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  1. Finally got them all. Definitely had to make a serious effort in getting them, too.
  2. Thank you TJ! Working on them now, 2/6.
  3. Following the idea of "desolation" that the Desipis is named after, I decided to go with some pretty dark themes and inspire a bit of a struggle to go along with them.
  4. These hatchlings can't grow any faster. I can't wait to start breeding, I'm so anxious!
  5. I'm going to take a guess that breeding a GoN and one of these beauties would produce an Avatar of Destruction. The new Desipis seems quite fitting for a parent. Ooh I can't wait to try when they're all grown up!
  6. No kidding. When I read that birdz' alt has mint green in it somewhere, I shed a tear of joy inside.
  7. These sprites are absolutely gorgeous, my favorite of any of the Halloween dragons easily. Thank you so much TJ and spriters!! You guys made my week.
  8. Very nice! I picked up one last night that has the code "logPC" on it. I'm sure that's what most of us had to do to grab one of those eggs! I certainly had to log my PC.
  9. Indeed, sad story. Oh well, ext year perhaps.
  10. Oh, once I had seen the database error, I hit the back button and clicked revive to try again, and it disintegrated. So it may have been a zombie dragon for a full 5 seconds until it "officially" died.
  11. Hah! Mine avoided me a lot too. And, in fact, I had a database error as well, but I had already closed the window by the time I picked up the eggs and saw that all of them disintegrated.
  12. Nice! I just now tried with 5 dragons, not one of them turned into a zombie. Time to wait for next year. Happy Halloween everyone!
  13. Not that I'm on the list, but you don't have to worry about adding me anymore.
  14. No worries at all, thank you for even setting up this topic and managing it. Take your time. ;D
  15. I want to request an Avatar! Forum name: Terra72 Scroll Name(Make scroll link): Terra72 PM link: PM What Avatar do you want? Destruction Any desired mates? Any, will just be thankful to have one. Any other comments? Chaoz.