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  1. Sorry, but that one looks awkward to me. I know it's not supposed to be, but... It really, really bothers me. The art work is great but I wince and cringe every time I see it and I'm convinced the positioning was intentional.
  2. I have a mint whose code and name are both Iyar. My white dragon's code is UM0X and it was so tempting to give her a Ferengi name!
  3. I still have three of my first four - EUTHYMIOS, a guardian dragon from the AP, Mars Caturix, CB black and Demeter Thermasia, CB pink. The fourth was from the AP, a white dragon I named Kamrusepas. I have since released her and replaced her with a CB white dragon and reused the name ETA: I'll say!
  4. I'm taking this far too seriously?