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  1. I NEED 747373772 OH MY GOSH. I CAN'T FIND ANY. *cries forever* ;A;
  2. Could you do a nebula and hellfire wyvern banner please?
  3. MetalDragon died because reshiram used fusion flare on him.
  4. Path Light died from saying the same thing over and over...
  5. Path Light died when he was hit by multiple hyper beams from 500 angry rayquazas.
  6. SUP3RSPAWN3R died when he got thrown into an active volcano by the evil rainbow muffin monster.
  7. You turn into a tortoise! How can mario breathe in space?
  8. Awesome! Happy birthday dragon cave! I just got two of each dragon!
  9. ...went on a rampage and killed everybody in existence but me, eh, no biggie. I just turned into...
  10. ...rotting corpses, I mean they just smell so good! Trees are awesome because...
  11. ...hug slenderman. Yeah not a very good idea... Oh no! I dropped my phone off a cliff! I should...
  12. ...Go to Muffinville's preschool Mcdonalds is unhealthy because...
  13. No, sorry. I might kiss the monkey though.
  14. Nope, sorry, I'll hug you though. Oh and my avatar is a pokemon named rayquaza, like my username.
  15. Well once I was actually playing dragon cave and I fogged once of my eggs, when I un-fogged it it was still fogged. I was all like "Da heck?!" It stayed fogged for a few minutes while I kept spamming the un-fog button and then it un-fogged itself, then everything was normal again. Now that was weird.
  16. Well I am the extremely angry rayquaza! Wait, why are we angry?
  17. You shoot pigs with a magical rainbow laser machine gun. Why do muffins taste so good?