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  1. Hey guys just for reference the Purple guys official name is Springtrap. And my theory is that Springtrap is Phone guy because if you look in certain death games the things that springtrap does corrilates with a few things that Phone guy says. Plus there was one where he had a badge around his neck and a phone in his hand.
  2. So im looking for some good free to play games. FPS, MMORPG, MOBA, RTS, or any other types. What are your favorite games to play on your PC?
  3. I had a delicious sub from Jeresy Mikes. Their JJ Gargantuan is amazing like a huge Italian Sandwich packed with all the good meats. Yum
  4. "I agree." Said quincy if they lightning was any closer it'd have blown the windows away, that wouldn't be good. "Come on." He nudged Canaan to follow him before taking two long steps to his backback. It sat right next to Canaan's, he could not tell which was his in this dark , he regretted not taking a flashlight. He had decided to just pick them both up. " I've got your bag Canaan let's get to the basement." He was about to begin walking when he realized he didnt know where the basment entrance was and it was still to dark. He chuckled " Umm Jaxson was it? Im going to need one of tho
  5. "This storm came from out of nowhere, don't worry about your car. Our first priority should be to make sure everyone's ok, then to find a way out. But yeah it doesn't this roof is going anywhere." He felt the urge to start yapping orders to all to the people that he didn't know. But instead he took a cautious look outside. From what he could see a few buildings near the candy shop were pretty messed up. The building in front of the shop was missing its roof, it was a lucky break that the store was part of a sturdy building. He couldn't see much more thanks to the fallen roof blocking his view.
  6. Quincy jumped from his chair as soon as he heard the slam of the door being blocked. In a few steps he next to Canaan. "Man, that was a close one, but still it looks like were trapped in here." He turned his head to look around for a emergency exit or anything that would lead outside. He didn't see anything, he turned back to Canaan. "Are you ok?"
  7. (( i guess il start rping the creatures then.)) Jossle and Petra had made it to the edge of the small city underneath the mountain. It had taken them nearly a full day and a half and they were almost out of supplies. They entered the city together with Petra leading looking for merchants or any supplies they can scavenge. "Petra wait." Jossle said grabbing her arm. "What?" she asked surprised. "You don't pay enough attention look." He let go of her arm and let her turn around. There was barely anyone around. A few people here and there but a lot of creatures were looking through t
  8. ((Oh my god i am so sorry for being inactive for so long. Ive been having a rough 2 weeks and ive barely been home.)) The leader of the whole event had told everyone to write something down that was embarrassing. He had a couple of embarrassing stories, and he contemplated writing down about the time when he tried to mug a woman with his knife but then got kicked on his ass. Not to mention that woman would then become his best friend and mentor. But telling people that right off the bat might make people think he was a delinquent, even though at that time he was. He ripped a page fro
  9. Quincy looked around the room were the everyone was Cannan was talking to a boy he didn't know. He had overheard that his name was Zayl though that really didnt matter to him at the moment. His mouth was stuffed with Toxxic Waste and he could feel it melting the lining of his mouth just what they always did. So sour they melt your mouth literately and they get more and more sour because of your mouth bring more sensitive he loved them so. He decided to pick a seat and bring to near Zayl and Cannan. He watched her eating the taffy and he wondered when will the actual meeting start? He unde
  10. ((Seriously lizzie were you at))
  11. Quincy took the sign in sheet from Canaan and signed his name and username. HarleyQuin - Quincy " Harley" Young Then handed it to the sheet to the person closest to him. ((Sorry so short im gunna go to sleep))
  12. "That's actually what my nickname is from. i had a mentor who taught me about fashion and she started calling me Harley because of the first few letters of my name being Quin. It sort of stuck and now i'm used to it." The inside of the candy store looked fabulous. there were already a couple of people here and the candy the establishment had to offer looked delicious. He went to a container filled with lemon drops and filled a bag along with some strawberry taffy. He was just about to pay when he thought about Canaan, he should repay her for the ride. He didnt know what she liked so
  13. It had taken him a minute to realized the car had stopped. There were already a few people outside. There was one boy whom had checked around the corner at the small crowd and then sat down and alone. He had guessed that he was just shy. He looked over at Canaan." Oh by the way my names Quincy but a lot of people also call me Harley, either is cool." He returned his sketch pad and pen into his messenger bag. "All that can wait though, we've got this meeting to go to. Lets hope it wont be boring." He opened the door and exited the car but waited for Canaan.
  14. Quincy's driver whom had told you her name was Canaan and the initial response to his question was by far not what he had expected. How should he express his thoughts without sounding too arrogant or needy. "Sorry, just that iv'e been in the fashion business since i was 15. Never sold anything of my own though; and even though i just moved here i think that i should work hard at making my own brand of clothing. But the first thing i need is a model. A little make up and some nice clothes and the guys at this school will fall over you." He had to stop and think. The idea of a model was ge
  15. He tossed the cigarette on the ground and stomped it out on the ground before opening the car door and sitting down. "Volatile huh?" Then closed the door. He took a minute to think about what she said, looking around her car and at her he could tell the car was probably custom. It had a nice interior and with the flames outside he'd guessed the car was made to be fast. The girl didn't look like the prissy type like a lot of girls he was used to, the way she talks and her boots he'd guess either she were in a military family or probably a mechanic. It was rare to find such a curvy woman s
  16. School was finally out and everyone was rushing to get to their school buses. Cleaning there lockers of what they needed or chatting with friends. He stopped by his locker and picked up his Calculus book his teacher gave him a couple of problems and maybe he could do them in PromisedLands car on the way to the Shop. He also pulled his pack of cigarettes out of the back of his locker. He rarely smoked but he felt like he needed one just for that incident of walking into a random class. He closed his locker, replaced the lock and stepped away. He was almost out of the school's main hall whe
  17. His phone vibrated in his pocket. He was using the urinal in the bathroom. He finished and zipped his fly and washed his hands. An email notification that someone had replied in the forum. He thumbed on his key pad. Thanks see you after school PromisLand. With clean hands HarleyQuin
  18. Block two had just begun, when Quincy had remembered he had no clue where the candy store was. He'd probably seen it but never knew where it was. He needed to find someone else on that forum and go with them. The teacher Mrs. Taylor was giving instruction on how to properly develop your photos in the dark room. He'd already known how to do this for nearly a year and a half so he saw no reason to continue it. At last for the moment. He raised his hand, "Excuse me miss, may i go to the bathroom?" "You should have gone during announcements. you had plenty of time." She was right. "So
  19. Quincy heard a chirp from his laptop, signifiing he had gotten a new message, His dinner lay before him almost all gone, a few pieces of ham with some fries. He tossed the fries is in the trash and rinsed his plate in the sink. He walked into the living room where his futon bed was already made. He didn't feel comfortable in his bedroom after living with his mentor who made him live in her living room. Why she bought him this big house he'l never know its only him anyway. He lied across his bed and opened his laptop and opened his email. "Hey guys! I forgot to mention something abo
  20. (Quincy's nickname may be Harley but i prefer to use his name when rping him. So please call him by either Quincy or Harley, same with Petra's nickname being Pet) It was lunch on the first day of school Quincy, eating alone with a half a PB&J in one hand and a pen in the other was writing down some ideas for his next fashion project. Though he hadn't even had his fashion design class yet he wanted to try and challenge himself with a complex design. Purple frills and beads littered the pink skirt, the sleeveless top matched with purple frills and beads but on white fabric.
  21. I sent you my character sheets so im waiting for that to get accepted. im actually looking forward tot his rp