or a wingless dragon (very rarely, but happens). And I cant lie to you, that at least 5 or 7 (from 20-25) have told me: "oh, Its a drake then?". They surprised me, and 2 explained it to me seeing my confusion face, I just played dumb those times. They may not be the majority, but you can see some people have the "wingless-western" == drakes impregnated in their head, I dont know why.

  8. You are taking in account "dragon" is the term used for all of them, right? Is a general term. Just as much as you refer to a tiger and a cat as feline, a wolf or a dog as canine, a parrot fish and a goldfish as fish, and a canary and an eagle as birds. Dragon is the general term for wyvern, amphipteres, eastern, etc. Is just that, dragon is not an specific breed or species of dragons.


    @blockEdragon The egg changed something: now we can identify a drake miles away (or before it is born, at least); before this update, this suggestion would have made a bit more sense, but now it doesnt, because something else, much more efficient, is doing the same as this suggestion. And the reason those dragons are in the same breeding group is for the sake of simplicity and the game. Leviathans should have their own separate breeding group, because they are much more different to dragons than DC drakes to "regular" dragons. Also for other reasons; but lets keep it at that, because you probably see how this dragon is so different to other breeds, yet you can breed it with a western, the most opposite breed: different kind of legs, wings vs no wings, body-type (lizard vs snake -like), and habitat. Do you know how far DC would have went if TJ decided leviathans and other "subtypes" only breeded with eac other? Not very far. Ironic thing is that TJ supposedly wanted that: more breeding groups; or so I read.


    @AppleMango Pygmyes and 2 heads are not only different physically, but psychologically. Pygmyes are a lot like cats, and often are not very intelligent or way too uncontrollable (see magelight and how difficult is to train it to help you with its flame. Such an intelligent creature...), and 2 heads have 2 heads, can you really say they have the same mental behaviour of a normal dragon? difficult, only a few breeds are said to have the same "brain", others are described to have dual personalities. Thats why it would be neccessary to put it on other breeds. And neotropicals are not exactly the brightest of dragons, you know... yet they seem to be able to breed with "humans", even though they are "monkeys"! Also, the notes are your main observation of the dragon, if you can identify a drake, then you should be able to identify a leviathan (fins, and serpentine body), a wyvern (2 legs, wings, and no arms), an eastern (serpentine body with 4 legs) and some others, quite easily before they reach adolescence (when they gender, I mean).


    Thats pretty much why. Something I can see being implemented, is a page in the encyclopedia dedicated to all dragon types. First the 4 main breeding groups: pygmyes, regular (which should have a new name), DC drakes (which should have a new name, or either call the regular drakes with a new name) and 2 headed; then the "sub types". Explaining their physical and psychological differences, which dragons belong to which group, etc.

  9. I do not support. This is a way too minor and unneccessary change to implement. Also:

    • Here in DC we have two drakes: "regular" drakes, and "DC" drakes. The first are the wingless fourlegged dragons, the last are the ones you mention. Most people, when they hear "drake", think of the first; so it would be very confusing for them to read that, and see the dragon has wings; specially if they are completely new users.
    • DC drakes ARE dragons. They are just a little behind on the evolutionary process (at least that's my understanding on what a DC drake is). Just like we, humans, are "more evolved" simians or monkeys. So, if you are going to change it for the DC drakes, then you would have to change it for the wyverns, westerns, easterns, ... Well you get the point. And then we would fall again in the same confusion of: DC drakes vs regular Drakes.

  10. I do want my undeads to be in the same place since its very annoying trying to see how many I have, and now to know which ones I have.


    Why not just simply make them sort as Undead, and when you click it, you can see which breed it was? Something like "This dragon used to be [insertDragonBreedHere] until a miserable curse was put on to it, so now it lurks aimlessly" or something like that (it doesnt have to be that gloomy, but it would add something more to their character?). That way anyone can know the original breed of the undead, while they still sort as their "unique" breed. This could also be applied to vampires (well, they sort as vampires, but is difficult to remember which breed they where unless their parents are the same breed [with the exception of earths and stones, since you know, they can breed geodes all of a sudden]).

  11. Because it is frustrating to not be able to collect all of the dragons we would like to own. I would love to be able to build lineages with rare dragons, but find it impossible. And it would increase my frustration with the game immensely if there were even MORE rare dragons that I will never be able to collect. I guess I am just not altruistic enough to feel happy because other people will be able to collect scrolls full of even more breeds that I can never hope to have.



    I think you are making an unproven assumption here. I was not here for the initial release of either the Gold or Silver dragons, so I can't attest to how that went, and neither can you. But I was here for the initial release of the Leetle Trees and believe me there was not an ample supply of those. They were few and far between and MANY users, including me, were unable to catch one. Who is to say that a new rare will not be like that?

    Sorry, but I have to quote Sullen here: "I cannot use it, so nobody should???".


    Also, at the moment we only have 2 cave breedable rares, gold and silver (the other rares are either summoned/created like the GoN and ND, or unbreedables like the cheese, dinos and chicken). The other "rares" are user driven (at least TJ and spriters have stated they were not meant to be that rare, though most users can demonstrate that its at least a tiny bit true).

  12. The alt chatter is getting kinda off topic, but I'll say one thing on it. Giving rare alts separate egg sprites is problematic just in theory. 1: Blacks, Vines and Undines are on a separate rarity from Ridgewings and Dorsals, don't just categorize them all as "alts." ...


    How do you know the rarities of cave alts is different to bred alts? We barely know (if we know something), how ratios work.


    ... 2: There are already tons of alt-fails that get dumped as it is, people are happy to raise hatchies which keeps ratios in check but people wouldn't be so keen on obviously non-alt eggs. ...


    The only alt fails commonly dumped at the moment are dorsals, ridgewings are uncommon common in the AP (compared to most breeds at least, like sunstone/moonstones -and most are even lineaged, not CB-, brutes, canopies, bright-breasted, and some others; but yes, dorsals are very common). And a good amount of vines and blacks are traded instead of dumped (I would estimate a 50/50 here, since there are people that dont like to trade, but there are some that dont like to waste, and a hatchling black/vine with a nice lineage can have the value of a nice uncommon or even another nicely lineaged dragon).

    Also, people would be just as happy to raise incu-hatchable eggs (or eggs with less than 6 days). Yes, hatchlings are better, but what difference does some minutes make? Or a day at max (with incubate of course)? I mean, is a lot less than 2-3 days, isnt it?


    ... 3: This is the big one. You're trying to make alts too easy. The point of a rare is it's a rare, an achievement of sorts just to own. On this site, if you suddenly had a dozen CB of every breed, there would be very little left for you to do. Lineage building takes a long time and with hatcheries raising dragons is very low-maintence. Hope my point got across right, I'm not 100% on how to word it. ...


    The typical "Its meant to be rare" argument, which serves no other purpose than to add obnoxious ways of gameplay and just be "happy" about it.

    First, I am not trying to make them easier, but less annoying. We are not discussing difference of rarity here, but disguising eggs so you are OBLIGATED to hatch it to see if you are interested or not. Thats one bad way of forcing a player to hatch eggs. About the other part (the lineage building part)... Lineage building aint "easy" -may be easier with incubate, fertility and influence, but is not easy anyway-, so why make it more annoying or "difficult"? And if you want a challenge, you already have a ton of dragons ready for that: christmas (specially snow angels), valentines (sweetlings), halloweens (the jhardest part is that you can only breed them twice a year... if you are lucky), prizes, at least 5 alts, gemshards, nebulas, around 9 hybrid breeds, lunar heralds, seasonals, sunset/rise, glory drakes, coppers ... I have counted: 42 (taking in account each color of gemshard as a "different breed", and so on for the others) + holidays, that is a lot of breeds where you can get quite a good challenge.

    Also, take in consideration that there is a limit a scroll can take (if you are gold, you can hold up to 7 eggs, or 21 living things, which is not much if you take in account those are meant to be "gold" rare (thats the main idea on this topic at least), is not like you can grab a ton and hope at least one hatches as a hybrid/alt.


    ... I don't know what the big deal with Thuban's suggestion is, I think it'd be more exciting to have an egg suddenly hatch hybrid than to just find a hybrid. We could even argue that as hybrids have more hybrid ancestors in their genes their eggs morph away from their parents' if someone wants to get RP in here. ...


    That is true and makes sense, actually. Still no support from my part, but is a really good point.


    ... Before we go too far, have any of the spriters/creators of these dragons piped up or are even aware of this thread? If even one of them says "NO" then this thread is pretty much done. It'd be really weird to have all hybrids except one available as CB so if one breed wants out they all gotta go. I am still excluding Avatars from this since they breed from a very rare and unique dragon and are therefore on a different rarity level.


    Long post over now, I get rambly when I'm bored.


    This thread is 15 pages long and 3 years old, so I am very sure that at least a few spriters have seen this already -if not all-, excepting of course the retired spriters, but thats besides the point.


    And sorry if I may come out as rude or obnoxious...


    @Tawanda001 As I explained Kovia, waiting is not difficult, just very annoying, specially if you discover it was for nothing or almost nothing (I may have said it was difficult, but it was for the lack of a better word at that moment). If you are not really expecting a hybrid then yes, if a hybrid breaks from the egg it would be awesome, but the experience will be more often the other way around with the rarity we want to setup.

  13. So there are two separate reasons then?

    Some don't like the idea simply because they don't want a hybrid coming from a non- hybrid eggshell?

    And others don't like it because they might need to wait a few days to find out whether it truly is a hybrid (even though they already have to wait to find out if others eggs truly are an alt, whether that alt is black, undine, purple neb or whatever?) They don't like that function as it already exist and don't want to see more dragons like that?

    There are no... separate reasons. I mean, yes, those are different reasons, but people are not separated by those reasons (at least not as much as you suggest).


    But I have a question now, you think people really like that feature? Because, one thing is acceptance and another liking. People may accept how things work, but not like it; for example, I accept the way gemshards breeding behaves, but I dont like it (and I really love that breed).


    @Pokemonfan13 Yes, I know. Though maybe we can come again to that, I mean, we have the dorsals and ridgewings that have different egg-sprites for the alts, so maybe it wont be as problematic as before? Of course, I dont think is really neccessary to make that change (though again, would very much like it).

  14. Is confused. Am I missing something or are people saying they are ok waiting for eggs to hatch too see if their black/vine/undines are going to be alts, but not willing to wait to see if their white/purple/whatever eggs hatch into cb hybrids?

    I'm not really seeing enough of a difference in the mechanism to see why people are ok waiting for cb and /or bred alts to reveal themselves but not cb hybrids?

    As some have stated, the problem is not that the mechanic is the same, is just that alts have the same egg-sprite as their parents, while hybrids have egg-sprites of their own; that, and how hybrids and alts reproduce. In any case, I really dislike that mechanic, and because of that I would really like if alts received different egg-sprites (just like ridgewings and dorsals, also, in the past they had minor differences), but I dont think is really neccessary. Thats why I dont mind for alts, but dont want for hybrids.

  15. ER - no - it might hatch as a deepsea or a shallow.... Just saying. The Bluna egg has a quite different flavour !


    Yeah, but according to that suggestion it was meant to be for the breds that could produce that hybrid, since a deep sea cant produce a shallow (but can a bluna), thats why she gave that example. And the same applies with the skywing, you could have a skywing looking egg with the skywing flavour, but it could still hatch into a bluna (which is produced from a skywing and either deep sea or water). That was the suggestion.


    No - not "rarer than golds". Avatars should not be available CB AT ALL.


    I still think that if one enter the others should (avatars are hybrids after all), wouldnt mind if it doesnt happen that way, but would prefer it.

  16. I support CB Alts but not CB Hybrids. It just feels like those should be bred... I don't have a good way to explain how I feel about it, I guess.


    Either way I definitely agree that Avatars should never be CB since they're dependant on GoNs which have to be summoned to scrolls. I personally don't see a lot of GoNs hanging around in the wild, just my take on the matter.


    Yeah, thats what I was thinking (I mean, the only way for a GoN to exist -that we know-, is that it is summoned by other 3 dragons that come from so different biomes...). But at the same time, they are hybrids :/. So, its kind of complex that situation there. Thats why I suggest they should be rarer than golds.

  17. Hmmm, I don't see it as any different than how 2g alts work. When you pick up that vine or undine you get the same description as the parent and you don't know until it hatches what you truly have and whether or not it's going to fit your plans. And if they are rare I doubt anyone would have trouble trading it for whatever less rare thing they were hoping for. It might be annoying at times, but I think a minor annoyance no worse than having your pb black turn into an alt.

    Ok, you just cherrypicked my comment. This was the last part you took away (I bolded now):


    (I really dislike gemshards and bred alts because of that only thing). And I think that with rotative descriptions it will be more than enough (I mean, up to 3 different descriptions can confuse anyone).


    I dont care if 'CB' bred alts keep behaving like they do. But for hybrids, I want to know if what I snatched was a hybrid or not the moment I snatched it; not wait until the egg hatches, because those are 2 days of an egg occupying one of my egg slots, probably for nothing. I can understand enjoying risk, or some challenges, but there are enough breed that offer that -not that there cant be more, but I really hope they dont become common thing-, we have the nebulas, the coppers, the alts (bred or CB), the seasonals (which you have to wait depending on the time), and so many others; why make the hybrids behave like one of them? Specially when you can still make them difficult to get with this solution:


    When in the cave, if a hybrid appears, the description will show as follows:


    10% of the time it will be the hybrids original description

    90% of the time it will be one of its "parents" descriptions (parents here is any of the dragons that can reproduce the breed)


    So, for example:


    The geode would have 2 descriptions:

    10% + 45% "This egg is heavy and rough, as if it were made out of rock." Geodes original description + Stones description

    45% "This egg is sitting in a pile of small pebbles." Greens description


    The bluna would have 4 descriptions:

    10% "This egg has colored speckles on it." Blunas original description

    30% "This egg appears to be covered in scales." Deep Seas description

    30% "This egg is sitting in a shallow puddle." Waters description

    30% "This egg has strange markings on it." Skywings description


    The hellhorse would have 3 descriptions:

    10% "This hot egg shakes violently when you touch it." Hellhorses original description

    45% "This egg radiates the heat of a fell flame." Helfire wyverns description

    45% "This egg has strange markings on it." Horse description


    The avatars are more complex, as there are 2 ways to go with them: they share description with a lot of other dragons plus their description; or they only have their description. Either case, they should be more rare than golds.


    And also, there is no issue if you get a rare thing expecting a common thing, the problem is when you are expecting (or want) a rare and get a common thing (You wasted 2 days -if you used incubate- to then trade it for something else, gift it, or abandon it -or keeping it if you didnt care, but thats another part of the story). But, if you can see what you get right after, you can take action in less time (I think its 5 hours). It is still time wasted, but is not 2-days wasted.

  18. That was just my assumption, a reason why we don't find hybrids in the cave. For all we know, wild dragons do not interbreed at all. Just curious, but are you advocating for hybrids to be found in the cave? If not, I don't think this would matter much. If so, you actually have a pretty valid point for CB hybrids.

    Sorry for going off-topic... but what relevance does her position have for the value of her arguments huh.gif ? I mean, she can be completely against them being released in cave at all, she can still raise those points, and that doesnt make them less or more valuable...


    Anyway, just to make sure this is not complete spam. I dont really like the idea of "disguise" eggs, I could maybe understand if the egg has the description of any of the parents or its own, but not also the sprite of the parents, I mean, it makes little sense, and would actually drive me nuts to raise an egg for 2 days (with incubate), taking me an egg-slot just to know it wasnt what I was expecting it to be (I really dislike gemshards and bred alts because of that only thing). And I think that with rotative descriptions it will be more than enough (I mean, up to 3 different descriptions can confuse anyone).

  19. I would love to see Alts as CB's, it would make sense lore-wise as I don't really see any good reason they couldn't hatch from a Cave caught egg - actually, the same reasoning goes for Hybrids, since they've been bred in the Wild, we don't really know who their parents are, making them CB's. I'm still on the edge about them though - because as much as I would adore to have a CB Hellhorse or Soulpeace, the entire point of hybrids is that they are... well, bred. Ugh, can't decide on this one! tongue.gif

    I think I can help you with this one: 'bred' alts [vines, blacks and undines] are supposed to be bred; so, if you support one, you basically support the other. But of course, it depends on what you want to believe rolleyes.gif

  20. I disagree with you on one thing cyradis4: putting the price of commons high to encourage cave searching...

    First of all, if the bought eggs are going to count towards CB ratios, then there is no real need to make them too expensive. On the other hand, if they dont count to ratios (which I dont support), then yes, the price should be very high.

    Second: cave caught are gonna be free, while store boughts not. Which means, those points you wasted on a common could have helped you get to that rare or rare uncommon in less time (for example, 3 days more before reaching that rarer breed, which doesnt seem much, but multiply it by 7 for example: 21 days, three weeks, almost a month, and this is getting the max points daily/weekly -without the bonus of course-). So, the prices doesnt have to be too expensive for the commons, just a bit. In fact, I can see far more people opting for uncommons than commons, even if the price of the commons is relatively cheap, because uncommons are the middle line: rare enough to be valuable, but common enough to be easy to get.

  21. I don't think the store will ever be the primary way to get eggs. Sure, for rare eggs, this might become true. But in order to afford those, you'll need to raise lots of eggs that you got by other means - or you simply won't be able to afford an egg from the shop.



    Actually, since we're talking about vastly different prices for prizes (around 6 months of saving up), golds (maybe around the same amount, maybe not?) and holidays (around 2 months of saving up), I don't see how we can put them in one category. Another issue is gold vs. silver, for golds seem to be worth 3+ silvers at the moment, which would probably need to be reflected by their in-store prices.


    Personally, I agree that we don't need different prices for different holiday breeds that depend on the age of said breed. But since quite a few people argue for just that kind of pricing system, I felt like at least mentioning it. Maybe we don't even need to distinguish between common and very common, either. Just give "sales prices" for underpopulated breeds. (50% off? Buy one, get one for free? Handing out hatchlings or incu-hatchable eggs instead of 7-day eggs?). Something similar could be done for a combined uncommon group, where the rarest of uncommons, where each breed in the category is given a multiplier.

    Yeah, I put it that way since they dont really follow the rules of DC (prizes and holidays). And about the golds and silvers... you see, I have seen far more golds than silvers here (in fact, just a few minutes ago, I saw a gold in the forest, but I have over a year since the last silver). I think I have seen 5 golds after the biomes were entered, but only 2 or 3 silvers (I didnt catch any, of course, but oh well), so I dont think the difference between gold and silver is so big, its just user driven, like most prices.

    Though I really like the idea of discounts for really common breeds.

  22. Personally, I think we need at least those different price groups:

    Prizes. Probably with a small variation for each kind (gold > silver > bronze)

    Holidays. Maybe with some variation, the older the more expensive. Or maybe not. wink.gif


    Silvers and Coppers? Or would we need two groups for those?

    Uncommons. (Yes, I know that, technically, Coppers are supposed to be uncommon. Believe me, I know.) Would probably consist of Trios, Blusangs, Pyrals (?), Lunars and Celestials.

    Slightly Uncommons.


    Very Commons.

    I really think that golds need their very own price that doesn't depend on the price of silvers. *shrugs*

    I think your list is maybe a bit too complex...


    1. 'Specials'. Here enters prizes (this then are subcategorized by "color": gold > silver > bronze) and holidays (there is no real reason to put a price on them for age as it is way too arbitrary). This may or may not be more expensive than "rares".

    2. Rare. Golds and silvers and any other thing that can be categorized as rare, by "natural" means (I mean, that is, inherently rare, not user rare). The smallest group I have to say.

    3. Uncommon. This one ranges from uncommon rare to slightly uncommon, which is trios, the coppers, blusang, xenowyrms, blacks, vines, and many, many others.

    4. Common. The largest group, composed of normal commons like the glory drakes, to caveblocker common like the nocturnes.


    This way is more simple, though if it is strictly neccessary, we can divide the commons in "commons" and "blockers". I dont see the neccessity on that, of course, but...

  23. I'd say I'd rather not have them than have them be stupidly rare, yes.


    I really don't see how having them be that rare helps the majority of players. If you don't have CBs, you can't decide on a mate unless you directly have something to trade for it or are gifted it. So it doesn't help the majority lineage wise since they'll still have to content themselves with bred hybrids. As well, gifting of CB metallic, 2nd gen. hollies, etc. are ridiculously rare, especially without a network. Your argument that "hey, gifting will occur" is non-representative of the DC population. Those few that are gifted outside the network usually also occur if you're active in the forum, there's a lot that aren't or don't even have forum accounts. Trading for these 2nd gen. rares isn't easy either. Just scroll through any of the rare trade thread - 99% of them ask for swaps of equal rarity.

    Even though I agree with you about the "if its going to be nearly impossible to get or have too many limitations, we better not have it", I actually want more "true" rares, or in other words, more rares to the level of silver and gold (and I even think more "true" rares will be bennefficial to the site). I do want that because that would alleviate the high pressure those 2 breeds have at the moment. So, if we have more "true" rares, the rare hoarders will get stuck with a set of rares, giving more possibilities to slower-catchers to get some of those "true" rares (remember that 7 is the max of eggs one can have at a time, with only 2 "true" rares that means 3 of each and 1 extra, but with 10, that would be 1 of each, and you cant fill the other 3). This is, of course, with speculation on how the ratios work, it may be even worse and will make golds and silvers even more rares, though I doubt so seeing how breeds behave after a new breed is released in the cave.

  24. @olympe: If you know genetics, then you know how complex it is and how futile it is for us or anyone else to try use it as an argument for or against this idea regarding a fantasy game...


    @pederino: What you call hindering gameplay, others call unique gameplay ^__^


    I'm not sure if anyone has mentioned this yet, but I thought I would add that several hybrid species right now share their egg description with other dragons already in-cave. Particular, I was looking at Soulpeace dragons that share their description with Silver dragons. I can only image how furiously frustrating it might be for someone trying to hunt down Silvers only to get Soulpeaces...


    Just a thought smile.gif

    Actually, thats not gameplay, thats a feature -functions and elements of the game / system-, and features can hinder gameplay -how you play- for good, bad or no reason at all. Features can also improve gameplay (the breeding when introduced, was a feature that expanded and improved gameplay).


    Also, if hybrids and bred alts are going almost as rare as metals, maybe as rare, I dont think nobody would care if they get the wrong, unless of course they really wanted that other dragon (like pinks and flamingoes in the coast biome)

  25. If it does harm to no one, and expands gameplay, I am all for it. So yeah.

    And it makes sense taking in account what Sock said (the CBs we take are actually bred eggs we know no lineage about), also what Olympe said about hybrids being more "natural" than we think in real life, not that it matters too much, as this is a game, so real life rules really dont have to apply (and shouldnt in most cases), so maybe hybrids are completely supposed to be that way here in DC. And in the case of hybrids being sterile in real life; it really doesnt matter since this is a game, just like with what I explained about game and real life thingie. Also, the fact of hybrids only being obtaianable through breeding hinders gameplay, not too much, as it only hinders lineage building and maybe some few other kind of gameplays (like families with 2 CBs of each gender and then 3 frozen "children": 1 male, 1 female and 1 ungendered).